Monday 27 June 2011

Lipstick Tag: 7 Questions and Blog Award!

Evening all!!

So I was tagged by the GORGEOUS Edie from Beauty Baby! to do this post. Basically it's 7 quick questions all about lovely LIPPY!!!

So here goes!!

1) When you were a child did you use your mother's lipstick??

YES! My mum doesn't bother with a lot of make-up but she always had eyeliner pencils and lipstick. Can't quite remember what they were (red, probably) but from being very small I was experimenting with lippy.

2) How old were you when you bought your first lipstick??

About 13 I think. Me and all my friends used to have an obsession with ONE lipstick and we all had it. It was Boots 17 lipstick in HeatherBerry. Think they still sell it! Not a colour I'd choose now though. 

3) Pink or Red Lipstick??

Tough one.... While not all pink lipsticks suit me (see below experiment with St Germain), I NEVER wear red lipsticks as I think they make me look like a transvestite haha. I tend to wear Corals or orange tones so i suppose that's a sort of red. 

4) What's the most expensive lipstick you have ever bought??

Probably my MAC lipsticks. I don't have a big budget so those are my little splurges.

5) And the Cheapest??

Ummmmmm.... probably Barry M Lip Paint in 147 (quite a pale, bright peach colour) or 17 Mirror Shine in Nudist Peach. Both were approx £4 but I don't recall the exact price.

6) Do you use a lip brush to apply your lipstick??

Not usually. The only product I have used a lip brush with lately is Sleek Pout Polish as I found it difficult to build up the colour with my finger (but for daily wear i just use my fingers). That's not really a lipstick though so doesn't count. 

7) If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why??

Probably MAC lipsticks. I have no complaints about them AT ALL. My absolute FAVOURITE of the ones I own so far is Morange. Such a vivid shade and orange is my favourite colour. 

I'm supposed to tag other people to do this post but I'm just gonna tag EVERYONE cos I wanna see all your answers haha

In other News....

OMG Blog Award!!

The wonderful Em from It's Em has bestowed upon me the Liebster Blog Award!! 

Thank you so much Em! These little awards really brighten my day and inspire me to write more! Apologies for my late acceptance!

I'd like to pass this award on to:

(For both her blog and her AWESOME YouTube Channel


Thanks again to Em for the award and to Edie for tagging me for the Lipstick post. I had fun writing it! 

Saturday 25 June 2011

Pale Summer Lippy.... Yay or Nay??

Good evening girlies!

So I'm a little unsure about something and need opinions (and I'm sure I can count on you girls to be honest). I've been experimenting with pretty pale lippies this week and I'm a little stumped and inbetween over them. 

The lipsticks in question are both MAC Amplified. The first is their Liberty of London lipstick in Blooming Lovely and the second is Saint Germain. 

Pinks and purples are a little alien to me (especially PALE shades) as I tend to go for corals or oranges lately. But I have admired St Germain ever since I saw a swatch on a blog a couple of months ago and just HAD to get it (I do love an experiment). Both of these lipsticks are cool tones (totally opposite to what I would usually go for). I got Blooming Lovely because I have NEVER tried a purple lippy and, as I have green eyes, I decided to try it as purple is meant to compliment green eyes. 

As you can see the colours aren't MEGA different... although Blooming Lovely appears lighter than it is on these photos (never find the right light when i need it in my flat). However, it is pretty clear which is the purple and which is the pink. 

I got Blooming Lovely first so I have had more time to get used to it and I think i agree that purple definitely works well with green eyes. The thing that has me umming and ah-ing is how PALE these lipsticks are. I'm not pale-skinned in the slightest (and in these photos I'm also wearing a little fake tan) and, although my skin tone is pretty neutral, it does sometimes seem to err on the warm side. Saint Germain just has me totally stumped. In some light it looks gorgeous but then i look again and feel like my lips are almost BLUE! 

My question is this....

Is pale lipstick a no-no in summer?? Do they make me look like some kind of street walker?? Also are the shades too COOL for me (ie. do i look half DEAD wearing them??). 

(l-r) Blooming Lovely and Saint Germain

Just realised how AWFUL my skin looks in these piccies haha. In my defence I'd just done 4hrs in a hot kitchen so I'm allowed to be a little shiny but... BUCKET PORES?!?! Unforgivable hahaha

So.... opinions required. Are shades like this good for summer? Do you reach for them when you're sun-kissed? Should i stick to my corals? 

Friday 24 June 2011

NOTD: Orly Basket Case

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days ladies!

Had MAJOR stress on to finish all my college assessments. I'd fallen a bit behind due to the time I've had to have off because of my ME/CFS and TODAY was the portfolio DEADLINE!

Well I am happy to report that I completed my course YESTERDAY and it's such a weight off my (very achey) shoulders :)

Thought I'd celebrate with a new nail polish! The college beauty salon retails Orly nail polishes and I'd resisted them very successfully all year so I treated myself to one. There were a couple I wanted but I was limited on cash (probably for the best haha) 

They retail at college for £8.75 (as they are a salon brand) but i got a student discount so got mine for £7. But you get a WHOPPING 18ml of product. And i LOVE that the top is rubberised for grip (no more getting frustrated when i can't unscrew the polish i want). 

Basket case is a GORGEOUS pink! It may even take over from BarryM Pink Flamingo as my FAVOURITE pink (but it's more purply toned than PF). The formulation and pigmentation (ooooh big words, Lisa) are really good and it was VERY easy to apply. I'd even go as far as to say that a single coat would have been plenty, but I usually do 2 just out of habit. It would, however be great for a quick application. Didn't take long to dry either.

If you can't get Orly near you a good dupe for Basket Case would be Bourjois So Laque in Rose Vamp. I put them next to each other and there isn't a HUGE difference in colour except the Orly finish is so much glossier!

In Other News....

I have suffered a BEREAVEMENT! I almost feel like a part of me has died.


It went missing in the college salon last night and still no sign of it today. I hope whoever removed it from behind the dispensary realises that what they have in their possession is now little more than a very expensive BRICK!! I have had both the phone and SIM blocked until it, or a replacement, can be found.

Bless my dad who sprung to my aid like a knight in shining armour "You can borrow my phone Lisa, I hardly use it". My dad's phone, which he proudly announces on a regular basis is a Nokia that he purchased for £8 ("Reduced from £12, you know!)

Pictured actual size haha

So I thought I'd give you all a good giggle by sharing this £8 wonder with you.... I can barely even USE it! And I CERTAINLY can't tweet from it. So I may be a little quieter on the Twitter front for a wee while.


Tuesday 21 June 2011

Max Factor Xperience Review & FOTD

I haven't reviewed a foundation yet on this blog. Mainly because most of the foundations I've tried have been either NEARLY there or just not worth writing about. Each one I've tried has either been the wrong colour, the wrong texture, lasted 5mins or just didn't do what it said it would. 

This week i have been trying a new foundation. It is..

Max Factor Xperience

Here's what Max Factor say about it.....

Beautiful flawless skin – doesn't that mean a thick, full coverage foundation? Not with our new Xperience Weightless Foundation. Its formula contains natural jojoba extract, gives flawless coverage with a surprisingly air - light feel.

I say this... 

Max Factor are a great, affordable brand. This foundation costs £9.99 for 30ml from your local drugstore

I don't find this to be a full coverage foundation at all, although this is what MF say it is. I'd say it was a natural-looking medium that covers well. I love that it's oil free and contains SPF10 for summer wear and MF are spot on when they say it is weightless. It feels lovely on the skin and actually makes it feel silky soft! 

The thing that has really drawn me to this foundation is that i have finally found a PERFECT colour match for my skin. I chose 75 Brown Hessian. It's a neutral-looking light/medium brown tone which doesn't look grey OR orange on me. 

The formulation/consistency is very workable. It's not runny, but it's not thick and gloopy either. It went on well with my foundation brush. I haven't tried it with a sponge or my fingers yet (although fingers is the method recommended by MF), but I certainly will in the future. 

It lasts well. I had heard tell on Twitter that it would oxidise after a while but i did not find this to be the case (interestingly I DID find this with MF Lasting Performance). First time i wore it was for a shopping trip. It survived well for the 6hrs i wore it for which included 2hrs total on a bus and a rainy trek around Chesterfield. 

I find i get an oily T-Zone so the oil free formula really attracted me to this product. The SECOND time i wore this foundation was for a 3hr lunchtime shift in the kitchen at the pub where i work (which is EXTREME). When I got home my nose WAS shiny... but this product isn't about a matte finish, it's about a natural finish that lasts. With a good powder this would give a matte finish.  

To sum this product up you should definitely try this if...

- You want a natural finish with medium-full coverage
- You don't like a heavy foundation
- You have combination skin and want a product that will help to control oily areas while softening dry areas

Onto my FOTD for today....

I didn't go anywhere interesting today. Just a couple of hours at work. However, I am one of those people who HATES having to just wear black/uniform for work and tend to compensate elsewhere. 

It was quite sunny today so i decided to go for something natural, but summery (yeah, right, I wanted another excuse to use my Sleek Monaco palette hehe). And I wanted to look smart at the same time (after all I do serve on the counter at work as well and serve people at the table). 

So here's what I used....

Face: Vie Skin Dew (as a base), Max Factor Xperience foundation in 75 Brown Hessian
Bronzer: Bourjois Delice de Poudre in 52 (to contour)
Blush: BeneFit Coralista
Eyes: Sleek Monaco Palette Shadow in Washed Ashore (all over the lid), Rimmel Glam'eyes Shadow in Brun Dusk (crease and outer), Generic no-name brown liner pencil off Bakewell market (LOL)
Highlighter: BeneFit High Beam (browbone and cheekbones)
Lips: Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss in 15 Coral

(Please note - In reference to the above review: In this FOTD i have used Xperience WITH the Skin Dew and this gives a more dewy finish. I also occasionally mix the two together so do not take this as the regular Xperience finish)

Hope you enjoyed my FOTD or found my Xperience review helpful. 

Got any other foundation recommendations for me? What are your opinions on Max Factor foundations? 


Monday 20 June 2011

My New Blush BFF

It seems I can't shut up about blusher lately! Kinda strange coming from someone who, until February never cared that much for it at all!

But today my postie (whom i adore) popped this little BEAUTY through my letterbox!

It's BeneFit Coralista!!!

I buy a lot of my higher end cosmetics from blog sales. This is because since i was diagnosed with ME/CFS my work hours have had to be reduced and as a result my budget is WOBBLY to say the least. So in order for me to TRY new things at a more affordable price, it also helps me decide which ones are DEFINITELY worth splashing out for at the full price. 

This is one that i am LOVING! I got this from the very lovely Delyteful Speaks. I'd heard good things about Coralista anyway and when i spotted this in her blog sale i HAD to grab it!

It's most gorgeous shimmery coral! Not too bright and PERFECT (in my opinion) for day or night! Makes me feel VERY summery

The brush is a little..... MEH to be honest, but it's lovely and soft and still good enough for on the go as there's no need to carry a seperate one and it pops right in the box.

It's a subtle swatch. I had to build it up a little to get a good photo and it looks quite pinky in my photo (but that maybe, probably, most DEFINITELY has more to do with the lack of good light at the time) but the sheen on it is GORGEOUS and i can't wait to try this with a proper tan as i reckon it'll be great as a highlighting blush! 

So to sum it up... it's one of the prettiest colours in my growing blush collection! It's not too intense but not non-existant. I would say it's great for day OR night (although i haven't tried an evening look with it yet - Yeah we all know by now i have little-to-NO social life.. BLEH). 

I am doing a FOTD in the next couple of days to demonstrate a FEW products that I have developed a love affair with lately and this will certainly be one of them. 

I can see myself wearing this to DEATH! 

Do you own Coralista? Do you rate it or did it not do it for you? What are your other favourite BeneFit/Blush products? 

Would love to hear your thoughts :D


Friday 17 June 2011

What's in my SUMMER Make-Up Bag??

Hey guys!

A few of you have expressed on Twitter just lately that you LOVE to have a nosey in people's make-up bags! My main make-up bag would make for EPIC reading and take FOREVER to photograph but I thought, as it's now summer (apparently, ugh) I'd share with you the contents of my slightly smaller make-up bag (y'know, the one i carry in my handbag for touch ups and quick changes etc). 

Make-Up Bag £2,99 - Superdrug

The contents of this bag changes from time to time depending on what colours I'm into and what products I'm currently LOVING and what is easy and quick to use on the go. 

Looking at the photos i took, i do not currently have much high-end stuff going on in there, so it's gonna be a drugstore-fest of a post.... BUT there are some great buys out there and i sometimes prefer drugstore brands if it's something i'm gonna be using EVERYDAY. Then the high end products i DO have last longer and feel more special when i wear them. 


One product. One application. LOVE IT!

For on the go Vie One Step Face-Base is a life saver! As you can see it is well-loved in my bag as it's gone PAST hitting pan! I'm waiting on my refill as i ordered it last week from the lovely Margaret from Vie at Home who visits my work every so often with her goodies. 

It's just a great product. Vie proudly states that they sell one of these every 2 MINUTES! It's basically a powder foundation. You can apply it with the sponge they supply with it or they also recommend applying using a kabuki brush. It covers well without feeling heavy and isn't cakey and it saves on me having to carry foundation AND powder around with me. Great for de-oiling the T-Zone quickly, which i have issues with during the day. Thumbs up there :)

So for blushes.... I did a post quite recently on my growing blush collection and stated there that I was reaching for 2 in particular over all the others. Well THESE are the 2. 

They are Sleek powder blush in Coral, and 17 powder blush in First Kiss.

Sleek Coral blush is just such a fab colour and is lovely and subtle (unless you build it for a bolder effect which is totally do-able). I just adore coral for summer. Looks great layered with bronzer.  

First Kiss is possibly my FAVOURITE blush at the moment. It's just the most perfect pink with a hint of a shimmer.... Sound familiar?? It should. That's because it's a FANTASTIC dupe for a certain NARS Orgasm which i know we all ADORE! 

(For swatches and more info on both these blushes please refer to my previous post which can be found right HERE!!)

My go-to bronzer is currently Bourjois Delice de Poudre (Chocolate) Bronzer which i bought as part of my haul from my lottery winnings the other week. I just LOVE this bronzer! It's a gorgeous colour, smells DIVINE and lasts FOREVER! I've used it almost every day since i bought it and i've barely even SCRATCHED the surface of it! I've been using it to contour as well as to apply to the areas where the sun would naturally hit. Works really well with my Coral blush. So LOVING that!


For eyes I carry a couple of colours, but not many as i tend to stick to the same colours when at work or college. I bought this Sephora duo from Yu's (from Let's MakeYuUp) Blog Sale. And i REALLY love it! I'm particularly loving the peachy shade as it's so pretty but still very natural looking for every day. The other shade is great blended with the peach and still gives a very subtle colour for everyday wear. I've reached for this duo a few times lately so it was a total bargain. 

The other shadow in the bag at the moment is MUA pearl shadow in Shade no11. Again, a total BARGAIN at just £1. It's slightly darker than the Sephora shadows but it applies and blends really well for a lovely gold colour. Perfect to take you from day to night at short notice. 

For liner, i just have a faithful Bourjois Kohl and Contour eyeliner pencil in black. This has also been loved dearly since i had it and is steadily shrinking. 

The Mascara I have is Maybelline One by One Mascara. I love Maybelline mascaras as most of them just WORK for me. I know that some people don't rate them but everyone's eyelashes are different, right? I couldn't wait to get this when it came out and i even think i like it BETTER than The Falsies. The only Maybelline mascara I didn't like was The Colossal because it STANK! I don't know whether it was out of date when i bought it or what but.... YUK!


Ugh... Photo FAIL!

You should all recognise the first lip product i have... We all ran out to snag it last week as it was FREE with Glamour Mag. It's BeneFit PosieTint! 

I had to experiment a little with this because, although it doesn't show up on my cheeks AT ALL... If i apply it pretty heavily on my lips I just ADORE the colour! The mini freebie size is probably not going to last too long at this rate but i'm so glad i was able to discover it for such a great price (with the mag) because now i KNOW i would definitely like to purchase the full-size product when my mini wonder finally runs out on me. 

Next up is 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Nudist Peach. What can i say about the colour other than that it is a great nude for every day. I doesn't deposit much colour on the lip at all (in fact it's almost like a gloss, but longer lasting) but what it does deposit of LOVELY. The shine is fantastic as well. 

Last up is the only item from the Sleek Mediterranean Collection to have made it into my every day bag. It's the Monte Carlo Pout Polish. Love this because it's a lip conditioner and contains Shea Butter and SPF15 as well as giving a hint of vibrant pink to the lips. 


Brush-wise I picked up this little 17 brush set for a few pounds when they were doing 3 for 2 a little while ago. The brushes are nothing spectacular but it's a lovely little set and perfect for carrying around. You get a shadow brush, blush brush, lip brush, eye sponge, and eye/lip liner brush. They're not going to be eclipsing the MACs and Sigmas of this world any time soon.. but they do their job. 

Hope you enjoyed noseying in my bag. I know they're not high end products but they're lovely for summer and are really working for me as an everyday look for on the go. 

What are the first things you pop in your bag when you leave for the day? Any summer favourites emerging? Would love to hear your staples :)

Wednesday 15 June 2011

FOTD Using Sleek Mediterranean Collection

So here's the result of my first experiment with the new Sleek Mediterranean Collection...

There are a few looks I'd like to try with this so may post another FOTD before the week is out.

For this look I decided to go with the colours i was drawn to first which were the Kiwi Zest and Hummingbird as they REALLY remind me of the sea and being on the beach (which i suppose is the intention of the collection in the first place).

It's quite a bright look so would be perfect for a night out. HOWEVER.... I was only going to work haha. In fact i got so carried away playing with my new potions that i totally lost track of time and so did not have time to take the photos for this post until just now or would have been mega LATE. As a result the light had faded and i had to use flash, but i hope the pictures give you a good idea of the effects I was able to create. 

Please note that this is AFTER working for 3hrs in a hot kitchen so i AM a little on the shiny side and it was easier just to touch up the eyes, blush and lips than take the whole lot off and start again haha. 

So here's what i used....

Foundation: Max Factor Lasting Performance - Natural Bronze
Concealer: YSL Touche Eclat (don't ask me what shade cos it's rubbed off the pen)
Bronzer (to contour): Bourjois Delice de Poudre in 52 
Blush: Sleek Santorini
Lips: Sleek Monte Carlo Pout Polish
Eyes: Sleek Monaco palette using Kiwi Zest (all over the lid), Hummingbird (crease, outer V and lower lashline)
Liner: Avon GlimmerStick in Starry Night Blue (lower lashline and outer part of top) 
Highlighter (on brow bone): BeneFit High Beam

The shadows went on really nicely. They are a great texture to work with. I did try the sponge applicator that came with it but i found a better result and finish using an eyeshadow brush followed by a blending brush (don't ask me for MAC brush numbers because my bank balance doesn't stretch to those haha).

To apply the blush i used my big blush/contour brush but next time i may opt for a smaller brush as i think a little at a time is needed with a blush this bright! Luckily it blended well. 

I applied the Pout Polish with a lip brush in the end. I know it's a balm, but application with the fingers only seems to add a tint of pink and, for the sake of the photos i needed to layer it on a bit and i liked the result i got with the brush.

Please excuse my eyebrows.... I'm halfway through totally re-styling them (they were threatening to engulf my entire face) and i'm such a wimp with the tweezers that I had to stop at halfway haha. 

To see the full palette and swatches of the collection please see my last post from earlier today on my first impressions of the collection.

Hope you like what i was TRYING to create. Let me know your thoughts. Is this a look you would wear on a night out or on holiday?

Sleek: Mediterranean Collection


Well, he hasn't really it was just my faithful postie but I've been like an overexcited, impatient 5yr old all WEEK ever since i ordered from Sleek last Wednesday.

The reason being that this was no ordinary Sleek order... I ordered the NEW Mediterranean Collection which was released last week (Wednesday 8th June).

This post is my initial impressions of the collection BEFORE i have got down to the serious task of PLAYING with it! 

So the Collection is made up of: 

- Monaco iDivine Palette

- Santorini Blush

- Monte Carlo Pout Polish

As you can see the packaging is REALLY different to the usual, understated, simple Sleek packaging. The picture actually reminds me of the view from outside a bar in Puerto Colon, Tenerife that i used to visit when i lived there. 

So i will begin with the Monte Carlo Pout polish and work my way up to the main event which is, without a DOUBT, the Monaco iDivine palette.

So here's what Sleek say about it... 

A hot pink tinted lip condition balm enriched with jojoba, avocado, and sweet almond oil to nourish, with SPF 15 to protect your lips from those summer rays! Apply a thin coat to create a natural sheen, or build to create magenta pink lips. Best worn with our Santorini blush and our Monaco i-Divine for the perfect Mediterranean summer look!

I say they're just about spot on! I haven't swatched this for this post as i plan on doing a little FOTD/EOTD with these later on and you will see the effect for yourself there. I did put a quick layer on after i took the photos for this post and it gave a really nice subtle pink tint to the lips and it feels and smells DIVINE! It smells like cocoa butter and is still on my lips after a cup of tea so it's passed the first hurdle haha. I haven't tried layering it up yet but i will be doing that experiment later.

Next is the Santorini Blush...

Sleek said....

A highly pigmented hot pink blush, sweep on to cheekbones lightly for the perfect day time pinky flush, or build for a dramatic evening look. Best worn with our Monaco i-Divine and Monte Carlo Pout Polish to achieve that Mediterranean Summer look.

(as you can tell they obviously want you to buy the whole set, but i didn't take ANY persuading hehe)

This blush i sooooo PRETTY! I was initially a bit dubious of the colour as i find that intense pinks don't always work on me. But this blended really well for the swatch that i did so i'm hoping that when i DO put it on my face i can achieve the same pink flush... or slap it on and go BRIGHT! (You'll find out which i choose LATER).

As you can see from the swatch it is totally matte without a hint of shimmer, but i think it's so highly pigmented it would look TOO bright if it did have that shimmer. (The glittery bits you can see on my arm are totally un-blush related haha). 

So onto the MAIN EVENT!! 

Which, for me was always going to be the Monaco iDivine Palette

Here's what Sleek say....

Inspired by the Mediterranean, this 12 shade palette is the perfect addition to your summer make-up. Choose from sunset oranges and browns, or breezy turquoise to highlight your holiday tan! Best worn with our hot pink Monte Carlo pout polish and Santorini blush to achieve the perfect Mediterranean summer look.

Colours are as follows:

Top Row (l-r)

Bamboo, Aquamarine, Midnight Garden, Sunset, Washed Ashore and Magenta Madness

Bottom Row (l-r)

Summer Breeze, Sand Walker, Kiwi Zest, Lotus Flower, Hummingbird, Moors Treasure

I HAVE swatched them.... BUT I didn't go to town on the swatches because i just couldn't get the right light in my dark little flat, which was a total let down as i was REALLY looking forward to swatching these. Here's the best i could do with what i had...

So as you can see all are SPECTACULARLY pigmented and will be great for summer. I can already see that Sunset, Washed Ashore and Kiwi Zest will get used a LOT by me over the summer and I can't wait to experiment with the other colours! 

As i said before I will be doing a FOTD/EOTD with these. Which ought to be HILARIOUS because i'm only going to work at the pub tonight and i think i will be a little over-done for serving 50 old ladies their 3 course dinner. But it should raise a few comments among them. They aways seem to comment if i've done my nails or put some tan on haha (bless). 

So until then... I hope you've enjoyed perving over the collection as much as i have! These items ARE still available to order from

Did you rush out and buy this collection? What did you think of it? What are your favourite products/colours? 

Would also love to hear your OTHER favourite Sleek products.


Monday 13 June 2011

The Kids

 Okay so i know this one isn't about girlie stuff. But I get so many of you asking about the ferrets I just HAD to put together a little show and tell for you guys!

I'm one of those pet owners who has totally replaced their need for children in their pets. My two boys (both 11mths) are mothered and spoilt beyond BELIEF! Every little sniffle or sneeze or, God forbid, dodgy poop and  I worry my head off! I haven't branched out into dressing them yet (I've done a good job of resisting thus far) but they get EVERYTHING i can possibly give them from treats to toys, And even then they prefer to play with an empty box or carrier bag. Easily pleased. 

So let me introduce you....
I did touch on an introduction to the fuzzies when i first started the blog but i thought my babies deserved a full spread this time. Hope you enjoy this dose of CUTE!! 


A lot of people recoil in horror when i tell them i have ferrets. Most people automatically think ferrets are vicious, unfriendly and smelly. 

The truth is, ferrets are just like kittens that never grow up! As with any pet, as long as you handle them, socialise them and give them lots of love, play and attention they will adore you forever. Pedro is my little cuddle bug. I've had him since he was 9wks old and he's a total mummas boy. He will sit on my lap for AGES and have his ears scratched until he falls asleep. Jasper prefers to be on the go and we don't have that bond that i have with Pedro as i didn't raise him (i rescued Jasper in February this year when he was 7mths) but he has his loving moments too. 

Pedro made a sleeping bag by dragging his blankie into an old carrier

Jasper investigating their new Hamburger Nap n Play sack

So ferrets DEFINITELY have their quirks. Within 5mins of me getting baby Pedro home he had stolen my cigarette packet, taken ALL of the cigarettes out of it and hidden them all in his blankie! To this day he still has an obsession with stealing and hiding cigarette packets but i only let him have empty ones. All he does with them is hide them but he gets VERY annoyed if you clear his stash.

Jasper is a compulsive DIGGER! Food bowl, litter tray, carpet... he's really not fussy. I have started making a dig box full of uncooked rice for him to stop him turning their litter pan out onto the kitchen floor (ewww). 

Pedro planning their next trip to the park

We have so much fun! We regularly take trips to the pub and to the park (they walk well on a harness and lead) and get up to allsorts of mischief. And they ALWAYS draw a crowd! Everyone is always so surprised how friendly and playful they are. Parents even let their kids hold them. I've had a lot of people wanting to smell them which seems odd to me but i guess when you've always been told that they stink it would be a natural curiosity. My boys are both neutered and so do NOT smell at all (except when they fire their butt gun.... then it's WHOA!!). 

Jasper looking for MORE mischief

Mumma's little cuddle bug

So those are my kids. Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and perhaps even learning a couple of things. Anyone else ever owned (or rather, BEEN owned) by a ferret? Would love to hear your stories or questions.  I have soooo many photos and videos of them. Too many for one post so there will probably be another dose of cute to follow another time. I will also have to upload my videos to my youtube channel but i want to get started on the beauty side of things there first. 

Friday 10 June 2011

Everyone LOVES a Freebie!

Everyone's been so excited just lately at all the magazine freebies that have been coming out. 

And I'm no exception!!

May/June have been GREAT for high end, high quality magazine gifts and, even though i KNOW that every beauty blogger worth their salt has done a post on these things already, I really wanted to do a post as well about my favourites so far. 

(l-r) Nails Inc Electric Teal an Fashion Fawn

These are old news now (well, a month old anyway) but I thought I'd include them anyway... Last month's InStyle magazine hit the jackpot with a trio of exclusive Nails Inc polishes (there was also an orange but i resisted as i already have 2 orange polishes). The ones i did get were Electric Teal and Fashion Fawn. 

I love that you got a whole 10ml of product! Often magazine freebies are mini sizes but these are a great size! Electric Teal looks GORGEOUS on and I will definitely be doing a NOTD with it soon as i have never had so many compliments on a nail colour before. Even the customers at work have been admiring it (and trust me it's difficult to divert their attention away from food and alcohol haha). 

Fashion Fawn, I feel is a more Autumnal colour and i can see myself wearing it more when the weather turns colder again (that'll be next week then) with a big fat jumper dress and Uggs. 

Inika Organic Liner Pencil in Graphite
Onto this month's Marie Claire offering on Inika Organic Liner pencil and Shadow. I opted for just the liner as i have an exact dupe for the shadow already. The liner colour is called Graphite and is a lovely metallic dark grey colour. Perfect for the emerging Gunmetal trend of late! I have an MUA shadow that will go PERFECTLY with this! 

It's a lovely soft texture for a smokey look and so easy to blend. The only issue i have with it is the cute little sharpener that is integrated into the lid. It is neither practical OR functional and pretty pointless. The lid does not stay on because of it and it doesn't fit on well enough to actually SHARPEN the pencil. So it's purely a gimmick in my opinion.  

Inika liner pencil Heavily Swatched (l) and lightly blended (r)

So onto this month's main event which is, without a shadow of a doubt, Glamour's winning bid of BeneFit BeneTint, PosieTint and High Beam. 

I'm not going to go to town on these because, from the second they started being distributed around yesterday (Thurs 9th), posts have been popping up on many blogs and there are so many swatches that i think most of you will have seen the swatches already. If you HAVEN'T seen them then check out Natalie's post over at PixieLashes

Haha, check out the Ferret hair centre-top ;)

I've been hearing or reading about these cult products on and off for a LONG time without really knowing what they were or what to do with them and, to be honest, it put me off buying them because i wasn't prepared to pay the high-end price for something i didn't have a clue how to use. 

BUT with Glamour selling for £2 i was DEFINITELY going to buy all 3 mini size (4ml) versions, in the name of experimentation (ever the mad scientist haha) even though my front room now looks like a branch of WHSmiths with all the extra magazines lying around. 

I've only swatched them up to now but i can already see that the High Beam, closely followed by the PosieTint will get the most use by me. The BeneTint is nice as well but it's a little more.... in ya FACE than the other two. Will see how much they all get use then (if there are any left by the end of the month) maybe buy a couple of spares while they are that price. 

So those are my favourite freebies of the summer so far. I didn't partake in the Red magazine Jemma Kidd lipglosses as i KNEW i would not wear the colours an the only one i like i already had dupes of in my make up bag. 

What did you think of the BeneTints? Have you tried the Marie Claire Shadow? 

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!! :)

Today I was smiling from ear to ear after finding out that I had been given the Stylish Blogger Award from the VERY gorgeous Ellis from EllyBellyBaybee. Means a lot coming from her because i LOVE her blog! Make sure you visit and Enter her Liz Earle Giveaway!

This is my first EVER blog award!

So with this award there are RULES! The first Rule being that i have to share with you, my GORGEOUS readers, 7 facts about myself soooooo..... HERE GOES!

1) Only NEW readers might not know this but I really AM a Crazy Ferret Lady! I treat my 2 boys, Pedro and Jasper (both 11mths) like real children and i am NOT ashamed! They are the goofiest, sweetest little critters you will ever meet and anyone who tells you ferrets are VICIOUS, smelly biters either hasn't met a ferret, has mistreated a ferret or is just being hateful.

2) For the last 6yrs i have, on and off, been living abroad in Tenerife. Although I am back at home at the moment in sunny ol' Bakewell, where EVERYTHING happens (yeah, right). I have met a lot of true friends in Tenerife and am truly homesick for it every day. Hoping that when i have finished Uni and am well enough again i can make the move there more permanent. 

3) I am a MASSIVE heavy metal and classic rock fan! Soooo un-girly i know, but it drives me insane listening to people like Rihanna whine on on the radio everyday and i HAVE to turn off! On my iPod you will more likely find Slipknot, Pantera and Five Finger Death Punch (although i do think Katy Perry is a LEGEND lol)

4) I have a not-so-secret CRUSH on Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars. Maybe it's the mohican and the guyliner (LOVE a man in eyeliner hehe). For ages i was wondering where I'd seen him before then i realised he was in 'My So-Called Life' YEARS ago, back in the day when i was a teenager hahaha.

5) I'm a Haribo JUNKIE! I have been known to trot off to Spar at 10pm in my PJ's and slippers for a bag! Nomatter how poorly i feel i always manage to get to the shop and back for my sugar fix (because nobody else is going to go for me!). My personal favourites are the Kiddies Super Mix :D

6) I used to work for Ann Summers... Not a lot i can say about that really but it was FUN at the time and i have some interesting memories out of it ;)

7) I live mostly in leggings and UGGS (well, not UGGS actually, rather the £5 Primark versions - I'm on a budget). Comfort is key when you feel as rotten as i do a lot of the time and anything stretchy, woolly and comfy is always a winner with me :)

So rule number 2 is that i have to pass this award on to 7 other blogs that i love... So here are my 7 (you're not obliged to accept it or do the post but I hope you take it as a compliment!)

So the Nominees ARE....

Edie @ Beauty Baby!

Dani @ VanillaBomb

Adrienne @ Adrienne Adores

Natalie @ PixieLashes

And, Finally the lovely Delyteful Speaks

Thanks again to Ellis for the Award and I hope you enjoyed the post! 

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