Wednesday 1 June 2011

Bargain Mini-Haul

There's ONE (kinda) good thing about Mondays where i live. It's MARKET DAY in Bakewell. Even though it usually means there's too many tourists and clumsy old folk ambling SLOWLY around the place to get anywhere quickly, it means that the MAKE UP LADY is in town! She has a MASSIVE stall! 

Don't get me wrong it's nothing high-end BUT if you dig hard enough you can find some real GEMS!! Max Factor Lasting Performance for £5.99, Maybelline mousse bronzers for £1, Rimmel Shadows/Lippies for £1.99. ALLSORTS! 

So this week i went along. I only had £10 on me but I thought I'd try my luck. I think i did REALLY well! I got a BIG Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer for £3, a blending brush for 99p, a kabuki for 99p and a Rimmel Shadow for £1.99. 

Couldn't wait to try out the brushes more than anything. I wasn't expecting them to be AMAZING and I'm not gonna lie, they're no Sigma/MAC replacement, BUT they're really not bad at all! The blending brush isn't too soft and has lovely FIRM bristles. It's actually really pretty as the bristles at the end have a 'dipped' lilac tint to them. The kabuki is dinky and cute, it's not as silky soft on the skin as some kabukis but for a QUID it does it's job really well. They will certainly keep me going until i can afford the POSH ones haha. 

Rimmel SunShimmer Bronzer in shade 001 - Sun Kiss

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Shadow in shade 280 - Brun Dusk (good for £1.99, but would be even BETTER if there wasn't the silly brush taking up half the pack!)

ALSO this week.....

I went for a nosey through the lovely Yu of Let's MakeYuUp's blog sale as well recently and TODAY i got my goodies in the post. Thanks Yu!! Kinda turned into a mini shadow haul and i picked up a Sephora Colourful Duo (a LOVELY peachy shade and a kinda lilacy/mocha- type shade), a Max Factor shadow in 'Earth Spirit' (a gorgeous gold) and, as a little bonus,I also got a Collection2000 Colour Intense shadow in 'Viva Vegas' which is soooo PINK!! I haven't had a pink shadow in my bag for a while so looking forward to pinking it up again soon!!

Hope you enjoyed my little haul!! I didn't know if it was worth posting or not but if i have NEW things in my make-up bag (nomatter what the price) I usuall feel like SHARING haha ;)




  1. Yaaaay for bargains, and I'm so glad you like them! Viva Vegas is such a pretty colour - I just couldn't pull it off, I used it once as a Barbie fancy dress eyeshadow with an outrageous purple haha! Hope it gets more use with you :)

  2. I put a bit of the Max Factor gold over the top of it actually and that made it at bit less WHOA lol. Really like all of them hun. Happy customer ;) xxx

  3. Lovely haul - can't beat a good bargain! x

  4. well done on the bargain brushes!


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