Sunday 25 September 2011

MUA Cosmetics: Mosaic Bronzer

I'm being super organised today and churning out a few posts. Can't have a repeat of last week where i posted ONCE!! That has NEVER happened!! 
Another thing i have aquired recently is another item from the MUA Professional range. This time it's their Mosaic Bronzer that caught my eye. I picked the bronzer over the blush because i was trying to resist splashing out on Bourjois Delice de Soleil that day and thought that this might dull the ache for it slightly....

And it's working so far. The texture of this is a lovely and soft as the shadows and, apart from a teensy bit of fallout it applies a treat too! 

It has more of a sheen to it than my current favourite bronzing product which is BeneFit Dallas, which is matte, but its not 'too much'. It gives a lovely glow, without being too orangey. This isn't a bronzer i would contour with but i have been applying a light dusting of it on the apples of my cheeks, temples, the bridge of my nose and my chin and it just gives a lovely bronzy glow. Its definitely a medium kinda shade so i can imagine it would work for most skin tones. You could also experiment with using different areas of the product for highlighting effects. I haven't got that far with it just yet but its definitely do-able. 

This swatch is the overall colour, combining all the different colours of the bronzer. For £2.50 this is a STEAL of a product and great quality as well as good value (as I've come to expect from MUA). It's a great product for everyday use. I really can't fault this brand for their products, their service and their approachablility (is that a word??). If you ever get the chance to natter with them on twitter, do. They also regularly get involved in the #Bbloggers chats.

What are your MUA favourites?? What other products do you own and what would you like to try next??

Saturday 24 September 2011

Review: MAC Matchmaster Foundation

Afternoon lovelies...
I've been looking forward to this post for a while and, as i'm not in a position to be able to record a new video today like i had planned i thought i'd pull it out of the bag for you NOW! I've had soooo much hassle with my laptop lately and it's just been DESTROYING chargers for the last 6mths and yesterday i thought enough was enough and used my student loan to purchase a NEW laptop, which is very exciting! So here's my first proper post for a week or so (I've missed blogging so much)....

It's my review of the new MAC Matchmaster Foundation.

I picked this up on my birthday when i visited my nearest MAC counter (Meadowhall). I'd got matched to an NC30 that day but the best foundation the MUA had applied on my face (in my opinion and his) was this foundation in shade 4 (which i've read is more akin to an NC35 but, whatever).

Here's what MAC say about Matchmaster....
"New Foundation Technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalised finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moisturising demi-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Line reducing soft-focus powders." 

This foundation does not work on the same numbering system as other MAC foundations. Reason being because it's an adaptable formula and it works on a, simpler scale going from 1 to 10 (1 being the lightest and 10 the darkest). My shade is shade 4. The idea is that the shade you choose will then ADAPT to your own skintone for a more natural finish. In my experience so far it only adapts up to a point but it does seem to 'settle in' after applying it. If the shade is wrong then of course it will look unnatural (or you need to top up your fake tan). One thing i would say is that the shades all seem to lean quite warm. I, luckily, am warm toned anyway but those with cooler, pinkier skintones may want to swatch carefully before purchasing. 

In terms of finish, I'd say this gives a pretty natural finish, which is neither matte nor dewy, but somewhere in the middle which i like. It's pretty nifty for photos too. MAC don't mention its longevity in their description of this product but i find it to be very long wearing. It survives a whole day without oxidising or rubbing off. The coverage is medium but is very buildable. I also find that if i apply this under and around my eyes with a concealer brush or the very tip of a regular foundation brush i then do NOT need to apply concealer in those areas. It's very kind on my mini wrinkles haha. In terms of the rest of the face i apply this product using my Elf Studio Stipple brush and am very happy with the finish i get using it. 
I don't find this product weighty and the consistency is very easy to work with and spreads well. I find 2 pumps of this does my whole face and then a little extra dot to finish around my eyes. I do not always feel the need to powder after applying it either. 

Here is the best photo i could find of me wearing the foundation (taken when i was playing around with a liquid eyeliner look). This photo was taken using flash and, as you can see there is no shine, even on my slightly oily t-zone. And i did not apply concealer around my eyes.

So my overall view on this foundation???
I REALLY like it! The only time i'm a bit 'hmmmmm' about it is if i'm feeling a bit pale, which isn't often (you know those really off days when you feel like you look half DEAD??). On those days i feel it CAN turn out a little orange but overall it is a great match for my skin. I would definitely repurchase this foundation. I do feel a little like i owe it to myself so experiment with other higher end foundations but I am REALLY enjoying this and i think this is something that i will definitely go back to. 

You might not like this foundation if.....
If you have cool-toned skin I would advise you to try this foundation at a counter or at least swatch it before purchasing. I've heard from a couple of people that it made them look like they'd been TANGOED!!
If you're not a fan of perfumed products i'd steer clear of this one. I think most MAC foundations have a lovely scent to them. This one is no exception, however i think this smells a bit stronger than the others I'd had a whiff of in the past. 
If you have dry skin i'd maybe think twice about a matte product. This sells itself as demi matte which i would agree with on my combo skin but dryer sorts may want to think twice, or at least use a good moisturiser or primer underneath it.

What are your experience of MAC foundations?? Are there any other brands i just HAVE to try?? 

Tuesday 20 September 2011

NOTD: China Glaze - For Audrey

Can't BELIEVE i haven't got to blog for almost a WEEK! I've just had a STOOPID amount of stuff going on getting ready to start University (and Freshers week has been jam packed so far) as well as work. But i was determined that it would not be a whole week between posts so i'm with you tonight with a NOTD that i have been looking forward to for AGES!!

It's China Glaze: For Audrey

It's sooooo PRETTY!! Well worth waiting 2 damn WEEKS for.... that's right, I ordered from BeautyZone2007, my bad. I've seen this on a few blogs and lusted after it for EVER and now i own it and today i decided to give it its first outing. I just love it. It's the same colour as my favourite (Primani) ring....

You get 14ml of product from China Glaze and this is made even BETTER by the fact that ONE coat does the job perfectly in terms of colour and opacity. If, like me, you have ridged nails then perhaps an extra coat may be beneficial but i only used a single coat for the sake of this post. The formula really does cover well!! 

As you can see the colour is great and super-glossy. For Audrey is a bit greener in the flesh than in these photos but its jut the most perfect blue/green/turquoise shade! This is the sort of colour that works all year round so i can see it getting a LOT of wear in the months to come. Great purchase (despite the ridiculous shipping time).

And i FINALLY figured out how to watermark my photos thanks to my Twitter girlies!! No more nameless, easy-to-swipe-off-google piccies on THIS page!! Muahahahahaaaaaaa

What nail colours are YOU loving this season??

Sunday 11 September 2011

Lipstick Collection Part 1: MAC

Hello lovely ladies!!
I've been meaning for AGES to compile a lipstick collection for you and today i FINALLY got started taking the photos! It has become clear that this is gonna be a pretty EPIC post so i have decided to do one dedicated purely to my MAC lippies and do the others as a separate post later in the week. So here i go with my MAC lipsticks!! 

I'm relatively new to lipstick. I always used to wear the same gloss most days. Either that or just a bit of lip balm and nothing else. In the last few months my interest in lipstick has grown CONSIDERABLY and i now own quite a few!! In compiling my collection it has become apparent that i favour MAC lipsticks over other brands. Don't get me wrong, I like other brands too, but there is just something EXCITING about MAC lipsticks and i have looked forward to buying EVERY one that i own.

First up.... Spirit (Satin)

This isn't a colour i would automatically go for as it looks rather DARK just to look at the bullet BUT.... I find this such a GORGEOUS naturall, purple-toned brown shade. It's not too dark and not too pale and i love it for that. I bought this last week so its one of the newest additions to my lippy stash but i have reached for it A LOT! Way more than i thought i would! It's a Satin finish which, to be honest, isn't my favourite and i find it slightly drying but, as with any dry formula lippy, i just pop a layer of Carmex over the top and i'm good to go! 

Next is Viva Glam Gaga 2 (Amplified)...

This is definitely my new favourite of all the nude lipsticks i own (and i do love a good nude). I think i WANTED this more than i have ever wanted ANY lipstick and it did not disappoint me. Its a wonderful, creamy beige toned nude which isn't TOO pale on me (I'm NC30). I've been trying not to wear it to death because i want it to stay feeling 'special'. I will probably have to purchase a back-up of this before it disappears forever in Feb 2012 (sob). 

Onto Hue (Glaze)...

I knew i wanted Hue after i first saw the swatch of it. I've had a few misses with pinks in my time and this just looked like the most perfect, pink nude. On me, this is one of those 'My lips but BETTER' shades and it one of the most flattering shades i own. I don't find it too pale, unlike some people i have spoken to about it. This is just a great everyday pink and i'm so glad i own it. 

Speaking of Pink Hits and Misses.... Here's St Germain (Amplified)

I just ADORE the colour of this lipstick from the bullet.... NOT so sure about it on my face. It just leans so BLUE!! (It looks even more blue in this photo as the sun had decided to go in at this point). I've warmed to it a bit more since i dyed my hair brunette again, for some reason the brightness of it is subdued a little by my dark hair (phew). It's still not one that i reach for often, but it does have its own special place in the collection and this was one of the first ever MAC lipsticks that ever caught my eye (from the Quite Cute collection.) 

Onto something just as BRIGHT!! It's Morange (Amplified)

This was my first ever MAC lippy. I was just so attracted to it (orange is one of my all time favourite colours) and it screamed summer to me. It's not the most wearable of shades but i LOVE it and i have been known to take it out just to admire it from time to time. It can look quite RED in photos but i can assure you this is a VERY bright ORANGE shade!! 

Here's Morange's more wearable sibling.... Vegas Volt (Amplified)

This is a lipstick that i have worn a LOT over the summer. It's like a pinkier, more wearable version of Morange. MAC describe it as 'Full Power Coral' which i totally agree with and i LOVE me a coral lippy! It's certainly in my Summer Top 5 products shortlist!! 

Last up is my Liberty of London Lipstick in Bloomin Lovely (Amplified)

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was another photo of St Germain but this one IS meant to look this colour. I just wanted a purple lippy because i didn't own one and i picked this up from a blogsale. Total bargain. I do like it and think it's VERY pretty but, as a warm toned lady, it's not my go-to colour. Again i have liked this better since i've been brunette again. I also like how purples and purple tones make my green eyes go POP!!

So thats my MAC lippy selection SO FAR.... There are a million more that i WANT but, as my mum is constantly reminding me, I've already got what she describes as 'Too Many' lipsticks!! Is there such a thing?? I feel its my duty to sample all the different finishes (I do also own Lovelorn which is a Frost finish BUT it was AWOL for this post and i have no idea which handbag it's hiding in)

Where should i go next with my MAC lippy obsession?? Which are your favourite shades/formulas?? 

Disclaimer: I am aware i am sporting some very fine facial hair in these photos. EVERY time i think i have de-fuzzed, it seems to pop back up again. FAIL!!

Saturday 10 September 2011

NOTD ft OPI Steady As She Rose

Good evening lovelies! 
Pretty non eventful day here. I booked this weekend off work as i had intended to take a trip down to London to visit a friend but as i spent up on my birthday i have ended up stuck in Bakewell. So i plan on using these 2 days to rest up, get the flat in order and do a bit of blogging. And I'll start off by showing you my newest OPI addition....

Steady as she Rose

This is another polish from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection that i have already featured on this blog. I bought the mini collection and this was the only polish that i really felt was MISSING from that. So i ordered it from eBay and it arrived on Thursday morning. 

If Skull&Glossbones had a wife, it would definitely be Steady as she Rose. I'd describe it as a girly version of that. Its subtle greyish-pink that is VERY wearable and still bang on for this season's nude CRAZE.
 As i predicted when i was whinging about the consistency of the OPI minis compared to the regular size polishes, this goes on so much better. I suspect it may be more to do with the brush than the formulation, which i had originally thought to be the culprit. I still think the minis are a great value way to try out multiple polishes from a collection without splashing out too much cash. I will be repurchasing a couple of the shades from this collection when fundage allows!! 

What are your favourite OPI shades?? Is this polish on your shopping list??

Thursday 8 September 2011

Two New MAC Blushes!

Evening my lovelies!!
As we all know my blush collection has been somewhat BALLOONING since i started blogging (all you lovely ladies leading me astray) and in the last week i have come into possession of TWO new MAC blushes which i am sooooo pleased about as i only had one in my collection up to now and NOW i have THREE!! The only way is UP from now on as far as i'm concerned. The seal has been broken and there's no stopping me hehehe. 
So i thought i'd do a little post and show them both to you and share my thoughts and a little info for my favourite girls (YOU).

So here they are!! 

I ordered the Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon at the same time as i ordered my Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick over the August Bank Holiday weekend as i had miraculously discovered that my Credit card was £36 in CREDIT (seriously, that NEVER happens) and once i had that information there was no WAY it was staying that way for a moment longer!! I chose pink swoon because i wanted a colour that was different and i don't own another pink quite like this. 
I picked up the Powder blush in Melba (matte) on my birthday shopping expedition on Tuesday because i was fed up of reading/hearing about it and just HAD to own it!! This strikes me as more of a pink-toned peach then the Sleek one i already have and it just looks so natural. I've seen it on so many blogs/vlogs and I'm chuffed to bits that i finally own it!

Love the pigmentation on both of these. Melba gives a perfect glowy natural finish on my cheeks as warm peachy tones seem to really suit my NC30 skintone (get me, finally knowing my MAC numbers haha). Its so easy to blend. I've been wearing it with my MSF from the Semi Precious collection (Goldstone) and it just gives a lovely warm glow. Perfect for the new season!
Pink Swoon, I bought because i just thought it was the prettiest pink. I like that its a Sheertone. Its subtle and isn't RAWR at all when applied, although its easily built upon if you were to want a more intense finish. I like pinks because they really make the green in my eyes go POP and this colour also looks stunning with a tan. 

So, all in all, I'm really pleased with these items. I can't believe its taken me so long to get Melba and i just LOVE Pink Swoon. It makes me feel very girly indeed, without making me feel like Barbie (not that thats too much of a bad thing - i know i have a few Barbie fans in the ranks). 

My next MAC blush fixation is likely to be along the lines of Style or Margin. If i'd had more money on Tuesday i would have picked these up too. I really was like a kid in a candy store when i was in MAC! I also picked up the new Matchmaster foundation and TWO lipsticks. All of these will be coming to a blog post near you in the VERY near future. I'm most excited about reviewing the foundation as i'm a newbie to MAC foundations and i really am enjoying using it.

What are your favourite MAC blushes?? Which ones should i add to the wishlist??

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Birthday Shopping FOTD

Hello ladies!!
Man, I'm KNACKERED!! Today was my BIRTHDAY!! I won't tell you my age but all i can say is that i'm older than 28 and younger than 30 (HA). True to form, when asked what i wanted to do for my birthday i replied that i wanted to take my mum SHOPPING to Meadowhall (which is the nearest MAC to me and i haven't been in over a year) and also to visit the lovely Tapas restaurant I ADORE every time i go there. Seriously, if you girls are ever peckish in Meadowhall, head to La Tasca. Their Tapas is AMAZING and their meal deals are such good value!

Anyway i wanted to do a FOTD post to mark the occasion. However, the sun didn't shine for me today. In fact is was almost DARK outside so i had to use flash for the photos, which has kind of brighted out my make up on this one. But I can't let today pass without marking it with a post because i had such a LOVELY day so i will try and make the best of what i've got. 

Mewwwwww..... you can't even see my eye make up!!! But I'll tell you what i used anyhoo.

Face: Max Factor Xperience Fdn - 75 Brown Hessian
Elf Studio Mineral Pressed Powder - Caramel
Bourjois Delice de Poudre (To contour)
MAC Semi Precious MSF - Goldstone (dusted lightly all over the face at the very end)
Cheeks: BeneFit Coralista
Eyes: Naked, Buck and DarkHorse from the UD Naked Palette
Bourjois Kohl pencil (Black)
Rimmel Day2Night Mascara (Black)
Eylure False Lashes (free in last month's Cosmo Mag)
Brows: BeneFit BrowZings - Medium
Lips: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2

I hate this second photo (I look like i'm off my tits on something) but it shows the colours better i think.... 

I just LOVE Goldstone MSF from MAC. Just a sweep of it all over the face makes you look like you've had a fortnight in the sun!! And you only need the tiniest bit!! It works great as a bronzer or a highlighter too. Value for money right there!! 

In other News....

Well this is kinda the same piece of news but hey-ho. During the aforementioned shopping trip i was VERY excited to pick up a brand, spanking new HD Webcam. I've been itching to get onto YouTube for quite some time now as i've got so many things i wanna share with you girlies that just DON'T work in blog post format. My laptop webcam is next to USELESS for recording and my regular Nikon Coolpix just doesn't seem to want to record for me either so i was VERY excited when i heard about HD Webcams. 
My first video will be today's HAUL and i have all day tomorrow to play around with my new toy so PLEASE subscribe to my channel!! I'm ON MY WAY!!!


Sunday 4 September 2011

Sleek Sunset iDivine Palette

Evening girlies!
I picked up a new Sleek palette about a week ago, and when SOMEONE was bugging me earlier to blog i thought i'd break it out for your swatching pleasure, even though i haven't had the opportunity to play around with it yet. I will definitely have a good play around with it this week though and take some photos. 

So here it is!!

I fancied this pallette for a while before i finally bought it. This was only because there always seemed to be a palette i wanted MORE than this one up to now and i wasn't in any danger of this one selling out so i went for my Monaco and Oh So Special before finally picking this one up. Not that this one didn't seem special, but i just WANTED the others first.

This is not a Limited Edition palette so the shades do not have names like those that are. I just knew from the moment i first swatched it in Superdrug that these were colours that i would ADORE and want to wear a lot. I love my golden shades and most of these shadows have a sheen to them. 
On first impressions of this palette i did think that some of the shades were obvious dupes for those in other palettes. I may do a little comparison post at a later date between my palettes. First impressions can be deceiving though and, once swatched, even shades which seem the same WITHIN this palette come out differently. One may have a yellowy/gold sheen to it as another may have more purple tones even though they look VERY similar in the pan and this is definitely true of this palette. That's my lesson for the day. Don't write a palette off just because you think it looks the same as one you already have. 

I just love the shades in this palette. Once again i felt rather let down by Sleek when it came to the matte shades. I just find them chalky and lacking in pigmentation. With THIS palette it isn't such an issue though as the only matte shade seems to be the black. The other shades so not disappoint on pigmentation and, going on my other palettes i have been using and LOVE, i don't see them being difficult to work with at all. 
I can't wait to wear these colours. Although this is definitely a summery-themed palette i have a feeling these colours will compliment Autumn/Fall very well. The one colour that has me STUMPED is the random blue they've chucked in there. There must be a point to it and i look forward to finding this out once i have time to sit down and work with the colours and figure the whole thing out. 

From merely swatching it i am already rather taken with the first 2 shades on the bottom row, as well as the GORGEOUS orange and the yellowy gold on the top row. I can see this being that palette that you could get away with taking on holiday without taking ANY other shadows. Its tan-TASTIC!! 

I will report back when i've had a good play with this!!

Do you own the Sunset Palette??? What are your favourite shades to use and HOW??

Saturday 3 September 2011

I wanna do da CHA CHA!

Afternoon my lovelies!!
I've been harping on about wanting BeneFit Cha Cha Tint since it first came out. Yes, I know I'm EXTREMELY late to the party on this one, but I've FINALLY got the chance to own it. I picked it up as part payment for my services as a BeneBabe last Saturday promoting 'They're Real' in Boots and i'm chuffed to pieces with it. This afternoon i have finally had the opportunity to play around with it properly and i thought i'd share the results with you lovely ladies....

You girls probably know the drill with BeneTints by now so i'll skim through it quickly...
Cha Cha Tint is a Mango-tinted lip and cheek stain. BeneFit describe it as a 'Tropical Sunset Hue'.
They recommend brushing three strokes onto the apples of the cheeks and blending with the fingers. HOWEVER, I find if i put a little on my hand then brush it on with the end of a foundation brush i get a more even result. That was a little trick a picked up from the girls last week and it works a treat! You can use a little or a lot depending on how TROPICAL you're feeling at the time. 
For the lips its a no-brainer really. Just dab it on and blend it with your fingertips. I usually pop a bit of Carmex over the top of these tints just to give a little shine and i did the same for these photos.

Gah.... once again my beard (which i thought i did away with after the last lip photos) has made a reappearance. Goddammit!!
This colour just screams VEGAS VOLT to me after seeing these pics. It's so similar in colour but is more subtle and definitely lasts longer. On the cheeks it gives a lovely glow. I put way more on for these photos than i normally would as i needed it to show up on camera, but its VERY pretty!! 

So there's the total-face ChaCha effect!! A bit much for a shift at work so i have since powdered over it like a maniac and replaced it on my lips with my ol' faithful Nude Rimmel lippy. 
I didn't find this a pain to apply or to blend. I did have issues with BeneTint but i think that has more to do with the shade than the product. PosieTint does not show up on my cheeks but I love it on my lips but, unlike PosieTint i would not wear Cha Cha Tint as an everyday lip colour. Well, not for work at least. 

What do you think of lip stains?? Do you own Cha Cha Tint or did you skip it??

Friday 2 September 2011

Going GAGA for MAC!

Good afternoon my lovelies!!
One thing i particularly HATE about Bank Holidays (there are quite a few things i hate about them actually) is that the postmen/delivery men of this country are too busy nursing their HANGOVERS to fix up and whisk me my parcels in decent time. I've been waiting for mine (I call him the MAC Fairy) since last Friday and I'm not known for my patience. 
Anyhoo.... he turned up yesterday afternoon with my parcel of loveliness. 

The reason I was so excited and impatient is very simple.. I'd ordered THIS!! 

Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick!!!

Just lately I've been going a bit NUTS for nude lipsticks. I've loved my brights over the summer (Morange and Vegas Volt have featured heavily up to now) but now as it is cooling down I've reverted back to more natural, nude shades. When i saw Gaga 2 i just KNEW i had to own it. I'd toyed with buying Creme D'Nude but this one just grabbed me.... It's just a lovely beige nude which seems to actually lean a little towards pink on me. It's an Amplified (matte) finish but feels very creamy on the lips and a slick of gloss is all that's needed if you want more shine (Gaga 2 is also available as a gloss but any neutral or clear gloss will suffice)

Apologies for my facial tan FAIL... seriously can't i get a photo where something DOESN'T go wrong?? Meh!!

So i decided to do a little FOTD with it today. Felt like a bit of a numpty as i was only popping to the shops, but i had a few new things that I have been dying to play with so i thought I'd have a dabble today while i have time (and no work.. HURRAH). 

So here's what i have on... (Its nothing too fancy, just an everyday kinda make up)

Face: Max Factor Lasting Performance Fdn - Natural Bronze
BeneFit Boi-ing Concealer - Shade 2
Elf Pressed Powder - Caramel
Cheeks: MAC Sheertone Blush - Pink Swoon
Bourjois Delice De Poudre - 52
Eyes: Neutral and Pink shades from my Sleek 'Oh So Special' palette
Maybelline One-By-One Mascara - Black
Brows: BeneFit BrowZings - Medium
Lips: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2

Overall view on Gaga 2 is that I really rather like it!! It is somewhat paler than my usual go-to nude lippy which is Rimmel Moisture Renew in (700) Nude Delight. I'm really quite taken with Gaga though. 
Special mention for this FOTD has to go to BeneFit BrowZings!! I'm very much a newbie for including my brows in my make up routine and have just never bothered with them in the past. But after using BrowZings for the first time today i realise how much BETTER they look!! I can see myself using this to DEATH! Expect a post on it in the very near future!!

I'll let you in on a little secret.... This isn't the first time I've gone GAGA!! Flashback to July this year and the day of Bakewell Carnival and i needed to find a costume for our Space Shuttle-Themed float (which won 1st PRIZE i might add). The only vaguely Space-ish look i could think of was LADY GAGA!! After all she did turn up to an awards ceremony in a COCOON!! And BOY did i have fun creating my look!! Check me out......

Gaga Oooh-La-La or WHAT!! 

What are your favourite Nude lip colours?? Did you go Gaga for Viva Glam??
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