Thursday 21 July 2011

Passion for PEACH!

Evening girls... Yes it's a LATE post again as I've not been in long from work. Luckily I was super-organised earlier and, even though I've been struggling a bit today with pain in my legs and back and feeling VERY dizzy indeed, I managed to take all the photos for this post. I really hate M.E/CFS because i had soooo much to do today.

Tonight's offering on the Altar of GORGEOUSNESS is this little beauty..
Sleek Blush - Life's a Peach

I've been after a peachy blush for what seems like FOREVER! I had it in my head for ages that i HAD to have MAC Melba or Ripe Peach but then i suddenly thought "Stuff em.... SLEEEEEEEK!!"
And off I trundled to Chesterfield Superdrug with my Sleek shopping list. 

I really like this blush. It is subtle but can also be built up as much as you like. It's a different look for me as i usually lean towards pinks and corals, but that is why i wanted it. I actually wanted to get the Aruba blush as well but opted for this instead as it seemed to be the more wearable of the two.

I had to build it up a LITTLE for the swatch but not a lot. It builds to a lovely colour but would also be suitable for those with paler skintones. On my medium skintone it gives a lovely glow to my cheeks. It's not a bold, statement cheek colour but that wasn't what i wanted it for anyway (although i still might sneak back to Superdrug and grab Aruba for that purpose).  
As with all my other Sleek blushes this is easy to apply is very finely milled and you don't get any product fallout. No complaints on pigmentation either.

On my face it just gives a pretty peachy glow. I tried to take one photo with natural light and one photo using flash as it seems to show up better for the purpose of blogging. 
I'll most likely be wearing this for a subtle daytime look and I can see myself using this a LOT! I have the perfect lipstick to go with it in the form of Barry M 147 which they describe as Peachy Pink. I featured it in my June favourites but mentioned that i disliked the drying effect it has on my lips. Today, however, I have been informed that it is a good dupe for MAC Ever Hip so I guess i can get over it (with a bit of lip balm to help me). 

I definitely want to buy more Sleek blushes as I'm really loving them and they are all getting a lot of use. My next Sleek mission is their lipsticks. I do not own ANY yet!! This must be remedied!

Whats your favourite Sleek blush shade?? Tell me what Sleek lippies I'm most missing out on!!


  1. This shade looks really pretty on you! I only have Coral, which is really lovely too. I love the pigmentation of Sleek blushes x

  2. It's such a pretty colour, the superdrug closest to me which stocks sleek is rubbish, it didn't have any of the blushers :( xxx

  3. So gorgeous! If I could get Sleek here, this would be MINE :D xx

  4. I love this blush! I can never seem to find it though, like it is just non existent in my Superdrug!


  5. I love the look of this blush, I don't own any peach blush, I must invest in one :) x

  6. Great minds! Just bought this one today. Looking forward to using it :)

  7. This colour gives you a gorgeous glow. Peach colours are so in right now and you are totally working it!

  8. I've just stumbled across ur blog and I don't kno how I've not been on it sooner. We have very similar tastes by the looks of things! (I kno this is an old post but the peach drew me in!) xxx


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