Tuesday 5 July 2011

NOTD: OPI Pirates - Stranger Tides

Well TECHNICALLY this is a NOYD (yesterday lol) as I totally conked out last night before i could write it up and my lipgloss post was all i could manage. But this was the FIRST polish i tried from my OPI Pirates of the Caribbean mini collection.

My application on this pic is SHOCKING cos i had to patch it up after clumsy lil me KO'd it halfway through the day but I really LOVE this colour!!
I'd probably describe it as the 'Dirty' version of Barry M Mint. It's a pale khaki shade that would look FAB for summer with a nice tan.
I'd recommend a good base coat with this if, like me, you have quite noticable ridges in your nails. I needed 3 coats to cover them up without a base (forgot.. meh).

Now to decide which shade to try next. Along with Stranger Tides I also have Skull and Glossbones, Planks A Lot and Sparrow Me the Drama in the set i got. I'm also contemplating investing in Steady as she Rose. 

Which are your favourite OPI Pirates polishes?? What should be my NOTD for TOMORROW??

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  1. Love this color! I'm following you now... I just reached 100 followers the other day :) Good luck!


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