Saturday 6 April 2013

(Off Topic) I Gave Up Smoking!!

Apologies ladies that this post is not beauty/fashion related but I've made a MAJOR change in my life this week and ditched the cigarettes! As we all know smoking is a foul and repulsive habit that gives you wrinkles and slashes years off your life. So not any more!!
 I've smoked since I was about 17. The amount of cigarettes has yo-yo'd a little over the years but cigarettes were a definitely big part of my daily routine. I always said that I would never smoke past the age of 30. Well, I'm 30 now and I'm not one to say something and not do it so, when one of the lads from work showed me his electronic cigarette the other week I just HAD to give it a go and order a kit for myself. I just wanted do a little post about how I'm doing it and why and maybe inspire a couple of people to do likewise...

I knew straight away that an e-ciggie would work for me. I suspect that my dependence on cigarettes had more to do with routine and habit rather than me actually craving nicotine. I don't even like the taste of cigarettes (bizarre, I know). I'm just so used to having cigarettes at certain times of the day (first thing in the morning, after meals, waiting at the bus stop etc etc) and it's the physical ACT of having a cigarette that's going to be hard for me to kick.

The kit I have is the eGo CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit from For £21.99 you get...

The eGo-T Electronic e-cigarette (battery, clearomiser, mouthpiece etc)
USB Charger Cable
eGo Zipped Carry Case
1x Free eLiquid of your choice from a range of flavours

I ordered two extra eLiquids at £3.49 each so I have 3 in total for now. I have Cherry, Mango and Raspberry. My total order came to just over £28 (shipping is free) but I think I've made a chunk of that back already in cigarettes that I have NOT bought over the last 3 days!! I started using it immediately after receiving it in the post and it was very easy to put together and get my head around. It's not messy to fill up either and does not leak.

The flavoured eLiquids are so yummy! I guess it's kind of like a mini electric shisha in a way. It's only been 3 days so far so I am using it quite a bit as I'm trying to kick the urge to go outside for a cigarette at work and at home. It just feels weird that I don't have to go out for one any more. The liquids come in two strengths but I went for the weaker. I guess I'm still a bit reliant on it for now but my plan is to gradually reduce my usage of it, before switching to nicotine-free eLiquids. Vaping Vision do not sell those though so I will have to source them elsewhere.
 Eventually I hope to stop using it altogether but I still feel great to not be buying cigarettes all the time. Not to mention the money I'm saving. I also smell AWESOME now that I'm not smoking cigarettes. I was on the bus earlier and I really noticed the smell on people who had been smoking (ie, gross) so I'm glad I'm not one of them any more.

The plan is to get to 6 weeks smokefree and then I'm going to treat myself to some Topshop Joni jeans with the money I've saved!! If anyone would be interested in follow-up posts on my progress do let me know. I think I'd like to do further posts, just because this is such a major change in my life.

Are you trying to (or want to) give up smoking?? Are you an ex smoker?? How did you kick the habit?? I'd love to hear your tips!!


  1. Congratulations you!! I quit about 3 months ago and the change is amazing, one thing I would so so recommend is reading one of the easy way to quit smoking book by an author called Allen Carr (not that one :)) it kind of un-brainwashes you about smoking and stuff and I pretty much just used that to quit! Best of luck hun, I did the reward thing too- makes it so much better :) best of luck xxxx

    1. Aww thanks Han! Well done for getting to 3 months! Yes I am aware of Allen Carr's work. I may treat myself to it from iBooks. It feels very liberating to not be buying cigarettes I must say. And I now think smokers smell DISGUSTING lol xx

  2. well done!! i hope you manage to stay off them, you wont ever regret the decision!!

    1. Thank you! I've done a week now and it feels very satisfying. Not been tempted at all so far x

  3. Well done! this is such a great thing to do :D would love to hear about your progress!xx

    1. I'll definitely do an update! I've almost done a week now :D x

  4. Well done you, and here's to sticking to it! :D

  5. Thanks Jess! So far I haven't even been tempted to buy cigarettes and am okay with others smoking around me. Still using the e-cig though. It's a gradual process I guess x

  6. Hi

    Really good to read a posative story like yours.
    James 'the one who runs VapingVision' is a really nice guy,very helpfull and always finds time to give advise.
    It is people like this who helped me to stop smoking with it give advise or selling me the tools to do so.
    I smoked for almost 24yrs,I was 17 when I started,its now been nearly 4months since I last smoked.
    I also know what you mean about the smell of people who still smoke,I am so glad I do not smell like a walking ashtray no more.....
    I also noticed how much more I enjoyed eating meals,I could actually taste my food lol....

    Anyhow well done you and keep posative.
    Best Regards

    1. What a lovely comment!!
      Yes I agree, James is a legend and his products and customer service speak for themselves. These posts are really helping me stay focused (as is the extra pocket money haha) so it's great to hear feedback like this.

      Thanks John :)


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