Tuesday 26 July 2011

Flirting with Fuchsia!

Evening girls! 
Couple of FIRSTS for me today! I mentioned in my last Sleek Blush post that i do not own ANY of Sleek's True Colour Lipsticks.... Well I do now!!
I have also never had the guts to purchase a BRIGHT pink Fuchsia lip colour.... Well, guess what?! I do now!!
All in the same product.. Sleek True Colour Lipstick in FUCHSIA (Sheen).

I'd swatched a few Sleek lipsticks in Superdrug on my last visit, but at that point was not planning to buy lipstick so left them alone. 
The Sheen colours attracted me a little more than the mattes in the case of Sleek (although in MAC I only own one lipstick that ISN'T a matte Amplified). 
Last week on payday i heard a little wave of praise over Twitter about Sleek lipsticks and it hit me again that I'm a Sleek FANATIC but yet i didn't actually OWN a Sleek lipstick. So onto the website i went and Fuchsia was ordered (its a colour I haven't dared to try yet and Sleek are so affordable i thought that, even if it went wrong, it wouldn't be a disaster at £4). 

One word comes to mind upon first impressions of this shade.... and that word is SANTORINI! 
This lipstick is to lips what Sleek Santorini blush is to cheeks. It's a VERY pretty, but VERY intense pink. 
I get confused with colours if i'm honest... I've never found a colour that i think looks HORRENDOUS on me. Oranges and Corals tend to get the most compliments on me when i go out so i did suspect that a Fuschia pink would be a DISASTER. Turns out its NOT. It's just VERY different to what i normally go for. That was why i went for this colour to be honest. It's like no other lipstick i currently own (apart from the Monte Carlo Pout Polish which is a balm rather than a colour)

I'm so happy to report that this colour doesn't lean too much to blue at all (I'd been warned off Sleek's Amped lipstick for this reason, although it looked pretty)
I like the formulation and its not drying to my lips like the BarryM lip paints are (and is actually around 50p cheaper than Bazza's). It has also lasted a long time and I've only had to reapply it once since i put it on this afternoon (and that was because i needed to touch it up for the photos, not out of major necessity). 

Sleek True Colour in Fuchsia complimented by Santorini Blush

I love how pinks and purples make the green in my eyes pop out... I'm not sure i prefer them to my oranges and corals though. However, this is a totally new look for me and i have to say a quite like it! Please tell me if you think the colour doesn't suit me. I have a fairly warm skin tone but as this isn't such a bluey pink i THINK (i could be totally wrong) that i can get away with it. 

What's your favourite bright lippy?? Do you rate Sleek True Colour?? Any other Sleek shades i just HAVE to try??


  1. Hope it's not the last! Suits you alotttt xx

  2. Wow looks amazing! Really suits you! X

  3. oh my god - I love it!
    looks gorgeous on you

  4. Wow it looks REALLY nice on you! The texture looks so juicy too! :D

  5. It looks absolutely gorgeous- you had no need to be scared, suits u perfectly ;) xx

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  6. As i was reading through this post i thought 'gosh this is going to be a disaster' but i am eating humble pie now, it looks lovely on you!! Perfect against your brilliantly white teeth.
    I have used Sleek lipsticks and they do have a really long lasting formula! I prefer nude shades however, which they do not seem to do.

  7. Hahaha thanks for the vote of comfidence Holly!! To be fair i was expecting it to be a total disaster too haha. Think Sleek do ANOTHER range of lipsticks which are more similar to the 17 mirror shine ones. Its on their website anyway ;) x


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