Wednesday 20 July 2011

A Little GEM from MUA

Evening girlies!
A little late to be blogging but i JUST got in from work and I just couldn't wait any longer to share this post with you! I'd already been putting it off due to a sudden INFLUX of posts about this item so I hope you're not sick of reading about this little beauty because I've had so much fun playing with it and creating this post.

It is of course, the £4 'palette of the moment' by MUA Professional.... Heaven & Earth!!

When i first heard about the MUA pro range and was doing my research on the products I just KNEW i wanted this palette. These are the colours i wear the most and the shadows i own from the £1 range have really impressed me so i couldn't wait to try out the pro range!

THEN I heard that this palette was comparable with the Urban Decay Naked Palette with some MAC dupes thrown in for good measure and that sealed the deal. 

Here are the SWATCHES!!

For £4 I think this palette really delivers. The shadows are a great consistency with no product fallout and are really easy to apply and blend. The only little 'Hmmmmm' I have (and this isn't a grumble) is that there are no matte shades in this palette, but I will totally let MUA off because these colours are so pretty! I love the sheen that these shadows give. It's almost metallic and utterly GORGEOUS!!

When i was playing around with this on my eyes for this post i decided not to automatically go for a daytime look that this palette is so perfect for... These are colours I use on my eyes every day and i wanted to do something slightly different so i went for a darker look. There really are many things you could try with this palette (too many for one post).

I do apologise for my epic eyebrow FAIL in this post. I'm a tweezing WIMP and tend to put it off haha. 

I'll definitely be recreating this super-shiny golden vampy look (with a little more black kohl) for my next night out! 

If, like me, you love to play 'Spot the Dupe' I would highly recommend you take a stroll over to see Adrienne at Adrienne Adores and take a look at her post on this palette. She truly is the dupe QUEEN!! 

I'm really impressed with MUA on this one. I will definitely be investing in more of these palettes and I'm dying to try the mosaic blushes i spied over the weekend in everyone's posts from TOWIB (totally bitter and twisted that I couldn't be there.... NEXT TIME!!).

If you can find a Superdrug near you that stocks the MUA pro line i suggest you snap this little beauty up. It's the best £4 you'll have spent in a long time! 

Did you manage to bag this palette? Which other MUA palettes should I run to Superdrug for? 


  1. I don't need it but I want it!! Nice look

  2. hehe queen of the dupes I may change my name :P you have such pretty eyes! The palette is amazing isnt it :) xx

  3. Wow! I seriously need to get this palette, the colours are gorgeous! Love the make-up look you did, it really compliments your pretty eyes. :)

  4. MUA products are so hard to get here in Ireland, I must try get my hands on some of these palette's though ;)

  5. I love neutrals and these look amazing on you! Love the colour of ur eyes!

  6. Love this, is it like a Naked eye palette dupe? Looks it!!


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