Sunday 27 November 2011

OSIS Style Shifters Comp: Hair Saviour of the Day!

Evening lovelies!!
This post is coming to you tonight via the medium of my iPhone as all the photos I wanted were on it plus I'm just out of the cinema from watching Breaking Dawn so I'm on the move! Its only a knackered old 3g so the photos aren't AMAZING but it did the job while i was rushing around to get ready!
This slice of blog tart is dedicated to Schwartzkopf OSIS and their fabulous new product range, Style Shifters. I am aware that this is a competition, although I doubt my entry will win any prizes as my hair is just too boring and in-between lengths at the moment to do anything exciting with. HOWEVER this product did save my bacon today and here's why....

Style Shifters are an ingenious, funky range of texturising sprays. They range from light hold (for long or fine hair), medium hold (medium hair) and strong (short hair). I plumped for the light hold one as I'm forever living in fear of 'crispy' hair and this hasn't let me down.
The product is marketed as a great, simple way to switch your style around eg. Going straight from the office to the bar and I totally agree. Just a quick spritz definitely makes the hair more pliable and easier to work with for quick on-the-go restyles. It's not a shiny product and does not leave a feeling of 'build up' on the hair.

And here's how it came to my rescue....

Here's my hair in a nutshell.... Thick, wavy and it HATES ME! So I really should know better than to sleep on my hair while it's still wet. Trust me, Worzel Gummidge has got NOTHING on me when it comes to wet bed hair. When I woke up this morning my unruly barnet was facing every which way and to truly tame it would require washing it AGAIN and starting from scratch which I didn't have time for. Queue Style Shifters....
Anything was worth a shot at this point as I had only half an hour to haul ass and get to work. I tipped my head upside down, sprayed a good layer of this through my hair and SCRUNCHED my little heart out! And to my surprise and delight it totally paid off!!

All else that was needed was a quick sweep of the straighteners through my fringe (which I am still LOVING by the way) and I skipped off to work looking a MILLION times better than I had done 5mins previous!
As I was going to the cinema tonight and because I'd spent most of my shift today wanting to yank my hair OUT I did repeat the process and added a bit of further shape at the roots with my Diva Heatwave.
Overall I really like this product. If you've got naturally wavy or curly hair and want a quick fix alternative to spending ages with heated styling tools then this is for you!!
I'd better sign off now as I've only got 6% battery left. Good luck to everyone who entered the competition! Don't think you've much to fear from my entry haha.

OSIS products are stocked exclusively in Professional salons and retail for around £8.75 per 75ml spray bottle. You can also pick them up HERE! All entries for this competition can be found on the wall of the OSIS Facebook Page along with video tutorials and info on the range. 
What products are your hair saviours??

Monday 14 November 2011

Weekend Wedding: OOTN & FOTN

Hello ladies!
After not daring to post pictures of my deathly face for a few weeks while i was poorly i'm back with my second FOTD in a ROW!! Not totally intentional but I was invited to my friend Ange's wedding at the weekend and was so chuffed with my new dress i thought i'd put together a post showing you what i wore on my face as well as my outfit. I've never actually done an OOTD/N before!! Apologies that i don't have a full photograph of my dress but i didnt get a chance to ask someone to take one for me. 

Soooooo here's what i wore!!

Brand new dress £19.99 from New Look
I love the colour of this! They also had it Teal and Black but purple seemed like a perfect seasonal colour and i will most likely wear this for Christmas lunch with the family as we are eating OUT this year and i haven't spent Christmas day with them for the last 3 years due to either living abroad or having to work.

Coinsidentally the shoes are also from New Look (a few years ago now so i don't recall the price). I'd originally intended on black tights and black patent heels but thought that might be a bit too GOFFIK for a wedding so went for cream with tan tights (thread veins, cellulite and bruises prevent me from going bare legged). My handbag is missing from this OOTN as i don't actually own a cream bag and ended up having to borrow one off my mum.

Weirdly, this is the only item of jewellery i wore! Not quite sure why. It was about £5 from Virgin Vie (again a while ago so can't remember exactly). Its a little bit mucky so will have to break out the vodka and get polishing. YES vodka and a cotton tip is the BEST way i have found for cleaning silver jewellery. Strange but true!!

Because of the time of year i just HAD to accessorise my outfit with my poppy. Its so important to remember those who fought and those who fell AND those who are still fighting. Utmost respect to all our servicemen and women past and present. 

So onto my FACE....

Face: MAC Matchmaster foundation (Shade 4)
Bourjois Eclat Mineral Radiance Powder in 05 (Dore)
VIVO Cosmetics Baked Bronzer
Cheeks: MAC Sheertone Blush (Pink Swoon)
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish (Porcelain Pink) to highlight
Eyes: Avon Glitz&Glam eyeshadow quad (the white and dark purple shades)
The bright purple shade from the Sleek Acid Palette (just in the crease and along the lower lashline)
VIVO Cosmetics black kohl pencil
L'Oreal Lash Architect 4d Mascara (Black)
Lips: MAC Tinted Lipglass in C-Thru

I went to town a bit on this one as i really don't get out that often and i don't always get to play with that much of my make up collection on my everyday make up looks. Took full advantage of the purples in my collection to compliment the dress. 
I didn't do a lot with my hair. I just put a few hot rollers in my hair extensions while i was doing my make up just to give it a bit of movement and finished with a layer of hairspray. Still LOVING my new fringe too!!

Will finish the post with a photo of the GORGEOUS Mr and Mrs Carr. I had such a lovely evening and i'm so grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to get glammed up again!!


Don't you just love a good party?! What items in your make up bag do you keep for special occasions?? Will you be investing in a new party frock this Xmas??

Tuesday 8 November 2011

New Hair and a FOTD

As my regular readers (or those who read my whinings on twitter) will know i've been feeling CRAP the last few weeks and haven't felt like getting my face out for the blog or my youtube channel as i've been looking like death warmed up!
However, yesterday i decided enough was enough and booked myself in for a little fringe trim just for a bit of a change and to give me a boost. I've been to-ing and fro-ing about having a full fringe again for a while and i just thought now was the perfect time to cheer me up. I even put some make up on my face for the occasion. So i thought i'd give you a little peep at the new hair and do a FOTD for the first time in AGES!!

I always forget how different i look with my fringe and i'm LOVING it for Autumn/Winter. Fringes just seem to be EVERYWHERE this season. I've seen them everywhere from Catwalks to the X Factor! They've been teasing me for too long and i just thought that, after 2 years of growing it out , I'd go for something different again. 
Needless to say i feel very refreshed and actually put some proper face on today for the first time in at LEAST a fortnight so here's a little FOTD action for you. I didn't go anywhere special today. Only to the hairdresser and then round the supermarket, but i felt like i hadn't touched my make up in a while so went for it with gel liner and bold lippy.

Here's what i wore.....

Foundation: MAC Matchmaster (Shade 4)
Cheeks: Sleek GLO Highlighter in Bronze Baby
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Palette shades Virgin, Buck and Darkhorse
Avon Supershock Gel Liner pencil in Black
L'Oreal Lash Architect 4d Mascara in Black
Lips: MAC Vegas Volt (just because i felt like it)

The very fact that i used NO concealer WHATSOEVER is testiment, not only to the covering power of MAC  Matchmaster (i could not be more in love with this foundation if i tried), but also that AT LAST i don't look like a poorly person anymore!! YAY!!

Soooooooo hopefully this means i can get back to my neglected youtube channel again now that i look more HUMAN again!! I've missed doing videos but just haven't had the energy lately. Plus i've been bunged up and chesty as HELL and you wouldn't have been able to understand a WORD i was saying in between sniffles and coughing, had i attempted to upload anything. 

First projects of mine when i return to youtube will be a 'Whats in my Bag' tag and my Diva Professional Styling Heatwave tutorial with my hair extensions. 

What hair trends are you loving this season?? Have you given your fringe the CHOP??

Friday 4 November 2011

Liz Earle: Cleanse & Polish Review

I've finally got the photos, the time and the mental capacity to write my overdue Liz Earle review!! I've had their Cleanse & Polish for a little while now and, whilst i wanted to wait until i had used it over a period of time before writing this review to give it a fair trial, other stuff has subsequently gotten in the way and prevented me from writing the review up until now. I really wanted to take the time to write about it properly and it not be a hurried post, so i hope the lovely Liz Earle peeps will forgive me for the delay as they were so kind in sending me this product to try!! 

Consider this my Liz Earle cherry officially POPPED!! And i'm loving it! I was sent the 100ml pump starter kit which comes in a cute zippy bag with the Liz Earle logo and includes two muslin clothes. It retails on the Liz Earle website for £13.75. Liz Earle are proud of the all natural ingredients they use in all of their products and this is no exception and contains all manner of gorgeous things such as chamomile, cocoa butters and eucalyptus essential oils (it smells so fresh, almost like a Vick kind of smell).

It's a product of two halves. The first phase being a cleansing phase and the second being the polishing phase (cos it's called Cleanse & Polish dontcha know.... DUH).
You massage this product over the face and neck on dry skin (i've been removing my make up with a wipe prior to using the product) before soaking one of the clothes in hand hot water and buffing off the product with it. To complete you simply splash the face with cold water to tighten the pores and further refresh the skin. It's a really simple process which Liz Earle recommend performing twice daily. 

The texture of the product took me quite by surprise actually. I wasn't expecting it to be as thick and balmy as it is (not that i'm saying this as a negative, I just haven't experienced a cleanser quite like it before). It glides on really easily, even onto dry skin. I love the tingle i get from the eucalyptus and as a result my skin feels VERY clean and refreshed after using it. I have combination skin and really appreciate how it leaves my oily areas squeaky clean whilst being kind to the dryer areas (that'll be the cocoa butter element then).

I haven't stuck strictly to the rules as this is the only Liz Earle product i currently own so i have been following it up with my Vie Pure Delight toner and a light moisturiser (usually Olay Beauty fluid), but since using products like this and the Dermalogica products i received in my October GlossyBox (love love LOVE those) i feel like i have been given a bit of a kick up the backside to revamp my skincare routine. After all i am creeping up on 30 (next September, EEEEEK) and feel like i should be investing in some insurance for my skin. 

I reckon this product would be a safe bet for almost ALL skin types. It's oil free for the combo girlies like myself but has enough cocoa butter loveliness to please the dryer sorts out there. The starter pack seems a great price for anyone wanting to try it out. I haven't a clue why i haven't tried it sooner after all the positive things i hear rattling around the blogosphere and on twitter. You can find it, along with their entire range of other gorgeous products on their website HERE!

What are your skincare must haves?? Are you a Liz Earle convert like myself?? What should i try next??

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Sleek: The 'Highlight' of my Week!!

Evening ladies! 
This is a late one tonight, mainly because i've been beavering away at my mounting pile of uni assignments and rooting through ebook libraries at my parents house all night. However, my brain has started to protest and has instructed me that it needs to do something FUN for a little while, so i thought this would be a great opportunity to show you a product that has really made my day today! 

That is the Sleek Makeup GLO 'Bronze Baby' Face and Body Highlighting Kit which i picked up as part of the goodie bag i snagged at Salon International this year. I have to say i wasn't actually in the market for another bronzer/highlighter but, as this was included in the price, i skipped home with it in my haul. 

No pun intended here AT ALL but how sleek is this packaging?? It really reminds me of similar Bobbi Brown products without the pricetag! The brush isn't my favourite, i have to say, but i used this with my angled blush/contour brush on the cheekbones, nose and temples.

Salon international was actually 2 weeks ago and i only decided to get this out to play with for the first time this morning and WOWZER! I was actually blown away by it. I've never owned a bronze product with quite the same GLOW factor. The sheen on it really is like nothing i've ever seen before. It actually gives an AMAZING golden bronze colour as well as acting as a highlighter. No need for two separate products here!! 
The consistency and pigmentation of the product is faultless. It took no effort or building up for a swatch and applies and blends VERY well on the face. I'm over the moon that this adds a visible hint of colour as well as being a highlight as, having been rather poorly of late i am feeling VERY washed out at the moment. A little also goes a long way so its well worth the price of £6.49 for 9g of product.

The swatch almost reminds me of gold leaf! This swatch is all the different stripes of the product mixed together but you could just as easily use them seperately and if you would like to see them swatched individually do let me know and i will be more than happy to oblige. I had taken a photo of the product on my face today but, having uploaded it to my computer i quickly realised that, as a result of being plague-ridden for the best part of a fortnight i still look like death warmed up. Not to mention brow-ZILLA  (also a result of illness and inability to give a damn about eyebrow-plucking). 

Therefore the 'on-the-face' photo will be added (hopefully) tomorrow if i can get myself looking de-fuzzed and human in time.  This product can also be swept over the shoulders, back or chest for a more all over glow. Anywhere the light hits. I haven't tried this option yet as its very rare i get my skin out for the viewing public haha.

This product is currently coming up as 'Out of Stock' on the Sleek Website. That goes for the 'Peach Shimmer' variant as well (which i now feel i MUST also have). Typical. But if you happen to spot this instore at Superdrug i highly recommend you grab it and RUN to the checkout as fast as you can because it is a full on GORGEOUS product and I'm so glad i own it.

What are your favourite highlighters? What do you make of Sleek's Contour and Highlight kits? 
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