Friday 1 July 2011

June Favourites

Hi Girlies!

Just put together a few things that I have been LOVING over the last month. I had really hoped to be able to do my first youtube video to tell you about them but it has become VERY clear that my webcam is NOT up to the job. Neither is my regular camera. So it's piccies galore and a little tour through my picks of what has been making me feel FABULOUS this month.

First Up....


- Vie One-Step Face Base in Honey: I can't begin to TELL you how handy this is! It isn't my main foundation (we'll get to that in a sec) but I carry it with me ALWAYS just to pat on when i get a bit shiny. It's a powder/foundation in one and just gives that little bit MORE than a regular powder. Total time and handbag-space saver. You can see from how much of the pan is on show how much i have used it! It's been especially useful on my oily nose while the weather has been so close and muggy lately!

- Max Factor Xperience Foundation in 75 Brown Hessian: I did a Review not so long ago about this foundation and have been so impressed with it. It feels LOVELY on the skin and covers very well. Totally oil-free which is great news for my nasty t-zone. Very natural finish and lasted so well!! I use this every day now when i put my face on in a morning.The colour is a perfect match for me too which has taken AGES to find. Love it.

- BeneFit Realness of Concealness Mini Fake-It Kit: I bought this from a blog sale as it seemed perfect for me to try each of the products in it. I thought i'd only really end up using one or two things in it but i've ended up liking everything in it for different reasons. It's also so handy for carrying around to patch my face up when needed. I have been particularly impressed with the Boi-ing concealer and the Ooh-La-Lift for under my eyes and the Lemon-Aid provides a really good eyeshadow base while eliminating any redness. Great buy and i will definitely be repurchasing most of the products in it.

To add colour to my face i seem to have been reaching for the same two products this month. These are....

- BeneFit Coralista Blush: Words cannot express my love for this blush! It's been my best friend ever since i got it. And while Boots 17 blush in First Kiss deserves a mention too (as i have been reaching for this a lot also) it has been my go-to blush for almost any occasion this month. It's just the perfect Coral shade. Not too intense but still gives a gorgeous colour and the sheen on it is AMAZING. Perfect summer blush! Read my post and see the swatch HERE!

- Bourjois Delice de Poudre 'Chocolate' Bronzer: Love love LOVE this product! It's such a gorgeous shade with little shimmers of gold running through it (although it looks pretty matte in the pan) and I've found it perfect for both contouring AND adding colour on my cheeks/temples/anywhere you want a bit of glow. It smells DELICIOUS like chocolate and a little REALLY does go a long way. I've used this nearly every day since i got it and, as you can see on the piccie it's barely scratched the surface.


- Sleek Monaco iDivine Palette: I was so looking forward to receiving this and i just HAD to feature it as a favourite for this month because (although i wasn't sure if i would reach for it on a day to day basis) I have been using a few of these colours quite a lot! Bamboo and Sandwalker (the two neutral browns) have been great for a day to day nude look and I've loved Sunset and Washed ashore (the two goldy ones on the top row). The other more Vibrant shades have been reserved for nights out (of which i don't get many these days due to illness) but I loved experimenting with them. So I thought this was TOTALLY worth June-Fave status. See my post and swatches on the Sleek Med Collection HERE!

- Maybelline One-By-One Mascara: Not much needs to be said here but I am a big fan of Maybelline mascaras and this is the one i am currently using. It's actually the ONLY mascara I own at the moment but i usually have a couple on the go. Great colour, no clumps and it gets to all of my lashes so top marks there. My lashes are quite thick anyway but this gives them a lovely boost with no need for falsies.

- MUA Pearl Shadow in Shade 11: I purchased two MUA shadows as part of my little lottery win splurge at the start of the month. Wasn't sure what to expect for just £1 but I LOVE the consistency of these shadows. They are so lovely and buttery and so easy to apply and I was particularly taken with this colour. It's a gorgeous, deep, purple-based brown with a pretty metallic sheen. I've decided that i NEED to invest in at least one of the new pro-range palettes. Heaven and Earth has particularly caught my eye. 


Here's the lip products i have loved the most this month....

- Barry M Lip Paint in 147: Hmmmmm, although I'm featuring this as a June favourite it's NOT one of my general favourite products. This is featuring purely because of the COLOUR and nothing else. This lipstick is sooooo drying to my lips and feels HORRIBLE on but I REALLY like the shade. It's just a lovely peachy shade that is so pretty, yet suitable for every day wear. I've been piling on the Vaseline while using this to keep my lips from feeling like sandpaper. If anyone knows a dupe for this please let me know.

- MAC Morange (Amplified): I've been shouting from the rooftops about how pleased I have been with Morange ever since i got it. I was so scared of it to start with but now i absolutely ADORE it! I haven't had too much opportunity to wear it but I'm so chuffed with it and it was my FIRST choice when compiling my June faves. Read my post on it HERE!

- BeneFit PosieTint: There seems to be a lot of BeneFit emerging in this post. Maybe because the products i've chosen are so damn WEARABLE for summer and are very versatile for day/night etc. On the cheeks this does nothing for me whatsoever but gives a lovely colour to my lips and it lasts AGES so really good for giving a lovely hint of colour for my day at work. I can't WAIT to get my hands on Cha Cha Tint. 


- Vaseline Cocoa Butter:  Lovely product, lovely scent, lovely price. I love the BodyShop Body Butters but at a tenner each (and they're all the way over in Chesterfield which means 50mins of agony on a bus) they just aren't worth it for me. This i can pick up from my local Boots and is great value as you get a lovely big tub. That is all.

- Lush Dream Cream:  I received this for FREE with a Lush order I did last month. Totally wasn't expecting to receive it but i really have been enjoying it. It's lovely lavender scent has really helped me wind down at night (I have disturbed sleep patterns due to my ME/CFS) and a layer of this before bedtime just helps a little. AND it leaves my skin lovely and soft.

- Diesel Fuel For Life: This perfume just SCREAMS summer to me. Maybe it's because the first time i ever tried it was back when i was living in Tenerife and it reminds me of sunshine and sangria and just generally having an AMAZING time. The memories it brings back are enough by themselves to qualify it for this month's favourites. It makes me soooo HOMESICK! 

So those were my FAVOURITE bits n bobs for the month of June. Admittedly I've featured more than i intended to for one month but I just didn't feel any of these things deserved to be left out. 

What are YOUR June Favourites?? 


  1. Love this post! I agree, MUA shadows is amazing :) xx

  2. I love 'favourites' posts :o) I love the colour of that Barry M lippie! I agree though the consistency is HORRIBLE! x

  3. Great favs!

    In June.. I've been really enjoying testing out more foundations =P

  4. Love this post, it actually worked really well as a post rather than a video :) well done! xxx

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I'm a virgo so i try to write things logically (like my lists and categories lol).

    Apologies for late reply to your comments! Bakewell carnival yesterday took up all of my time!


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