Thursday 28 July 2011

My Expanding Blush Collection!

Good evening lovelies!
Hope you've all had a great day. We've had some gorgeous sun here in Bakewell. Sunshine is soooooo good for me (although the heat is just a recipe for lethargy - can't win. Bleh). Keeps my head a lot clearer and lifts my mood. Perfect weather for blogging!!
I'm planning on posting my lipstick collection in the very near future but, seen as my LAST post was a lippy post I thought I'd guide you through the most recent additions to my blush collection first.

And WOW how it's grown!! I've gone from this....


Not bad for someone who didn't discover their love for blusher until March/April this year!!
For those of you who need bringing up to date on my original blush collection post you can find it HERE! 
Most of the swatches and info from the original post have been left out of this one for fear of sounding like a broken record. So if you find this post lacking info on the blush you like, do please check there!

I MUST MUST MUST start with the Sleek blushes. Because i absolutely ADORE Sleek blushes! I'm up to 4 now and have no plans on stopping there.
Main: Aruba. Top Right: Life's a Peach. Bottom Right: Santorini

So my new additions are as follows (in chronological order) Santorini, Life's a Peach and Aruba. 
Sleek blushes are a favourite of mine because they are so easy to apply, blend so well and can be as subtle or as RAWR as you like depending on how you build them. The LEs (Aruba and Santorini) are definitely more pigmented than those from their regular line (which are also really well pigmented so not saying they're not) but even though they look scary in the pan can be blended to a softer finish. 

L-R: Coral, Santorini, Life's a Peach, Aruba

All these colours are gorgeous summer shades. Life's a Peach gives a gorgeous subtle glow (see my post here...) as does Coral while Santorini and Aruba are the ones to DAZZLE with!! So far I've used Life's a Peach the most as its more of an everyday, all round lovely shade. It looks gorgeous used on its own for a peachy hue OR dabbed on top of a bronzer for an amazing summer look (Adrienne taught me that one). 
Next on my Sleek Blush wishlist is definitely Rose Gold. All the shades I own are matte and this looks to have a lovely golden sheen to it. Can't WAIT!!

Next up is a little MAC blogsale bargain... Breath of Plum

This is the only MAC blush i own so far (although I lust after so many of them). I bought it from Emma's blogsale. It caught my eye because I don't have another blush with plummy tones and thought it would look perfect with my MAC Liberty of London lippy in Blooming Lovely. It did and, although it isn't one i reach for often, its lovely for when I go for purple toned eyes or lips. 
As its my first MAC blush experience I have to say i do like it. No complaints about formula/consistency/pigmentation whatsoever but I'm not gonna go into mega detail on it because we ALL love MAC blushes don't we?! I'm planning a trip to Meadowhall with my mummy for my birthday in September and THAT will be my big MAC blush splurge. I plan on buying AT LEAST one!! 

Next up is my FAVOURITE blush of the moment and a little drugstore BARGAIN!
BeneFit Coralista has been my best friend ever since I got it! I just love the colour and the lovely summery sheen it gives my skin. And I can't help sniffing it everytime i use it because i swear it smells like HOLIDAYS!! The little brush it comes with isn't spectacular but its useful for carrying around, is lovely and soft and works quite well with the product. I haven't got a bad word for this blush. I have read some people saying they didn't get on with it and it IS a subtle shade but it is buildable and gives a gorgeous finish. Not too intense, but not non existant either. Its my go to blush and I. LOVE. IT!!

I've included the BeautyUk blush in the same section as Coralista, not because it is a DUPE as such but it gives a VERY similar finish on the skin. I didn't realise this until I'd put it on my face but it really reminded me of Coralista when I was applying it so the comparison is worth making (especially as it only retails for a couple of pounds)!!

Left: BeneFit Coralista. Right: BeautyUk

So those are my most recent editions... I would have waited longer but it would have turned into a more EPIC post if i had as I'm waiting on a certain NARS purchase and an Accessorize blush as well now! At least it will give me another excuse to do a another blush post! I do love me blushers I do haha ;)

What blushes have you rushed out to buy so far this summer? Which MAC shades should i consider for my birthday haul? 


  1. I have never been a big one for blushes. Before I started reading blogs I always just had one at a time and it would be a pinky colour. Now my eyes have been opened to the world of choice though, so I NEED to start building my collection up!

    I really want some nice coral colours and LOVE the look of the Santorini- right up my street! loved this post for some ideas of colours to go for when I have asplurge in the UK next month :) xx

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  2. I love blushes too! Ive done a series of posts on my blush love from mac to clinique, daniel sandler to Elf. Got to love a bit of blush. I like Coralista too :) Great post! x

  3. Love the before and after shot!!! I only own Pan Tao from sleek, I really want to try Rose Gold! And I've only used Coralista once! :o xx

  4. Ooh lovely collection, i am dying for Breath of Plum now! I got 'peaches' by mac yesterday and i can't wait to swatch it, its beautiful and wearable!

  5. That's a gorgeous collection, I need more Sleek blushes! Coralista is my favourite ever D xx

  6. I am dying to get the SLEEK blushes I don't have a clue where to get it in the US ehhe Great collection

  7. Ooh I don't think you can ever have too many blushes! I think there's always a slight difference between them :) I have Aruba and I just love it! :)

    prettyinthedesert :)

  8. I thought u didn't get Aruba in the end haha? Couldn't resist! I LOVE that mac breath of plum, it's beautiful! Awsome post chick, I love looking inside peoples collections! Xxx

  9. What a lovely collection!!! It's definitely growing in the right direction ;)

    Try MAC's Warm Soul, Pinch Me, Margin and Virgin Isle CCB for sure!

    Also if you can, I say get at least one illamasqua blush ;)


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