Tuesday 19 November 2013

A Few New Favourites

It's been a while since I mentioned any new favourites. I make a point of not doing a favourites post every month because, to be honest, if a product is my favourite then I'm not going to change it after a month just for the sake of a blog post. If I find a product I like I tend to stick with it unless something else comes along that really blows my mind. My favourites tend to change and evolve organically depending on my needs and often I fall back on old favourites as well as finding new ones. It just so happens that I've recently noticed that I'm reaching for a different set of products again so I thought I'd show them to you...

Amie Pure and Natural Skincare
I am a massive fan of this brand. I discovered them at a press event over a year ago and they are a brand that I seem to go back to. I'm going through one of those phases again recently and am really enjoying their Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser again. I use it every day under my makeup. I've also included for this post their Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask as it is a product I really love and usually keep as a special treat. The products comprise of almost 100% natural ingredients and are free from Sulphates and Parabens. They also smell AMAZING! The moisturiser contains extracts of Rosehip, Bilberry and Vitamin E. For more info and to see their full range visit amieskincare.com

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation*
I'm not going to say too much about this little beaut just yet as I'm planning to review it, along with the concealer of the same name later on this week. What I will say is that, as a die hard fan of Healthy Mix, I practically fell over myself to get my hands on this. I truly believe that Bourjois produce the best drugstore foundations on the market and I rarely go for any other brand when shopping on the high street. This particular foundation is designed to work with the other products in the Happy Light range for a flawless finish in any light. Again, more on this to follow...

Benefit Dallas Boxed Blush
As soon as Winter comes knocking I automatically break out this badboy. I have worn nothing else on my cheeks for at least a month now. It's just the perfect Autumn/Winter cheek colour. In the box it looks quite plummy, and it is, but once it's on the cheeks it comes out as a deep burnt peach-type colour along with the plum tones (and you all know how much i love my peach). I also don't feel the need to contour when I use this blush as it seems to produce the effect all by itself. This blush doesn't get the credit it deserves in my opinion and can be overshadowed by some of the other Benefit boxed powders but it is definitely number 1 for me during the cooler months. 

Bourjois 'Twist up the Volume' Mascara*
I picked this up during London Fashion Week and fell in love with it. I'll be honest now and say that I haven't tried twisting it down yet (for bigger bristles and a more volumised effect) but that is because I love a good lengthening mascara and this one is just brilliant! If it ain't broke, don't change it etc etc... My lashes look so long when I've used this, even with just a single, quick coat. I have naturally thick lashes which are pretty average in length but this amplifies them beautifully. If you're looking for a good quality drugstore lengthening mascara I'd highly recommend you give this one a try.

Benefit 'Under my Spell.... Noelle' EDT*
I've always been a fan of Benefit fragrances. Previous favourites include Gina and Ring My Bella. I discovered this at the Christmas Party Benefit held to celebrate the opening of their stunning new Carnaby St Boutique and have worn it almost every day since. Noelle is the latest of the Benefit fragrances. Once again, I'm not going to give too much away on this as I have another post planned with some very special Festive Fragrance news from BeneFit. Watch out for that one in the run up to Christmas!

So that's my little selection of products I'm currently favouring. I'm actually quite surprised that there isn't a wider selection of brands in there this time. It just goes to prove my point that I am a creature of habit and my favourite brands and products never stray away too far.  

What products are you loving lately??

Thursday 14 November 2013

Barry M Matte Nail Paint

At risk of sounding like a stuck record here... I'm alive! I'm still here! I really need to put an end to all these big gaps between posts. I don't like it and, judging by the handful of unfollowers, you guys don't like it either. I promise it's not intentional. Moving house seems to have put my entire life back by a fortnight. Starting to get on top of it now, thankfully, so expect much more frequent posting from now on (I mean it this time, this is ridiculous). 

Due to the moving house and several broken nails in the last few weeks, October's 'Month in Manicures' post was a non starter. My nails have gone unloved while I got everything in order. BUT October was the month that I discovered Barry M's new Matte Nail Paints! 

(L-R Caramel, Espresso, Vanilla)

I've been saying it and saying it for a long time now. Barry M was just SCREAMING for a range of Matte nail polishes. My patient waiting has paid off because they have finally come up trumps with a range of Matte shades that are just bang on for Autumn/Winter. A couple of the shades in the range were just too similar to others I already own so I gave those a miss but I picked up 3 of the shades. Caramel, Espresso and Vanilla. 

There's just something about a matte, black nail polish that really gets me going. I'm not a massive fan of black nail polish in general and it's a colour I rarely wear but I'm obsessed with this one. It's just so rock chick it's not even funny! 

In hindsight, the Vanilla shade is extremely similar to my Essie Playa Del Platinum, but I'm thrilled to have a matte version!

(I'm sorry for the bad lighting photograph below. Had to pinch it from my Instagram)
Caramac nails anyone?? 

I've actually been really impressed with these polishes! I tend to steer clear of the regular Barry M Nail Paint formula as I find a lot of the shades to be a bit wishy washy and prone to chipping. Most of the Barry M polishes I currently own are the textured and confetti varieties and, of course, the Gelly Hi-Shine range (nothing not to love about those). 

I had to get over my compulsion to use a topcoat but these matte polishes go on very easily and are opaque after 2 coats. Drying time is pretty minimal too considering I wasn't allowed to use my Seche Vite to help me along. The finish really is lovely. One little grumble is that, after a couple of days of wear they start to look a little shiny and require an extra coat to maintain the true matte finish (see the Vanilla picture and you'll see what I mean). Other than that I found they lasted impressively, without chipping. I hope Barry M will release more shades in this range when the Spring/Summer season comes along. I will definitely be purchasing if they do!

Barry M Matte Nail Paint is available in 5 Shades and retails for £3.99
You can grab them in your local Boots or Superdrug!

Did you run out and buy these?? Do you love matte nails?? Which of the Barry M ranges is your favourite??
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