Sunday 11 September 2011

Lipstick Collection Part 1: MAC

Hello lovely ladies!!
I've been meaning for AGES to compile a lipstick collection for you and today i FINALLY got started taking the photos! It has become clear that this is gonna be a pretty EPIC post so i have decided to do one dedicated purely to my MAC lippies and do the others as a separate post later in the week. So here i go with my MAC lipsticks!! 

I'm relatively new to lipstick. I always used to wear the same gloss most days. Either that or just a bit of lip balm and nothing else. In the last few months my interest in lipstick has grown CONSIDERABLY and i now own quite a few!! In compiling my collection it has become apparent that i favour MAC lipsticks over other brands. Don't get me wrong, I like other brands too, but there is just something EXCITING about MAC lipsticks and i have looked forward to buying EVERY one that i own.

First up.... Spirit (Satin)

This isn't a colour i would automatically go for as it looks rather DARK just to look at the bullet BUT.... I find this such a GORGEOUS naturall, purple-toned brown shade. It's not too dark and not too pale and i love it for that. I bought this last week so its one of the newest additions to my lippy stash but i have reached for it A LOT! Way more than i thought i would! It's a Satin finish which, to be honest, isn't my favourite and i find it slightly drying but, as with any dry formula lippy, i just pop a layer of Carmex over the top and i'm good to go! 

Next is Viva Glam Gaga 2 (Amplified)...

This is definitely my new favourite of all the nude lipsticks i own (and i do love a good nude). I think i WANTED this more than i have ever wanted ANY lipstick and it did not disappoint me. Its a wonderful, creamy beige toned nude which isn't TOO pale on me (I'm NC30). I've been trying not to wear it to death because i want it to stay feeling 'special'. I will probably have to purchase a back-up of this before it disappears forever in Feb 2012 (sob). 

Onto Hue (Glaze)...

I knew i wanted Hue after i first saw the swatch of it. I've had a few misses with pinks in my time and this just looked like the most perfect, pink nude. On me, this is one of those 'My lips but BETTER' shades and it one of the most flattering shades i own. I don't find it too pale, unlike some people i have spoken to about it. This is just a great everyday pink and i'm so glad i own it. 

Speaking of Pink Hits and Misses.... Here's St Germain (Amplified)

I just ADORE the colour of this lipstick from the bullet.... NOT so sure about it on my face. It just leans so BLUE!! (It looks even more blue in this photo as the sun had decided to go in at this point). I've warmed to it a bit more since i dyed my hair brunette again, for some reason the brightness of it is subdued a little by my dark hair (phew). It's still not one that i reach for often, but it does have its own special place in the collection and this was one of the first ever MAC lipsticks that ever caught my eye (from the Quite Cute collection.) 

Onto something just as BRIGHT!! It's Morange (Amplified)

This was my first ever MAC lippy. I was just so attracted to it (orange is one of my all time favourite colours) and it screamed summer to me. It's not the most wearable of shades but i LOVE it and i have been known to take it out just to admire it from time to time. It can look quite RED in photos but i can assure you this is a VERY bright ORANGE shade!! 

Here's Morange's more wearable sibling.... Vegas Volt (Amplified)

This is a lipstick that i have worn a LOT over the summer. It's like a pinkier, more wearable version of Morange. MAC describe it as 'Full Power Coral' which i totally agree with and i LOVE me a coral lippy! It's certainly in my Summer Top 5 products shortlist!! 

Last up is my Liberty of London Lipstick in Bloomin Lovely (Amplified)

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was another photo of St Germain but this one IS meant to look this colour. I just wanted a purple lippy because i didn't own one and i picked this up from a blogsale. Total bargain. I do like it and think it's VERY pretty but, as a warm toned lady, it's not my go-to colour. Again i have liked this better since i've been brunette again. I also like how purples and purple tones make my green eyes go POP!!

So thats my MAC lippy selection SO FAR.... There are a million more that i WANT but, as my mum is constantly reminding me, I've already got what she describes as 'Too Many' lipsticks!! Is there such a thing?? I feel its my duty to sample all the different finishes (I do also own Lovelorn which is a Frost finish BUT it was AWOL for this post and i have no idea which handbag it's hiding in)

Where should i go next with my MAC lippy obsession?? Which are your favourite shades/formulas?? 

Disclaimer: I am aware i am sporting some very fine facial hair in these photos. EVERY time i think i have de-fuzzed, it seems to pop back up again. FAIL!!


  1. You have some amazing lipstick colours there! Theres a few that caught my eye for my next purchase. I was going to get 'Hue' the other day but it was between that or 'shy girl' and I got shy girl instead. I love the Gaga 2 lipstick and vegas volt!


  2. Great post hun!

    My all time fave MAC lipstick is Syrup, which they call a "cloudy pink". My lips are quite pigmented and so I find Hue really hard to pull off without making me a bit corpse-like. Syrup is my go-to, it never lets me down and works with almost everything - subtle day look or full on smokey eyes, so its worth looking at.

    Also, definitely check out Plink! which I think you'll really like too.

    You've inspired me to do a lippy post of my own, I've got quite a little stash so I think I might share too!


  3. Lovely colours there. I love Hue. My favourite finish is probably the lustre one because it feels moisturising. My faves include Viva Glam cyndi and Impassioned!

  4. Those are lovely colours
    Your lips look beautiful
    I really like the Gaga 2

  5. There can never be such a thing as too many lipsticks! I always get so excited when buying a new MAC lipstick but not from other brands aha. Love the look of Viva Glam Gaga 2 and Hue is next on my list! xx

  6. I want Spirit and Hue! :) Love this post Lisa!

  7. I've never heard of Spirit before but I will be checking it out at my MAC counter, looks lovely.
    I've just done a post on my MAC lipstick collection if you want to check it out for ideas of shades to purchase.

  8. Gotta love MAC lippys they are just the best and you feel a little special when you wear them :)

  9. Hue looks gorgeous on you.i've swatched but on my very pigmented lips i think it would be too dark. the only shade i can wear is nude, i'll be keeping an eye out of Viva Glam Gaga 2 x

  10. this are lovely swatches on your lips.thanks for sharing now i really want the hue and vegas volt lippy from MAC. Love them!!

  11. I love MAC lipsticks and own a few you've metioned but I really want to buy myself Morange &Viva La Glam2. Can't believe I haven't bought them even after ranging on about them for almost half a year. Lovely post.x


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