Saturday 1 October 2011

Shadow Showdown!! MUA Vs Urban Decay

Evening ladies!! 
So we're getting very used to the hype surrounding the MUA Professional Heaven & Earth palette, and we've heard no END of comparisons between it and, darling of the shadow world, THE Naked Palette from Urban Decay..... But, it's all good playing "Spot the dupe". It needs to be put to the true test. 
So can YOU spot the difference between them?? 

So here's how this is going to work... I've taken Sin, Smog and Hustle from the Naked Palette along with (in my opinion) almost IDENTICAL shades from the MUA palette and applied them to one eye a piece. 
So here are the swatches...
Left - Hustle. Right - MUA

Left - MUA. Right - Smog

Left - Sin. Right - MUA

In my opinion, the MUA shades all seem to lean slightly purple with the exception of the bottom one. The pigmentation and consistency of both palettes can't be grumbled at. Both produce a little fallout at times. The disadvantage of the MUA palette in my opinion is that there are no matte shades. Naked and Buck are my no1 used shades from the Naked palette but there are no dupes for them in the MUA palette, so it IS justifiable to have both (plus H&E is only £4 so why the hell NOT have both??). What i am getting at here is, don't despair that you do not own the Naked palette when you can pop to Superdrug and pick up the MUA palette for peanuts. 

Okay so, here's the test.... Can you tell which eye was done with which palette?? 

Both of these palettes are wonderful, everyday palettes with so many possibilities. The look i did here was as follows...

On ONE eye.....

Sin - All over the Lid
Smog - On the outer part of the lid and blended inwards
Hustle - Applied into the crease and outer corners
All shades were then blended together for a smart, but subtle, wearable look. 

The other eye (I'm not telling you which is which yet) was done with the MUA dupe shades. 

Soooooo can you tell your Steal from your SPLURGE?? Answers on a postcard pls (or just in the comment box). I have a feeling you ladies are pretty on the ball when it comes to spotting the Naked palette. Like me, you all have impeccable taste. Even i struggled to remember which eye was which after a while as they really ARE soooooo similar!! 

Which wins for you?? MUA or UD?? Or, like me, do you love them both for different reasons??


  1. Ohhh myyyyy god! Will definitely be buying the MUA palette, they look almost, very VERY much the same!! Amazing!!

  2. Just a word : WOAW! I really want to find this palette in my Superdrug but didn't find it yet... they don't sell these professional products... I am so sad. Especially with this huge post comparing UD and MUA. Very nice job! :-) Thanks!

  3. Very good post lovely! I keep saying to people, if u don't have the Naked palette don't worry just get the MUA one! I think u have UD on the right eye (my right) and MUA on the left .... Altho wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong

    Great post lovely :-)


  4. I'm definitely purchasing the MUA pallet after seeing this, the colours are gorge xx

  5. That's a great way to showcase how similar they are!

  6. I'm gonna say MUA on the right, UD on the left? (my left and right)..

    I'm confused- they looks so similar!!

  7. Oh wow what a fun idea for a post! I'm so lucky I just found the MUA palette today and can't wait to have a play tomorrow - I really wanted the UD Naked palette but I reckon I'll be content with the MUA one! x

  8. I honestly could't tell the difference! They both look amazing and pretty exact to me! I'd love to know exactly which MUA shadows you used for this look too so I can copy ;) xx

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