Saturday 16 July 2011

Payday Superdrug Treats!!

So i got it into my head last week that i just HAD to update my Sleek collection and as i now have paydays (Fridays) OFF it was like a red rag to a bull and i decided to take myself off to the MASSIVE Superdrug in Chesterfield to have a scout around and dig for GOLD! 

So here it is! Its not a MASSIVE Haul (mine never are - I'm limited in what i can work due to illness so the budget is shaky even on payday) but I'm so pleased with what i bought and can't wait to start playing with it all!!

I'd planned to pick up at least one new Sleek palette and, much to my surprise, I plumped for the Oh So Special palette rather than my original plan of repurchasing the Storm palette. The ONLY reason i didn't go for the Storm palette is because Chesterfield Superdrug is AMAZING and they stock the MUA Pro line so i was able to pick up the MUA Heaven and Earth palette instead. And i am interested to try the Oh So Special after the success of my last foray into pink shades. I wanted to pick up the Sleek Sunset palette as well but there was no tester/sample palette there for that and i like to be able to SEE what i am buying. But after some research I will definitely be purchasing it next time. 

 MUA Pro - Heaven and Earth 
Sleek - Oh So Special

One thing that i have really felt has been missing from my make-up bag lately is a Peachy blush so i JUMPED on Sleek's Life's a Peach. Straight in there, plucked it from the shelf, sorted, MINE! I had my heart set on the Aruba blush from the Caribbean collection but i swatched it.... and swatched it again.... and blended it a little.... and was still thinking "Am I ACTUALLY gonna wear this??". Aruba is comparable to Life's a Peach (although the latter is certainly a lot less in your face) and after much thought I put Aruba back, even though it was the LAST one on the shelf (Insane?? Probably and i will, no doubt, regret this later).

The last thing i snatched up from the Sleek counter was their Contour Kit in Medium. I just want to see what all the fuss is about. I know the concept of contouring and, up to now, have been contouring my face with Bourjois Delice de Poudre quite successfully but i can't wait to try this little beauty out as i've heard great things about it. I like to think I'm doing things properly haha. I think i will be buying a new brush to try this out with for this reason. Suggestions welcome. 

So there's my little haul. And there will be posts on these items coming steadily through the next week as i play with them. Excited isn't the word. I love esperimenting with new make-up!

What do you think of the colours/products?? Which is your fave Sleek palette?? Have you tried the MUA Pro products yet??


  1. I've had my eye on the sleek contour kit for a while and can't decide whether I like it or not! I love the look of the blush you bought though, very pretty xxx

  2. I have my eye on the Sleek Coutour Kit, but I'm in two minds at the moment to buy it or not.
    I recently made me first ever Sleek purchase, because it isn't available here in Ireland. After making my first purchase online, I then came found out that a local chemist in my town now stock Sleek so I hope to try out more products. At the moment I'm loving Monte Carlo Pout Polish, it's gorgeous and leaves your lips so conditioned! and I also love the monaco palette too ;) x

  3. The MUA Pro - Heaven and Earth palette is amaazing! Love the colours!! I've never tried any MUAe products.. But heard good things about them..

    And girl that blush is stunning! I've seen Aruba and I think this would be my choice too!


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