Wednesday 29 February 2012

Snake-Inspired FOTD with Urban Decay

Good afternoon lovelies!!
Been a bit of a barrage of lipstick posts on BBB lately and, i am one who likes to keep things a bit different and switch it up a bit. So today, when i was picking what i was going to wear i was very excited when i got a little bit inspired by my snake print leggings, and pulled out my 
Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV. 

I just think this palette is perfect for this particular look and colour selection. I haven't really mentioned it much since i did my initial post after getting it so it was about time it was given its moment of glory! I was going for a daytime look (cos it's daytime, duh) so i didn't want tons of eyeliner and wanted to let the shadow do the talking. 

Face: MAC Matchmaster Foundation (shade 4.0)
BeneFit Boi-Ing Concealer (shade 2)
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium
Cheeks: FashionistA blush in Butterscotch (from my palette)
Eyes: Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV 
Skimp (all over the lid)
Midnight Rodeo (in the crease with a fluffy brush and blended over slightly)
Cobra (applied right in the crease using a pencil brush, winging out slightly and along the lower lashline)
Zephyr (just in inner corners)
L'Oreal Lash Architect 4d Mascara in Black
Brows: Rimmel Single Eyeshadow in Brun Dusk
Lips: MAC Shy Girl (Cremesheen)
Avon Glimmerstick Lip Liner in Rich Ginger

MAC Shy Girl

I have no idea why i wasn't compelled to wear liner with this look, but i go through phases with it. Sometimes i'll go for liquid liner every day, but sometimes i don't fancy eyeliner at all. I was very pleased how Cobra came out under my lower lashes and didn't want it overshadowed by a thick black line. I did have a slight glitter fallout issue with Midnight Rodeo but nothing that a swipe of the foundation brush wouldn't fix. 
Please excuse my scouse-brow.... I tidied them up a little this morning, but had no desire to launch into a full scale de-fuzzing. Its my day off after all. 

All in all i'm really happy with my Snake-Inspired makeup and i just ADORE Shy Girl, nomatter what i'm wearing. Sorry if you guys were expecting something more dramatic but i just fancied something subtle, yet effective today. Off to the parents for tea later with the boy so thought i'd make a little effort at least. 

What inspires your makeup?? How do you use the shades from the UD palette?? 


Tuesday 28 February 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj

Afternoon gorgeous readers!!
This is 2 for 2 on the pink MAC lippy posts for me. I had wondered if i should keep this post for another day and do something different but, of course, i'm just TOO excited about it and it's far too special not to be shouted about straight away. There was no way i was going to put it in the 'blog later' drawer and not play with it! So here's what's got me all excited.....

MAC Viva Glam Nicki!!

I got a lovely surprise email last Wednesday from MAC inviting me to order their new Viva Glam Nicki Minaj collaboration lipstick BEFORE the official UK release. Well, of course i whipped out the Mastercard straight away and off i went.... Being skint wasn't going to stop me!! Bit naughty of me really after my 2 Shop MAC purchases but this lippy really shouted out at me. 

(Photo taken from MAC)

This new Viva Glam release is with both Nicki Minaj AND Ricky Martin, who has put his name to the new MAC lip conditioner. As you're probably aware, every penny of the sales of these products goes directly to the MAC Aids Foundation to help men, women and children all over the world who are fighting HIV and Aids, so in my opinion it's money well spent. A donation to charity with a MAJOR bonus. See and hear what Nicki and Ricky think of the project on the MAC Cosmetics YouTube Channel 

But what do I think about it?!?! 
This lipstick jumped out at me straight away the first time i saw it. The main reason being that it is a YELLOW based shade of bright pink. Most of the bright pink lipsticks i own (MAC included) have been blue-based and, as a warmer toned lady, sometimes i think blue pinks wash me out a little (with the exception of MAC Naughty Sautee which i ADORE - See previous post) so a yellowy pink was just a MUST for my collection. 
Viva Glam Nicki is a Satin finish which, in all honesty, is probably my LEAST favourite of the MAC finishes as i find it dry on my lips (i might add that it is not as drying as other formulas from other brands, but for MAC i find this the most drying of all the formulas). Having said that it has decent longevity, so i guess it's swings and roundabouts....

The colour really is gorgeous. A few people said they weren't wowed by the photos and swatches of this lipstick but i personally think it's VERY different to a lot of pink shades out there. Most of the pinks i've seen described as WARM have been peachy pink shades, which i also love, but this is definitely a pure, yellow-toned pink. I guess it could be put in the pepto-bismol category along with Naughty Saute, but this doesn't wash me out at all and is such a pretty shade! I'm so glad i have it!

So there you have it!! 
I'm unsure of the official launch date for this but i think i can safely say it will be in March. It will be available in MAC Stores and Concessions and at for a whole YEAR after its release so there's plenty of time to get your hands on it! 

Did you manage to bag one already?? What do you think of the Viva Glam/MAC Aids Fund projects?? Or do you just ADORE pink lippy like i do??

Wednesday 22 February 2012

STOP PRESS!!! Shop MAC....

Afternoon my gorgeous followers!!
Today is a GOOD day in the world of BBB. I received a little parcel earlier that has made my lipstick YEAR so far!! I made a cheeky little order from the Selfridges website over the weekend. As a few of you may know, the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection is not officially released in the UK until next Thursday BUT Selfridges have had it exclusively on sale for a little while and i just HAD to order the shades i wanted BEFORE the big rush! I've only gone for lippy this time but OMG!!!

MAJOR Lipstick Porn!!!
The shades i went for were Naughty Saute and Quick Sizzle. I really did get a little giddy while i was unwrapping these!! I woke up this morning with a STINKING cold, but BOY did i find my second wind when these turned up! 

I've gone to town a bit on the photos for this post, purely because these lipsticks are so PRETTY!! I will take you through them one at a time.
DISCLAIMER: I really am feeling rough as a bag of spanners so please excuse how PALE and BAGGY i look in the photos haha. 

Naughty Saute (Bright Pepto-Pink)

Naughty Saute (Cremesheen) was the first thing that caught my eye when i stumbled across this collection. It really is the colour of Pepto-Bismol haha. It is a blue-based pink which kinda scared me a bit to start with because i REALLY did not get on with Saint Germain when i had that. However, i am DELIGHTED to report that this appears much warmer on than SG and is nowhere near as pale. The Cremesheen finish is possibly my favourite out of all the MAC finishes and, although Naughty Saute does drag a little during application, i find it practically PERFECT in all other respects. 

Looking at the lip swatch, it appears a LOT cooler in tone than it really is and the full face photo is probably a more accurate indicator (maybe the dodgy lighting in my flat - it's murky and rainy outside). I really am soooo PLEASED with this lipstick!! I've been going a bit nuts for pink lipsticks recently but i think i may have found my ultimate pink crush in Naughty Saute!!

Quick Sizzle (Bright Pink)

I have been umming and ahh-ing for what seems like AGES as to whether i want Girl About Town or Impassioned (not worth me having both, before you say anything, I don't have that many places to wear them out to) but when i saw this BRIGHT blue-based fuchsia, it seemed like the ULTIMATE cross between the two so i snapped it up. Quick Sizzle (Matte) is the first matte finish lipstick i have owned from MAC and, i have to say that they have got the formula pretty damn perfect! I find a lot of matte lipsticks VERY drying on my lips but this is a pleasure to wear!! It also seems like it will be SUPER long lasting. In fact, it did stain my lips a little. Maybe a softly, softly approach is needed rather than just whacking it on straight from the bullet. HA!!

Oh god, i really do look rough don't i!! Like my skin is about to start falling off haha. No amount of bronzer apparently can save me but thank the LORD for Quick Sizzle haha. Oh well. 
This really is a GORGEOUS pink and makes my green eyes REALLY pop out. I could sit and look at it for hours! I'm not sure how often i will get to wear it, but i'm going to give it a damn good go over the warmer months! This is lipstick lust in it's purest form, ladies!!

Here are the swatches for both....

So those were my must-buys from the Shop MAC collection. There are several other lipsticks in the collection which you can find and perv over on Temptalia amongst other places. 'Watch Me Sizzle' is shaping up to be the one to snap up QUICK with these two not far behind. 

Next up..... VIVA GLAM!!!

Are you excited for the Shop MAC collection?? Did you already snap up your favourite items?? What's your ULTIMATE pink lipstick crush??

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Impromptu Hair Ombre...

Afternoon my lovelies!!
Thought i'd do a hair post today as i haven't done one in a while. I had intended this post to be a Sunday Salon post but i wasn't fit for ANYTHING on Sunday so it has only just been compiled. Some of you might be aware that i recently did an ombre/dip dye job on my ends. This was intended just as a pre-lightener for an all over colour as my ends were dark compared to the rest of my hair but.... I actually quite liked it so it has stayed ombre!!

 Okay, so its not one of those DRASTIC 'dark-to-blonde' type ombre jobbies, it's only a subtle shift, but i love that it's a bit different!! Some might say it's a bit ginger but i really like the colour of it and haven't felt the need to put another colour/tone over it at all. 

I will share with you how i did it... BUT!!!
Please note that i am a hairdresser and i understand completely how to use these products, exactly what they are likely to do to the hair and had a pretty good idea from the start of the end result i was likely to get!!! If in doubt GO TO YOUR HAIRDRESSER!!

1) My mixture was as follows... 
- One large scoop of powder lightener
- 30vol (9%) creme developer
- A slosh of water
- 2 pumps of a hydrating shampoo (I used TIGI Headshot)
(I would have used a lower strength developer but i had run out so had to dilute to the strength i wanted)
2) Section the hair away leaving just the very bottom layers and apply the mixture to the hair, concentrating at the ends and spreading it up until about halfway up the hair  length (this point will vary with different lengths of hair - mine is medium length)
3) Bring the rest of the hair down section by section and repeat the process.
4) Depending on the position of your layers you may, like me, want to leave the very top layers out. 
5) I did not leave the mixture on for a set time, i just watched it like a HAWK! I think it was around 45mins in total. Uncoloured hair will lighten a lot faster and very dark hair will probably take 2 or more applications to get the same level of lift. 
6) Rinse thoroughly, condition and style as normal.

I'd like to put it out there that i DESPISE using bleaching products on my hair and normally avoid it like the plague. It's not something that you should undertake without careful consideration because, in the wrong hands, IT WILL RUIN YOUR HAIR!! 

Here are a couple of photos of it in natural light so you can see the tonal differences a bit better...

So, all things considered, I'm very happy with my new two-tone look!! Yeah, i had to overcome my aversion to lighteners in order to do it, but i think it's pretty AWESOME!! 

Have you done a DIY ombre?? Do you have any bleaching HORROR stories?? What is your current colour crush??

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Sleek True Colour Lipstick ~ Peaches & Cream

Good evening my beauties!!
Just a quick little post tonight to tell you about another of my recent lipstick aquisitions. I've been doing my best not to buy too much new makeup since xmas and new year but when a colour catches my eye and doesn't cost the earth i just HAVE to grab it!! This time around the colour that suckered me in was the Sleek True Colour Lipstick in the shade 'Peaches & Cream'. 

I've shouted from the rooftops before about my love for the Sleek Powder Blush in 'Life's a Peach' (You can find that post HERE) and when i saw this lipstick i felt the same flush of warm peachy goodness. This is only the second Sleek lippy i have purchased (I also have it in Fuchsia) but i really like the finish the sheen varieties give. I haven't tried any of the matte ones yet (if you have any recommendations i'm all ears). 

As you can see, the level of pigmentation is CRAZY (as i've come to expect and love about Sleek products) and the swatch lasted a LIFETIME before rubbing off. The light outside was actually MEGA bright when i was doing these photos so my skin looks a bit ghostly in comparison to the lipstick, but I'm actually a warm, medium skintone so this lippy is right up my alley! Its a beautiful, warm, creamy peach shade with the tiniest hint of pink, which i am going to enjoy so much as we go into Spring/Summer 2012.

The only other lipstick i own which is similar to this is my BarryM 147. However, even though i love that shade, the formula is ABYSMAL!! Total sandpaper lips. Although i have been very reliably informed that 147 is a decent dupe for MAC Everhip, i think i definitely prefer Sleek's offering and can't wait to wear this with my Sleek blush and some golden eye makeup through the warmer months. Another thing i'm thinking is i may be able to mix it in with my MAC Morange to make it a little bolder for nights out. It really is such a lovely, flattering and wearable shade. 

What Sleek lipsticks do you own?? Do you go potty for peachy makeup??


Sunday 12 February 2012

Make Up Bag of The Week #2

Good evening ladies!
Late one tonight (i over-napped) but wanted a bit of blogging time to share with you all my makeup selections for the coming week. I have been trying really hard to rotate my makeup bag lately to get fuller use out of all my products. The last week or so was a bit of a fail because i have been a bit haphazard in the products i've been using due to special occasions and my visit to London for #ZOMGbloggersbash so it changed a bit through those weeks, but i'm narrowing it down again this week and plan to stick to the products i've selected. 

So there's the overview of this week's picks.
As usual my makeup bag staples (that i just can't do without) remain the same and will not be made a big fuss of in the main post. They are:
MAC Matchmaster Foundation (Shade 4)
MSFN (Medium Plus)
Collection2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Shade 3)

My last makeup bag post seemed to take on a 'bronzing' theme and this week i seem to have gone for more soft, pinky shades (maybe it's the approach of Valentine's Day). I don't do this consciously, but there always seems to be a trend in what products i pick from week to week. 

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Porcelain Pink
In addition to my regular MSFN i have actually selected ANOTHER for this week's bag. There's a bit of a story behind it actually. The other night on Twitter i was contemplating a blogsale and umming and ahh-ing about what to part with and what to keep hold of. And this product was a sure fire cert for the chop... Until i started actually TALKING about it with someone and studied it again and thought to myself "Y'know what.... I haven't given this enough of a chance and it really is rather pretty". I understand why MSF are so hard to part with as they really are beautiful. This one disappointed me somewhat when i first got it. It DOES have gold veining through it but it wasn't NEARLY as prominent when i actually got it out of the box when compared to swatches and photos i'd seen online. 
After swatching around with it again and wearing it yesterday i have decided that it works for me as a pretty pink-toned highlight which doubles up as lovely, shimmery eye shadow. So i popped it into this week's bag. 

MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon
I don't know many who don't LOVE this blush! It looks stunning in the pan, but is so sheer and gives such a pretty wash of girly pink (that can also be built up for more drama). It goes great with the MSF highlight i picked. I'm going to be sporting a fabulous girly pink glow this week!

I've plumped for two lippies again this week. I decided to give my beloved Shy Girl the week off in favour of two other equally effortless and soft colours from my MAC collection.

Creme Cup (Cremesheen)
Well one of the lipsticks was going to have to be pink wasn't it. This is the newest addition to my MAC lippy stash and i'm so glad i finally have it. I'd heard so many great things about it and it really does seem to be a fab all round 'suits-anyone' kinda shade. I do rather like a Cremesheen finish, although i know there are a few who aren't as keen. 

Viva Glam Gaga 2 (Amplified)
The second MAC/Gaga Viva Glam collaboration was always going to be a hit with me. I'm always on the lookout for the ultimate nude lip and this one really is FABULOUS!! I'm going to be so gutted when this runs out as it was an LE shade and will no longer be available. I have heard that a good dupe for this is GOSH 'Darling' but have yet to test this theory. Until then i have this badboy and i love it!! 

Sleek iDivine Palette in 'Oh So Special'
The first of my eye choices this week is one that i have been neglecting recently. I've got myself into a comfort zone of reaching for either my MUA Heaven&Earth or my coveted UD Naked palette and have pushed thoughts of my other palettes to the back of my mind, which is so wrong of me because i do LOVE every Sleek palette i own. Oh So Special was the obvious choice for this particular bag, given the other shades in the mix, but i picked it more for the contour shades than for the pinks (you'll see why in just a sec). The matte brown shades are also fine for filling in my brows, so no need for a seperate brow product.

BeneFit Creaseless Cream Shadowliner in 'Sippin'n'Dippin'
I own three of these shadows which i bought from a blogsale quite recently. I've always been a bit of a sceptic about cream formulas but am really coming around to them now. This shade in particular has a lovely warm goldy sheen to it which is a bit lighter than my skintone and when applied all over the lid makes my eyes pop right out!! My everyday staple look has now become this shadow all over my lid, followed by a contour shade (applied with a fluffy brush) into the crease and finished off with black liner. It stays on like a dream too and also doubles as a base for other shadows. The other shades i own are RSVP and Bunny Hop. You will probably find a post on these from me in the very near future.

VIVO Lengthening Mascara in Black
This is possibly my FAVOURITE budget mascara. It's by VIVO who sell through Tesco's but i picked this up at the October TOWIB event along with a few other bits, which was lucky for me as i live nowhere near a Tesco. This mascara contains fibres GALORE and i love that the brush doesn't pick up a truckload of product. I get no clumping from this product at all and it really is quite decent at adding length and colour to the lashes. I'd highly recommend it if you're popping down Tesco and in need of a new mascara. 

Liners for the week are as follows.....

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
Not a lot for me to say about this product other than i LOVE it!! The brush is super easy to work with, it goes on a treat and it DOESN'T BUDGE!! This is one of the only liquid liners i've tried that gives me a perfectly smooth line and i dont always have to pull my eye around to get it either. I got this as part of my Book of Shadows IV but i will definitely be repurchasing!

Avon Glimmerstick Lipliner in Rich Ginger
I usually feel like i want a lip liner when I wear my Gaga 2 just because it is so nude and i like this one just to bring out my lips a little. It's not a bad colour for eyebrows either. I love Avon Glimmerstick products (not just because i am a rep) and the eyeliners are another favourite of mine. 

So those are this week's product picks. 
I realised that i haven't actually included a bronzer AT ALL this week, which is possibly a mistake. I have fake tanned though so my only issue will be for contouring and i can grab my Sleek Contour kit for that if i need it. 
If you have seen an item in any of my makeup bag posts that you would like more information on or to see me write a more detailed review of, do let me know and i'd be happy to oblige. 

What's in your makeup bag this week?? Are you getting all pink and romantic too??

Tuesday 7 February 2012

All Loved Up with FashionistA...

Good evening my lovelies!!
Even though i live on my own with two ferrets and not a whiff of a man (as if i'm bothered), the approach of Valentine's Day this month has got me going all romantic. Not for a boyfriend, but for MAKE UP!! Recently I've been going a bit bonkers for pinks and this time of the year (although a totally pointless occasion in my opinion) is the perfect excuse to get all pink and romantic. And i received some products recently that really fit the bill!! They're from the MAC of the drugstore world.... FASHIONISTA!!

When i first read about these Plumping Lip Glaze glosses I did wonder if i really needed them.... after all i did have a bit of a lip gloss HAUL not so long ago with the MUA 'Out There' plumping glosses but, as these were referred to as a 'glaze' rather than a gloss i was a little curious. I was promised amazing pigmentation and lips that are truly irresistible so how could i say no to THAT?!?!

Anyhoo here are the shades i received.....

Fashion Fuchsia 
As i expected these have a lot more of a sheen to them than the MUA glosses. This shade is almost a ringer for the MUA Pin Up Pink, until you consider the finish and texture. This gloss is a lot more sheer on the lips and has a little bit of a sparkle to it. Pigmentation is great, although it does give a more subtle finish. Fashion Fuchsia is a lovely reddened pink that would suit most skintones.

To look at them in the tube you can't really tell much of a difference between the two shades i have. But once you swatch them and wear them on the lips you see a marked difference. Hollywood is much cooler toned than Fashion Fuchsia and has even more of a sparkle to it. I'm not a fan of sparkly lips AT ALL but this does not seem too much and i have found myself reaching for this shade the most out of the two, which is a bit odd as i'm quite warm skinned. 


I really am surprising myself lately at how open i am to lipglosses. I have never been a fan of the texture or feel of gloss on my lips. I think it feels like i've been snogging a candle!! However, just like the MUA glosses i don't find these sticky and obstructive on my lips at all and i forget they're there after a while. They contain the exact same 'Maxi-Lip' ingredient as their MUA counterparts which gives you that gorgeous tingle for a fuller pout. Perfect to pucker up with on Valentine's Day if you have that special someone.... or if, like me, you couldn't give a HOOT and just want great lips.

I've been mulling over the price of these in my head. They are £5 compared to £2 for the MUA glosses. I've come to the conclusion that they SHOULD be higher in price for the reasons that you get a WHOPPING fat tube and they feel more luxurious on the lips. They also have a sweet taste to them while the MUA glosses have none. In terms of longevity, i haven't fully tested that out yet, but they're not in a hurry to rub off thats for sure. 
FashionistA Plumping Lip Glaze comes in 7 different shades and retails for £5 from selected Superdrug stores. I must stress to you that these were sent to me as samples, however this does not make me more or less likely to rave about them. I just happen to LIKE them!!

While we're on the subject of FashionistA products, i realised whilst taking the photos for this post, how neglectful i have been towards my FashionistA Blush Palette that i picked up from TOWIB back in October!! It has been on my to-do list for ages and i've never taken the time to fully play about with it. So i thought i'd tell you a little bit about it and show you the swatches NOW!!

These palettes are fully customisable and the eyeshadow/blush shades sold seperately for you to mix and match as you please. I'm not surprised that this brand has been dubbed 'the drugstore MAC' as you really can make your palette however you want it and change it around (even get 2 or 3)!! 
My palette came with these shades already in it and contains 3 blushers and an eyeshadow/highlight shade. I chose this palette (there were three variations available).

Swatches (L-R)
Juicy Apricot
Bella (Shadow/Highlight)

This selection was inspired by catwalk trends for Spring/Summer 2012 so is BANG ON for the upcoming new season. They are lovely, soft shades so fit with the Valentine's theme perfectly!! Pigmentation is very good and i had no problems swatching them. They are also easy to blend. I did have  a little trouble getting Butterscotch to show up on me (I'm medium skinned) but for paler ladies this would be a great shade!!
Now that i've had a proper play with the palette i've really been enjoying it. It is PERFECT for travel. You can put whichever shades you want in it and just GO! The mirror is also HUGE. I took it to London with me last week when i attended the ZOMGbloggersbash. 

FashionistA products are available in selected Superdrug stores. I, unfortunately, do not have one locally which stocks it so i am so greatful for the products i have received and feel very lucky indeed. I'm secretly hoping that FashionistA and Look Beauty will suddenly APPEAR in Chesterfield Superdrug very soon so i can have a proper play with the products.

Have you tried FashionistA products?? Do you like the idea of an affordable custom palette?? What lip shades will YOU be rocking this Valentine's??


Friday 3 February 2012

Nicki Minaj for OPI Mini Collection: My thoughts...

Good evening beauty seekers!!
Tonight's slice of blog tart is dedicated to nail polish!! And not just ANY nail polish, but the Nicki Minaj collaboration with OPI!! I was lucky enough to stumble across these for a VERY good price in a discount beauty shop that i know in Chesterfield. (If you're local, it's called Dolled Up and is just up from the Vicar Lane area of town.) They were selling the full sized polishes as well but i love the mini collections as it gives you more variety for, more or less, the same price. I also own the Pirates of the Caribbean collection which i have blogged about in the past.

So here they are (L-R)
Did it on 'Em
A not too 'in ya face' acid yellow/green
A deep blue/green shade, like a cross between a turquoise and a teal. 
 Pink Friday
Nicki's signature shade. A perfect medium pink (although not as unique as it would like to be)
 Metallic 4 Life
Silver glitter contained in a black jelly-like polish.

I have played around with all of these polishes over the last week or so and can honestly say that there isn't  a shade i dislike. They're all very wearable colours and don't feel (to me) to be season specific which i like. I'm one of those who doesn't like to wear corals, oranges or pastels in winter time as i associate colours like that with spring/summer. Similarly, i dislike wearing dark or brown shades in the summertime as i feel they belong with the colder weather. There are polishes from the collection which are NOT included in the mini set so i can only review the ones that i have.
Formula-wise, these are exactly what you would expect from OPI. A couple of coats does the trick and the are fairly long wearing with the right topcoat. As usual my only grumble with OPI mini polishes is that the brush is TINY and you have to take great care to make sure you don't get a 'streaky' finish. 
Usually with a collection like this i would put up a NOTD for each shade as and when i wore them, but for this one i'm making an exception as i have used the first two shades TOGETHER.

Here is the result.....

BRIGHT Leopard Nails!!
As a rule, i don't have a steady enough hand for nail art, BUT as this is a Nicki Minaj collaboration i kind of felt inspired to do something a bit funky. So i glued on some falsies and had a play with the polishes when i got home this afternoon. (I am aware you can still see the tips but 3 coats of any polish to me is a major pain in the backside - On normal nails i doubt it would be an issue).

Here's what i did...

Dead Easy!!
1) Apply 2 coats of 'Fly' to the nails and allow to dry completely (i didn't use a base cos they were false nails but you might want to on natural nails)
2) Using the brush it comes with (OPI mini brushes may be tiresome but they're PERFECT for this) dab little dots of 'Did it on Em' randomly on each nail. No prizes for uniformity here.... Allow to dry.
3) Using any random liquid eyeliner (i used UD 24/7, partly cos its waterproof and partly because it was the nearest) draw little semi circles around your dots. I also added little black flecks here and there to add to the effect.
4) Allow to dry and seal the whole lot with a good layer of topcoat (any will do).

And the end result is pretty damn FUNKY!! 

So i suppose thats the first two out of the way already!! Pink Friday and Metallic 4 Life (i always want to call it METALLICA 4 Life for some reason.... must be the heavy metaller in me) will get their own NOTD posts in due course.

Do you own this collection?? Which shades are your favourite??

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