Monday 18 July 2011

Sleek: Oh So Special Palette

This is the first post/review of the products I bought in my little payday Superdrug haul last week. I'm so late to write about them due to an epic charger FAIL which left my laptop running on empty for most of the weekend so am only just catching up with it all. 

I had intended for the MUA Heaven and Earth palette to be my first review of the bunch but I've noticed a TIDAL WAVE of posts on it this morning and today (probably from those lucky ladies that attended the TOWIB event on Saturday in LDN which i couldn't afford train fare for...BLEH). So Heaven and Earth will be reserved for later in the week. 

So on with the Sleek Oh So Special Palette!!

I briefly explained my reasons behind choosing this palette over the Storm palette (which i do already have but i've hit pan on the shades i most like) in my haul post. This included a couple of very similar shades plus some that i have never really considered trying before. As i can't resist giving in to experimentation I decided to snap this one up instead. 

So here come the colours.....

Top L-R
Bow, Organza, Ribbon

Bottom Bottom L-R
Pamper, Gateau, The Mail

Top L-R
Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate

Bottom L-R
Boxed, Wrapped Up, Noir

On first impressions just looking at this palette the colours that catch the eye first are definitely the pinks. And for me this was followed by Gift Basket and Boxed (as these are the colours i always go for in shadows). Then as i played around swatching this palette the two that REALLY caught my attention were Organza and Gateau. These are both pinks also, but they shimmer so GOLD! They truly are lovely, delicate shades that give a lovely golden finish but with a beautiful rosey glow. Celebrate has been my surprise like out of the bunch. It is a deep purple toned shade which also shimmers with a glint of purple/gold. 

On with the SWATCHES!!

The matte shades were a little chalky and.... bleh, for me to be honest. The two lightest ones are almost identical to those in the Monaco palette (Bamboo and Sand Walker). However, they still have decent pigmentation even though it's not of the same scale as the Monaco and a couple of the other palettes I've seen/owned/swatched. These colours are also a lot more muted and pale so this does not, exactly, work against it. It isn't intended to be a bright palette. 

To complete my experiment i just had to put it on my face (because that's what it's for, duh) and I'm not going to be waiting for a special occasion to try out new make up! You ladies are excuse enough for me. These colours lend themselves to daytime wear in my opinion but can be built upon and glammed up for evening looks. The colours i used for this post were the ones I was most excited about on first impressions.

The colours I used were....
Organza - All over the lid
Celebrate - In the crease and outer-V area
Ribbon - Just dabbed lightly over the middle of the lid to add a little va-va-voom to the pink

I also applied a little of the Gateau shade along my lower water line.
Finished the whole thing off with a little Bourjois black kohl (just along the waterline) and Rimmel Day-To-Night Mascara.

So, even though i had not originally intended to purchase this palette, I'm glad i did. It might not be the most SPECTACULAR of the Sleek palettes but it is certainly VERY wearable (unlike your Acids and Curacaus of this world, which would require a great occasion for me to justify wearing them). It's a very feminine palette and for that reason I think the name Special suits it very well because, lets face it girls, all us ladies are VERY special. 

Do you own the Oh So Special palette?? What other Sleek items have you been grabbing lately??


  1. Ah may zing!! Really want to get this palette xx

  2. Gorgeous! They didn't have any of these palettes in Superdrug over the weekend :-(

  3. I'm lucky that Chesterfield Superdrug is MASSIVE and they tend to have EVERYTHING. They had the whole MUA pro line too. Like a kid in a sweet shop haha ;)

  4. I think it's a great everyday palette. I agree with you about the matte shades, not what sleek do best !

  5. hey, just to let you know, you won an award you can check it out here xx

  6. I must get this palette! x

  7. gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! Love how girly and feminine it is!


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