Monday 26 March 2012

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint: Perpetual Plum

It's been a whole WEEK since my last post!! For SHAME!!
My excuse?? Not sure if i can isolate one specific thing, just general LIFE has prevented me from writing a new post up until now. This review would have been posted a few days ago only, when i was doing the photos, my camera decided to spit the dummy and REFUSE to focus so i had to finish them off today. 

So here's my review of Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint & Balm*

I'm quite partial to a good lip tint. I am a lipstick wearer by nature but products like this are great for me, especially when i'm at work, as they last FOREVER and i don't have to worry too much about having to reapply. 
This particular tint is in pen form, which is a new one on me, as i'm used to my BeneFit PosieTint and ChaChaTint which are applied with a brush. The Rimmel one is geared towards lip wear rather than a lip/cheek combo product like the BeneFit tints but the pen makes it perfect for applying quick and popping in your handbag. 

The idea behind the balm on the other end is that it adds a touch of moisture and gloss to the finish of the colour. I, however, feel that it is more reminiscent of Pritt Stick. I find it rather sticky on my lips and not that moisturising compared to other balms i have used. It does add a bit of shine, but i don't find it too effective to be honest. 

So here's my artistic little swatch... The name of this shade is Perpetual Plum, although i find it to be on the pinker side of plum. It isn't a BRIGHT shade, but it is very well pigmented and looks lovely on the lips. Very well suited for Spring/Summer. With a product like this you won't have to worry about melty lip colour when you're lounging in the beer garden or on the beach. 
I feel i should add that i did experience some transfer initially after applying the product. However, once it's settled in (so to speak) it does seem to last very well in comparison to lipsticks or glosses. I have also been using the pen with my MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm in 'Hot Lips' which really brings out the colour more than the balm included with the product. 

This lip swatch is having used the product exactly as the instructions say to apply. 
- Apply the pen all over the lips 
- Allow to dry
- Apply the balm over the top of the colour.

As you can see it gives a great POP of colour without being heavy or slippery on the lips. I have to say i really don't rate the balm. Yes it looks lovely and shiny but it doesn't feel amazing on the lips. I think i'd rather use Carmex or my MUA balm with it. 
The pen applicator is great for precise, clean application and i am really enjoying this form of lip stain.  There are other brands out there with similar products to this but the shade range and formula from Rimmel (aside from the balm) really is great!! 

Rimmel products are available in Boots and Superdrug stores and a variety of other retailers/supermarkets around the UK so if you fancy one of these it won't be difficult to get hold of. I find Rimmel products to be reasonably priced and, generally, very good quality. 

Do you rate lip tints?? What are your favourite brands??

*Product sent to me for consideration

Monday 19 March 2012

New Brushes From Japonesque!!

Evening lovelies!!
Been almost a week since my last post. I was doing quite well with the posting up until then!! Had kind of a hellish week since my last post to be honest, and i won't bore you all with it (you'd probably get the same headache as i've had with it all if i did), but i'm back this evening to share with you some new brushes i have been using this week by the lovely Japonesque......

These two travel brushes were sent to me as samples for the purpose of this review but this was a parcel i have been particularly excited about. I am crying out for new makeup brushes as most of the ones i have are very mismatched and getting a little 'tired'. That is probably why you don't hear much talk of brushes on this blog, as i'm a little ashamed of my brush collection. I've heard great things about Japonesque from some bloggers who i really trust so i was go glad to receive these. Here are the two brushes i have been trying out this week.....

Travel Blush Brush...
I'd heard great things about this brush from the gorgeous Sharmin so was extremely excited to find it when i opened my box. She recommended it for contouring and, while i do think its excellent for contouring, i tend to use it more to dust colour over my cheeks. I find it distributes colour evenly and blends very well. And it's so SOFT!! It has natural bristles, and hasn't shed one since i've been using it. I haven't washed the brushes yet but will definitely report back on how they fare. 

Travel Angled Foundation Brush...
I'm a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to applying foundation. I ditched regular foundation brushes a little while ago in favour of stippling brushes. More specifically, the Elf stipple brush followed by my Sigma F80 (which i adore with all my heart and will never be without ever EVER again), so i wasn't sure if i would get a lot of use out of this brush. 
Having said that i've found this brush to be PERFECT for applying foundation in trickier areas such as the contours of the eyes and around the nose. The application is so good that, sometimes, i don't even feel the need for concealer around my eyes. So my new routine is to apply and blend my foundation all over my face with the F80 and then attend to all the nooks and crannies with this bad boy. Unlike the blush brush this has synthetic bristles. Japonesque seem to alternate their materials throughout the range to achieve the desired effects with each brush. 

This travel range is, basically, a mini version of their regular professional range, just with a shorter handle. The handle is rounded and seems very sturdy. The grey, slightly glittery, finish on the handle looks very sleek and professional.
All in all i find these brushes to be EXTREMELY high quality and i will certainly be looking into more brushes from their ranges. I am currently looking for the perfect stipple for applying blusher so i may well scour the Japonesque website for a suitable candidate!

For more information and to shop the full range of Japonesque tools and brushes go to 

Have you tried any of the Japonesque range?? What are your 'Can't live without' makeup tools??

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Just Another Glossybox Ramble: Harrods Edition

Well i thought long and hard (for about 5mins then i got a headache) about whether it was worth me doing a Glossybox post this month, seen as there are SOOOOOOO many flying around, with it being the Harrods Edition and such... but then i thought "Ah, sod it". So here are MY thoughts on MY box....

I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with the concept by now. But if anyone is NOT then Glossybox is a monthly beauty box that you subscribe to for £10 a month (plus P+P). For that you get 5 luxury beauty samples, which often are a full size product. Its a total mystery until you crack it open but, depending on what preferences you specify when you sign up, you usually get things that they think you will love. 
This month's box is another special edition. This time in collaboration with posh London department store, Harrods. So i suppose we were all expecting something a bit special. On the whole i think this month's box was pretty fabulous!!

So here's what i got....

Fan Di Fendi EDP (4ml Sample)
I think most people, when they see perfume samples in these boxes, would let out a little groan. Perfume is such a personal thing. Plus they're TINY and often by someone you've never even HEARD of. This sample is a little bit different to what you'd normally expect. It's in a proper bottle for starters (albeit only a 4ml one). Whenever i think of Fendi i always think of handbags but this scent is rather pleasant and very appropriate for Spring. It's a mix of floral and citrus but doesn't smell TOO grown up. 

Miniature Burberry Lip Cover Lipstick (No4 - Rosewood)
Burberry LIPSTICK?? I've never heard the like if i'm honest, but it grabbed my attention that's for sure! I did have a little feeling of dread when i opened up the box, thinking that it would be a totally unwearable shade, but it's actually really rather nice!! A little darker than i would maybe go for but its definitely wearable!! I love that the bullet has the Burberry pattern on it and it really is very well packaged for a sample! Shadewise, the only shade i own which is similar is my MAC Spirit (not saying its a dupe, just that its similar). I definitely approve of the formula for this lipstick as it goes on VERY easily and feels lovely on. 

 Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
Now THIS is what i got excited about!! Glossybox have got their hair products spot on for the last 2 boxes. I'm loving using the Paul Mitchell from the last box and this Ojon serum could not have come at a better time for me! As a few of you will know i have been playing about with ombre hair lately and that means bleach, and THAT means unhappy ends for Lisa. It is thinner than other, silicone based, serums or oils and doesn't add a vast amount of gloss but that also means it is not sticky and doesn't weigh the hair down. It is dispensed from a dropper which i really like as it means less waste. And my ends LOVE IT!! So glad i've finally got to try an Ojon product as i have heard many great things. 

Clarins Lift Fermete Firming Body Cream (30ml Sample)
Would you believe that i am still a Clarins virgin?? My budget doesn't stretch to posh skincare usually so i rely on my Glossybox to come up trumps with the samples. I'm hoping that this cream  may give me a hand with my bingo wings!! I havent christened it yet so cannot really comment on the formula or the results but i'm excited to try it. This is a GREAT size for a sample. I wish my Dermalogica samples i enjoyed so much from a past box were this size. They would have lasted longer!  

Erno Laszlo - The Hollywood Collection Gift Set (Sample sachets)
This is my grumble out of the lot. I HATE sachets. Hate hate HATE them!! I just find them a faff and i never feel like i've got all the product out and, if your hands get greasy they're impossible to get into! I think if you're going to give sachets you should give them as an EXTRA, not as a main product in a beauty box. I've never heard of this Erno geezer, but his creams are gonna have to be pretty SPECTACULAR to bring me round to these. I have a feeling they are going to end up stuck in a box with all the other sachets i've accumulated and never used. 

So those are my ramblings and opinions on the products i've received. In general i'm really excited about using most of these products and i am confident that i will get use out of them. This box, for me, was WELL worth the money just for the Ojon serum ALONE!! I am aware there are several different versions of this month's box so, if anyone got different, feel free to link me to your post so i can peek inside your box (oooo-errrr). 

For more information on Glossybox, or to subscribe for next month's offering you can go to

Do you subscribe to Glossybox?? What did you receive this month?? What other beauty boxes would you recommend??

Friday 9 March 2012

BIG Curls with the Diva Pro Styling Hot Tong and Halo Extensions

Afternoon lovelies!! 
As you all probably know by now i am a MASSIVE fan of Diva Professional Styling tools. So, when i was on the lookout for a jumbo barrel tong, they were my first port of call!! And they haven't let me down. Their 'Hot Tong' is part of their Titanium series and comes in 3 sizes from 25mm up to 38mm so they've pretty much got one for any curl you fancy!!

I'm such a sucker for packaging!!! There are almost TEARS whenever i take a new Diva product out of its box!! Good job they're worth it.
I got this tool a week or so ago and have been patiently waiting for an excuse to use it and i found my inspiration yesterday from Holly Willoughby on the cover of the latest Cosmopolitan. What a great example of BIG, loose Rock-Chick curls!!

So i popped in my Halo hair extensions and got set for an EPIC curling session!!

 So, as is standard for most Diva styling tools, you get variable heat settings ranging from 160-200 degrees (heating up in approx 30seconds making them SUPER quick for any hair type). For use on my hair extensions i always use on the lowest heat, and only after spraying with heat protector. On my normal hair i crank up the heat a little as my hair is THICK and stubborn. 

The tong i have is the medium (32mm) version with the blue handle. The 25mm is red and the 38mm is pink. I went for this size because my hair is pretty medium in length (although its growing FAST lately) so the BIGGEST tong would probably be wasted on me, while the smallest would produce much tighter ringlets than i would like. It comes with a neat built in stand so no need to worry about scorching any surfaces and the clamp is BIG and easy for grasping the hair. 

Other perks include a generous, salon-length, rotating cord and a cool tip so easy reach and no burnt fingers! 

 Here i thought i'd just show you a comparison. I'd sectioned my hair up leaving only the very bottom layers down and curled AWAY from my face using 1 or 2inch sections of hair (smaller sections will give you more defined curls and larger ones will give a more subtle effect). I did brush the curls out after i'd done the whole head but this just shows you the power of the styler. For my shorter top layers it didn't really curl as such, but gave MASSIVE volume and shape. I don't think these pictures actually do justice to just how BIG and bouncy my hair was after i used this tong. 

 I love how these curls are big and bouncy but still soft and natural. Even with my Halo in, I haven't got the length that Holly has in her pic so my hair is much more sparse, but i LOVE this look!! Barrel curls have got to be my ultimate favourite. Much more so than if i use my conical wand. I just love the volume and finish they give!
So if you want thick, MASSIVE, natural curls I'd definitely recommend Diva. Their Hot Tongs are priced at £39.99 making them a very affordable, professional option compared to some brands. They are available to buy from 

How do you achieve your dream curls?? What are your favourite styling tools??

Wednesday 7 March 2012

My Everyday Pinks

It's a late one from me tonight girls....
I'm doing this as TOMORROW'S post as i really need to knuckle down to some uni assignments tomorrow and want to remove all temptation to blog. This is a post i did the photos for a couple of weeks ago but then got so distracted by my new MAC lipsticks i never got round to posting it! Didn't want too much lipstick overload. 
This post is dedicated to my everyday/nude pink lipsticks. I know everyone has their own idea of what nude is but I'm categorising it as my most wearable shades of pink.

So i have 5 different variations on my idea of nude pink. Some drugstore and some MAC. Thought i'd take the opportunity to swatch them all seen as i've recently aquired a new one and there are so many people out there who seem to be on the hunt for that perfect pink for every day!! 

 Maybelling Moisture Extreme - 'Pinky Beige'
This is the newest edition to the stash and one that i had been searching high and low for (for the full story see my February Favourites post). This is actually the darkest toned of all of these lipsticks, although it appears darker to swatch than it appears once applied to the lips. In fact, in the bullet it looks rather brown.  I suppose the name says it all when it comes to describing the colour. I'd actually say it's quite cool toned, despite being beige, although not so much that it clashes with my warm skin tone. The formula is super moisturising and i am really enjoying wearing it... A LOT!!

 Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss - 03
I'd describe this lipstick as a slightly warmer, less pink version of the Maybelline lipstick. If you like that one then i can guarantee you will like this one (and vice versa) and i'd say they are different enough to justify having both. The formula, in my opinion, isn't quite as long lasting as its name would suggest but, for a drugstore lipstick you get a decent 2 hours wear out of it before any touch ups are needed. 

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick - Rosewood Pearl
This is probably my least favourite of the bunch. The reason is because it is a pearly kind of finish (kind of like a Frost finish) and reminds me of old lady lips. The colour is nice enough. It's cooler than most of the other lipsticks featured in this post. It also lasts quite well. But it's never going to be my go to lipstick. Sorry Maybelline. If you like a frost finish then maybe this is one to go on your 'to-swatch' list next time you're in Boots. 

 MAC Glaze Lipstick - Hue
This is probably my favourite (and most used, judging by the photo of the lipsticks in the bullet) of all these lipsticks and one i reach for the most often. This has changed slightly since i got Pinky Beige, but i absolutely adore this colour for everyday wear. It is the palest out of all the shades, but it is a Glaze finish so doesn't white out my lips. I did build it up a little bit for the sake of this lip swatch but a quick swish of this is just PERFECT for every day wear. 

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Creme Cup
I suppose this ISN'T really a nude pink as such, but i find it such a wearable shade that, when i'm feeling slightly more girly, i find myself reaching for this even if i'm just popping into uni. It's a blue based pink but i don't think i've seen anybody that this shade doesn't suit. The Cremesheen finish is probably my favourite of all the MAC finishes so i'm more than happy with this lipstick and it has become one of my most loved MAC lipsticks. AND it's perfect for Spring so it's a winner in my opinion. 

(L-R) Creme Cup, Rosewood Pearl, Pinky Beige, Hue, Kate Moss 03

So thats a little trip through my nude pink lipstick selection. A lot of the shades are very similar, yet subtly different at the same time. If i was pushed, i think i'd say that first place would go to either Maybelline Pinky Beige or MAC Hue, but i love all these lip colours for different reasons (except maybe Rosewood Pearl, but thats just about the finish rather than the colour). 

Just to make you giggle, i've added this second swatch photo to show you all what i have to put up with in the name of blogging.....

Pedro decided to jump up on the ledge and start washing my arm HAHA!! Total ferret blog takeover!! 

So what are YOUR go-to everyday pink lipsticks?? Are you a lover of nudes like i am?? (That sounded so wrong) hehe.


DISCOUNT CODE!!! 20% off Brands at New Look!!

Afternoon ladies...
I don't blog that much about fashion, mainly because i live on my own and i SUCK at taking outfit photos of myself. Lately i have been more and more drawn back into the clothes side of things after focusing on makeup and hair for so long. Not a lot of you will know that i spent 3 great years of my life working for New Look and they remain, to this day, one of my FAVOURITE clothing retailers. 
Anyway, a lovely little email popped into my inbox this morning giving me the details of an EXCLUSIVE 20% discount code to use on some of their big online brands...

I'm totally GUTTED because i am too skint to take advantage of this discount as it's only valid TODAY (7th March 2012) but there was no way in hell i was going to delete the email and not let you lot take advantage of it!! I've had a little squizz through the bounty on offer and here are a couple of my picks (had i not had a bitchy text this morning from  my bank telling me i'm almost at my overdraft limit.... Boooooo).

Click image to view on site
Urban Code Cropped Leather Biker Jacket

Click image to view on site
Mischa Barton Colour Block Tote

Click image to view on site
London Rebel Leopard Print Chelsea Boots

Hope a few of you find this code helpful. Would love to hear what you guys snapped up so i can live the dream through you. Being a student really does suck sometimes hahaha. 

What are your go-to high street hotspots?? What trends are you loving lately??

Monday 5 March 2012

February Faves 2012

Good afternoon my beautiful followers!!
Today has been a total fail for me. I failed to wake up to go to university this morning and then, when i finally did surface it became very evident that i'm brewing a lovely throat infection so i have retreated back to my bed to blog and catch up on uni assignments. However, the sun is shining and it seemed like the perfect excuse to do a few blog photos. I haven't done a favourites post in ages so i thought i'd put one together for February.

MAC Mineralise Blush in Dainty
I bought this, slightly dishevelled, blush from a blog sale a little while ago. It's previous owner had tried, and failed, to depot it and it was sold to me as you see it here. No big deal for me, i just keep it in its box with the little plastic protector over it. But i LOVE this shade (i think it has now been discontinued). It's like a pinkier version on my BeneFit Coralista and IDEAL for the new Spring season!!

VIVO Baked Bronze
I've mentioned this product a couple of times before. Most notably during my 2011 favourites post. I just could not be without this now. For £6 you get a big fat load of product that lasts AGES (I've barely made a dent in mine and i use it most days) and it is the most gorgeous shade, which is natural but with just the right hint of shimmer. I am gasping to get my hands on the VIVO Baked Blushers but, alas, i have no Tesco near me. I usually just dust this over my cheeks and temples with a big fluffy powder brush. 

Paul Mitchell 'Super Skinny' Relaxing Balm
This was out of my last Glossybox and i was so excited to find it in there!! I used to swear by the Super Skinny Serum in my younger days when the only way was STRAIGHT hair. I don't live near a Paul Mitchell salon any more so have kind of forgotten about these products but i am really enjoying using this again! My hair feels so smooth and manageable after using this and definitely stays straighter for longer. Great product that i am likely to repurchase.

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunettes
I had to buy this when i saw it because, as much as i loved my Batiste Tropical, i did find it a bit chalky on my darker hair. This fares a little better and is my go to product on those in-between hair days. I don't like to wash my hair too often (and definitely not every day) as i find it strips my hair and the resulting AFRO is not a good look. I'd definitely recommend this for darker haired ladies and i'm contemplating doing a full review of this product in the near future. 

BeneFit Creaseless Cream Shadowliners
These are just the best thing EVER to happen for my everyday makeup!! I bought three of these babies from a blogsale and have used one of them every day since they arrived! They are not only a great base for other shadows, but they do not crease one bit and i rarely leave the house nowadays without having applied one of these all over my lid, followed by a sweep of whatever eyeliner i fancy. That is my new go-to every day eye makeup (occasionally i will pop a shade from my Naked or Heaven&Earth palette in my crease with a fluffy brush as well). Couldn't recommend these enough. The shades shown here are 'Sippin 'n' Dippin' (left) and R.S.V.P (right).

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer
Another Glossybox find is this AMAZING primer from Murad. Sadly, this is not one that i am going to be able to repurchase any time soon without selling a kidney, but i ADORE this product!! I love how silky and smooth my skin feels when i use it and it makes my skin look flawless under my foundation. As this is a teeny sample size i really have had to try and ration it (using my BeneFit PoreFessional in between). If you have the budget for these products i would suggest you snap this up!! 

Shop MAC, Cook MAC Lipstick in 'Naughty Saute' (Cremesheen)
I had to include this in my favourites for this month, even though i only got it a week or so ago. This shade has been making me so happy and i've worn it several times since i got it which, considering it is a BRIGHT pepto pink lipstick, is pretty good going for me!! I find it can work for daytime as well as evenings and it's really helping get me into the mood for Spring/Summer!! 

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in 'Pinky Beige'
I had looked for this for AGES after seeing it on Zara's Blog (i always seem to want every lippy she posts) and, as this is a relatively old line it's not the easiest to find. Thankfully the lovely Nic managed to find me one when she was browsing her local Boots (check out Nic's Blog if you haven't already, she's super nice and has great taste in products) and snapped me one up. You can also find it on the Boots Website. I guess its just another nude pink lipstick for some people but it's slightly darker than i would normally go for and i love it for that!! The formula feels gorgeous on the lips as well.

BeneFit Realness of Concealness Kit
Last up is another BeneFit product (2 in one post - not bad going). I don't tend to go for this initially when putting my makeup on for the day. I tend to favour my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection for that. HOWEVER, i find this little 'Fake-it' kit so handy for popping in my bag just in case i need a little touuch up during the day. It contains their Boi-Ing concealer, the 'Lemon-Aid' corrector and mini versions of the Ooh La Lift (now discontinued in the full size - Waaaaaaah), Lip Plump and High Beam. If i have this with me i usually find myself covered for every possible eventuality. Totally worth having. 

So those are my favourite bits for last month. Seems i'm starting to get in the spirit for Spring!! Next month i have a suspicion that a lot of my favourites will involve skincare, as i have been trying out some new products this week. 

What products are you loving lately?? Has Spring sprung in your makeup bag yet?? 

Sunday 4 March 2012

I 'Heart' MUA....

Good evening lovelies!!
This is my SECOND attempt at this post. I posted it yesterday, but Blogger decided it didn't want to post the title, and THEN conveniently deleted the entire post when i tried to fix it so i've had to start again from scratch. Grrrrrrrr. 
Anyhoo, this post is dedicated to SWEETIES!! Well, the makeup equivalent of sweeties anyway.... I'm talking about the MUA Cosmetics Love Hearts collaboration. Last month i was invited to the launch event for these, and a few other new MUA products, down in London, but because i had only been to London a week previously, my bank account was drained and i was unable to attend. However, the very lovely Zoe sent me some of the products to play around with so i didn't TOTALLY miss out!! 

The Love Hearts range consists of 6 Nail Polishes and 5 Lip Balms, all of which are named, very cutely, after different sayings that you would find on the Love Hearts sweets. I was lucky enough to receive 2 shades of each! To check out the full range of shades and buy these products you can click HERE or visit your nearest Superdrug. Both retail for £2 and, as i've come to expect from MUA, you get EXCELLENT quality for the price you pay. 
These colours are PERFECT for the new Spring season and will definitely appeal to everyone's girly side.
So i will begin by showing you the lip balms....

The 2 shades i have are 'KISS ME' (a reddened coral shade) and 'HOT LIPS' (a very girly fuchsia shade). The first thing that hit me about these balms is the gorgeous smell, which is sweet but without being overly strong or sickly (take note Sleek Pout Polish... Ahem). They are also better pigmented than their Sleek counterparts, although they are a balm so its nothing SPECTACULAR, just a lovely wash of colour over the lips. For the swatches below i applied the product with my finger but, if you wanted a more intense colour, I'm sure a lip brush would do the job perfectly. 
For the £2 you pay, you get a gorgeous wash of colour, a decent amount of product and silky soft lips. Can't really say much about longevity of the product, with it being a balm, and i doubt you'll be able to resist just a little lick after applying it. I've also found these to be BRILLIANT for applying over the top of a lipstick to add a touch of gloss and moisture. 

Kiss Me

Hot Lips

Onto the Nail Polishes.....

I've a confession to make..... These are the first MUA Nail Polishes I've tried. My only reason is that i get so giddy about the palettes, shadows and eyeliners, they often get overlooked when i visit my local Superdrug. The shades i was sent are 'U R FAB' (a warm purple shade) and 'I WANT U' (an intense, creamy orange). 
The formula of these, to be honest, has me a little stumped. I found 'U R FAB' to be thick and gloopy to apply and it seemed to stick in all the wrong places, while 'I WANT U' was trouble free and applied very nicely... I can only conclude that i got a dodgy one and that the ranges as a whole are more akin to the other polish. Pigmentation is very good and a single coat covers very well, although i did two for this post. 

So here are the nails i did using these colours. 2 coats of U R FAB with I WANT U as an accent nail. I kept it pretty simple but the gorgeous, and very talented, Karla Powell has done many wonderful nail art designs using these shades which can be found on the MUA Blog 

 So it appears that MUA have got it spot on again with their latest ranges. I'm also adoring their new Contour Eye Pens and can't wait to get my hands on more shades. I'm also excited about their new range of eyelashes. 

Did you attend the Love Hearts event?? What shades are you excited about for the new Spring season??

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