Friday 29 April 2011

Katy Perry Joins GHD :D

How excited was I when GHD announced that Katy Perry was going to be fronting their brand! And the David LaChapelle images for the ad campaign didn't disappoint either. Katy looks FABULOUS and the styling is TO DIE FOR! 

Paul Stoneham, Chief Executive Officer for GHD had this to say....

”Katy is the epitome of modern fashion and styling. Her unique, ever changing looks are the envy of style devotees around the world. Katy completely embodies ghd’s spirit of female transformation and empowerment, as she is recognised as a cutting edge style icon unafraid to push fashion and beauty boundaries. Sassy, stylish and sexy, Katy is the perfect partner for ghd,”

Here are the final images for the ad campaign.

Hair: Peter Savic for ghd
Make-Up: Jake Bailey
Photographic: David LaChapelle
Creative Team: Steve Williams and Adrian Lim

View GHD's 'New Wave' Step-by-Step Video Guide here....

View GHD's 'Glamour' Step-by-Step Video Guide here....

So those of you who thought that your ghds were purely for ironing purposes can think again!

Go forth and experiment to find your favourite Katy-inspired look! I think you'll agree she looks 


(I do not own the photo content in this post. All rights to the photos are the property of GHD and the photographers)  

Thursday 28 April 2011

Awww Fuzzy Family SNOOZE!!

I think some kind of Alien from outer space has beamed in and swapped my fuzzies! 

Last night BOTH ferrets were allowed up onto the bed and, rather than trying to tenderise my feet under the duvet and dig my legs to bits, they BOTH.. yes BOTH decided to curl up on the bed and have a snooze with me! 

That NEVER happens!!
I usually get Pedro wanting cuddles and tickles before he falls asleep on me but never Jasper! Decided to join them in an early night (but not before documenting the occasion on the iPhone lol)

Mumma's little 'Terror' Jasper

And total mumma's boy Pedro

I'm sure we looked a right sight all sprawled out on my bed sleeping.... Until Jasper decided to wake everyone up because HE wanted to PLAY! 

Awwww I LOVE my fur-kids :)


Wednesday 27 April 2011

Exciting Extensions!

Today I recieved my certification from Balmain, Paris for the hair extension training I did in January 2011. So exciting!! What a great string to add to my Hairdressing bow! I learnt how to apply bonded extensions and 'double hair' wefts. This means that not only can i extend the length and volume of the hair, i can create exciting creative colour effects too!!

I love Balmain because they use Keratin Bonding technology and it's totally natural to the hair so causes no damage. And the techniques allow the positioning of the bonds away from the scalp so no damage to the follicle and no unsightly bald patches with prolonged use. Removal also couldn't be simpler and they can be rebonded and reapplied. The hair is 100% Human (Chinese) hair and you know that it has been lovingly grown and looked after as these people sign contracts with Balmain and are paid very well (apparently a lot of Chinese do it in order to put their kids through college)!!

My Certificate!!

Beautiful effects in Blonde :)

And in Brunette!


Can't wait to get practising. Ooooh ima gonna go order me some HAIR in a minute. I feel inspired! XOXOXO

Monday 25 April 2011

Backstage at Hair Showcase 2011

Since I am a Hairdressing Student at Buxton College (Derby Uni) I took part in their annual Hair and Beauty Showcase on 11th April this year.

 The brief for Level 3 students was Avant Garde so we had to really go to town and work to a brief. Although it was really nerve-wracking and hard work I had great fun devising my theme (Puss in Boots) and putting together the look. I finished 8th (out of 42 so in my book thats pretty AWESOME) for the hair. My model, Rachael looked AMAZING and I'm so proud of her and myself for getting through the day! The professional photoshoot and evening catwalk show were such a fantastic experience and it was well worth the subsequent full day in bed that it took to recover hahahaaaa.

Since it is the Easter break at the moment I will have to WAIT for the professional photos. But I took my camera with me (and iPhone) so was able to get a few snaps backstage.

                                                    Here is Rachael... My Puss In Boots!!

Here is the WINNER! Wouldn't wanna bump into her in a dark alley LMAO

Look!! It's AVATAR!!!

Judging Time.... Eeeeek!!

Great Day!!! Can't wait for the professional photos to come back. Rachael looked HOT!! She totally ROCKED it!!

Introducing... The Fuzzies!

In this blog there will be 2 certain individuals which will feature HEAVILY as they provide no end of laughter and ridiculousness to my life on a daily (if not HOURLY) basis...

I am talking about my 2 ferrets Pedro and Jasper. For those of you not that familiar with Ferrets, these two are not smelly, unfriendly, rabbit killing biters. But rather (like most fuzzies I know) are extremely intelligent, funny and quirky little chaps whose one goal in life is to steal and hide EVERYTHING possible before curling up in it for a snooze (yes they are my ideal pet haha).

Here is their mugshot... if you ever see them with a pair of socks hanging out of their mouths, tell them i'd like them back please). Pedro is on the left and Jasper on the right :)



Hello all!
Thought I'd use this first post to introduce myself and give you the run-down of how things are so once i get down to the more hardcore ranting (i have a few causes for that in my life haha) you'll get what I'm banging on about....

I'm 28yrs old and I live alone with my two ferrets, Pedro and Jasper in Bakewell, Derbys. I'm coming to the end of my Level 3 Diploma in Hairdressing and have already applied to study a Fdn Degree in Hairdressing/Salon Management next year with University of Derby (Buxton Campus). I work part time at The Wheatsheaf in Bakewell while I study, however everything is about to get a little more complicated.

Last week I recieved confirmation of a diagnosis of ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia from my doctor. I had been suspecting something was wrong for quite some time. Thinking back now i can see that i have exhibited symptoms of Fibro since being really quite young. Migraines, sensitivity to bright lights/noises, needing to sleep during the day etc.... But the CFS has crept up on me quite suddenly over the last 18mths following a SEVERE bout of tonsilitis which had me bedridden for a month. Ever since then the symptoms have been totting up... swollen glands, fatigue, aches, poor temperature control, the need to sleep ALL THE TIME, and the shooting pain when i have been at work for too long (usually 3hrs or more).

So I'm using my time holed up in bed to rest to write this blog (and play a LOT of Farmville lol). I love all things hair, beauty and fashion so expect my rants to be punctuated with lots of stuff I'm loving at the moment. Whenever i find a new hair product I'll let you know what I think of it and if there's one you'd like to know about or think i should try please let me know and I'll give it a whirl. Similarly if you want advice on styling and current hair trends, I am always on the ball so feel free to pick my brain on anything you like. Life-permitting I will get back to you ASAP.

So that's the introductions out of the way. I hope that most of you will find what i have to say in this blog to be thought provoking, yet entertaining. Hope you will stick with me as i learn.

Look forward to hearing from everyone **HUGS**
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