Saturday 24 September 2011

Review: MAC Matchmaster Foundation

Afternoon lovelies...
I've been looking forward to this post for a while and, as i'm not in a position to be able to record a new video today like i had planned i thought i'd pull it out of the bag for you NOW! I've had soooo much hassle with my laptop lately and it's just been DESTROYING chargers for the last 6mths and yesterday i thought enough was enough and used my student loan to purchase a NEW laptop, which is very exciting! So here's my first proper post for a week or so (I've missed blogging so much)....

It's my review of the new MAC Matchmaster Foundation.

I picked this up on my birthday when i visited my nearest MAC counter (Meadowhall). I'd got matched to an NC30 that day but the best foundation the MUA had applied on my face (in my opinion and his) was this foundation in shade 4 (which i've read is more akin to an NC35 but, whatever).

Here's what MAC say about Matchmaster....
"New Foundation Technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalised finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moisturising demi-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Line reducing soft-focus powders." 

This foundation does not work on the same numbering system as other MAC foundations. Reason being because it's an adaptable formula and it works on a, simpler scale going from 1 to 10 (1 being the lightest and 10 the darkest). My shade is shade 4. The idea is that the shade you choose will then ADAPT to your own skintone for a more natural finish. In my experience so far it only adapts up to a point but it does seem to 'settle in' after applying it. If the shade is wrong then of course it will look unnatural (or you need to top up your fake tan). One thing i would say is that the shades all seem to lean quite warm. I, luckily, am warm toned anyway but those with cooler, pinkier skintones may want to swatch carefully before purchasing. 

In terms of finish, I'd say this gives a pretty natural finish, which is neither matte nor dewy, but somewhere in the middle which i like. It's pretty nifty for photos too. MAC don't mention its longevity in their description of this product but i find it to be very long wearing. It survives a whole day without oxidising or rubbing off. The coverage is medium but is very buildable. I also find that if i apply this under and around my eyes with a concealer brush or the very tip of a regular foundation brush i then do NOT need to apply concealer in those areas. It's very kind on my mini wrinkles haha. In terms of the rest of the face i apply this product using my Elf Studio Stipple brush and am very happy with the finish i get using it. 
I don't find this product weighty and the consistency is very easy to work with and spreads well. I find 2 pumps of this does my whole face and then a little extra dot to finish around my eyes. I do not always feel the need to powder after applying it either. 

Here is the best photo i could find of me wearing the foundation (taken when i was playing around with a liquid eyeliner look). This photo was taken using flash and, as you can see there is no shine, even on my slightly oily t-zone. And i did not apply concealer around my eyes.

So my overall view on this foundation???
I REALLY like it! The only time i'm a bit 'hmmmmm' about it is if i'm feeling a bit pale, which isn't often (you know those really off days when you feel like you look half DEAD??). On those days i feel it CAN turn out a little orange but overall it is a great match for my skin. I would definitely repurchase this foundation. I do feel a little like i owe it to myself so experiment with other higher end foundations but I am REALLY enjoying this and i think this is something that i will definitely go back to. 

You might not like this foundation if.....
If you have cool-toned skin I would advise you to try this foundation at a counter or at least swatch it before purchasing. I've heard from a couple of people that it made them look like they'd been TANGOED!!
If you're not a fan of perfumed products i'd steer clear of this one. I think most MAC foundations have a lovely scent to them. This one is no exception, however i think this smells a bit stronger than the others I'd had a whiff of in the past. 
If you have dry skin i'd maybe think twice about a matte product. This sells itself as demi matte which i would agree with on my combo skin but dryer sorts may want to think twice, or at least use a good moisturiser or primer underneath it.

What are your experience of MAC foundations?? Are there any other brands i just HAVE to try?? 


  1. This looks really flawless on you x

  2. I have never tried a mac foundation, I have always been happy with my nars sheer glow. I think when that runs out I may have to give this a try :D
    It looks great on you!


  3. I really want to try this however I am glad I read this review as I am quite cool toned in complexion. I am going to meadowhall tomorrow so may have to pluck up the courage to ask for a sample, yes I am a big baby and get scared asking for things like this lol xx

  4. I tried one of mac foundation so far, and I don't like the finish as well as I hate the quality. This one sounds good, might try it out. xx

  5. Lol, i never have 'pale skin' days, that sounds so odd! :P

  6. Oh i get them quite a lot. Its only because i'm an ME sufferer and i have days where i literally feel like i look (and feel) DEAD haha

  7. I've never tried a MAC foundation and I'm not willing to.. A foundation Ive been enjoying lately is the Korres Wild Rose Foundation and I recently purchased the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation which has great coverage and a wonderful finish!

  8. Thanks for the helpful review!
    I purchased this foundation 3 days ago in the shade 1 (I would say I have pinkish undertones). Thats the first time I approached the MAC counter and therefore I dont know what my "normal" shading would be... but this #1 suited me perfectly (not being tanned).
    I was recommended it because I was looking for a medium-good coverage for my combination skin...

  9. great review I don't know if I should get it or not because I have try skin


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