Thursday 12 July 2012

Getting Fresh (with SURE)

Hey lovelies!!
Finally found 5 minutes to slink off into a corner and write this blog post!!! It's a MIRACLE!! I'm writing it on the iPad though so it may look a bit haphazard (still not had time to even THINK about switching on the laptop). So much going on! Olympic Torch came through Bakewell the other week then Bakewell Carnival all last week so I've been locked in behind the bar at work and couldn't get out!! Tourist overload!!
The product i'm reviewing today isn't the prettiest, most amazing item you'd think of but it was something I was interested to try and have been really enjoying using*.

We all use deodorant in some shape or form don't we?? I myself have a nightmare trying to find decent deodorants. Being a sufferer of ME/CFS I tend to sweat whether I have reason to or not (annoyingly) and regularly use a Perspirex Roll-On that keeps me mega dry and lasts a few days. BUT.... It stinks of alcohol, stings if I've had a shave and doesn't smell or feel very fresh at all.

Sure for women Ultra Dry: Linen Dry is quite a nifty new product. The 'Motionsense' system contains micro capsules that work by sitting on the surface of your skin and gradually break with the friction of movement, releasing constant bursts of freshness.
The product smells EXTREMELY fresh and the fragrance is long lasting. If I've put it on in the morning I will still notice the scent into the afternoon. A spray deodorant on its own still isn't really enough for me, personally but I have used this product on its own and, while I still felt the need for my roll on at night, it put up a valiant effort!

I have to say this isn't the best formula for white marks so, if you're wearing black, exercise caution when applying and dressing, but that is my only grumble. I've got into quite a good routine now of using my roll on at night, and topping it up with this in the morning to keep me feeling fresh as well as dry. With all the muggy weather we've been having lately, this product has really impressed me with its freshness!

This product comes in 2 aerosol sizes: 250ml and 150ml (great for handbags) and also a roll on, which I will DEFINITELY be going in search of as I'm interested to see how it performs.

I would love to hear your recommendations for staying fresh on the go... Although I think I've tried almost everything up to now!!

*Product sent to me for consideration
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