Sunday 24 July 2011

Mediterranean Sunset EOTN

Hello there lovelies!
I went out last night!!! Woohoo!! Doesn't happen often but I went to watch an AMAZING band at the pub where i work. For those of you who were up late and experienced my drunken tweets.... I hope you didn't unfollow me haha. 

I wanted to share with you my eye make up of the night because I'd decided that I'd been neglecting my Sleek Monaco palette a little lately and, after watching some amazing videos on youtube using the palette my enthusiasm has been renewed and i wanted to recreate one of the looks i saw. The colours looked just like the prettiest sunset!

The colours i used were as follows...

Washed Ashore - All over the lid.
Moors Treasure - Outer part of the top lid and blended inwards.
Sunset - Dabbed between the two other colours near the middle of the lid to fade it back into the orange
Bamboo - Right in the inner corner of the eye.
Midnight Garden - To line underneath the eye 

I finished it off with a sweep of black liquid liner on the top lid and Rimmel Day-to-Night Mascara (which i appear to have had a bit of a fail with - See lower lashes on above photo haha) 

I'd also like to add that my Sigma E25 blending brush was a little GEM when creating this look. I've used it a few times now and it's making me wanna spend LOTS of money on more of their brushes! I have one to give away (which is ending on 31st July) along with some BarryM goodies so make sure you head on over and ENTER if you haven't already!!

Don't think i did TOO bad for a first attempt at the look! To see it done properly do go and check out Petja's  Video as she's the pro and it looks so much better on her! She has also done other looks using the Monaco palette.
 For some reason my eyes are sooooo creasy (maybe its my age - I'm within spitting distance of 30) and dramatic eye looks seem to get buried under my saggy eyebrows haha. Maybe i just have a deeper crease than most :/

What are your favourite colours from the Monaco palette? What other looks can i try out using it? 


  1. Looks gorgeous, I love those colours together!!! x

  2. This is gorgeous, orange is very in at the moment too :) xxx

  3. Wauw it looks so pretty! i'm considering to buy the Monaco palette.

  4. Love these bright colours! I'm not brave enough! x

  5. You've done such a good job babe! xx


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