Wednesday 8 June 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!! :)

Today I was smiling from ear to ear after finding out that I had been given the Stylish Blogger Award from the VERY gorgeous Ellis from EllyBellyBaybee. Means a lot coming from her because i LOVE her blog! Make sure you visit and Enter her Liz Earle Giveaway!

This is my first EVER blog award!

So with this award there are RULES! The first Rule being that i have to share with you, my GORGEOUS readers, 7 facts about myself soooooo..... HERE GOES!

1) Only NEW readers might not know this but I really AM a Crazy Ferret Lady! I treat my 2 boys, Pedro and Jasper (both 11mths) like real children and i am NOT ashamed! They are the goofiest, sweetest little critters you will ever meet and anyone who tells you ferrets are VICIOUS, smelly biters either hasn't met a ferret, has mistreated a ferret or is just being hateful.

2) For the last 6yrs i have, on and off, been living abroad in Tenerife. Although I am back at home at the moment in sunny ol' Bakewell, where EVERYTHING happens (yeah, right). I have met a lot of true friends in Tenerife and am truly homesick for it every day. Hoping that when i have finished Uni and am well enough again i can make the move there more permanent. 

3) I am a MASSIVE heavy metal and classic rock fan! Soooo un-girly i know, but it drives me insane listening to people like Rihanna whine on on the radio everyday and i HAVE to turn off! On my iPod you will more likely find Slipknot, Pantera and Five Finger Death Punch (although i do think Katy Perry is a LEGEND lol)

4) I have a not-so-secret CRUSH on Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars. Maybe it's the mohican and the guyliner (LOVE a man in eyeliner hehe). For ages i was wondering where I'd seen him before then i realised he was in 'My So-Called Life' YEARS ago, back in the day when i was a teenager hahaha.

5) I'm a Haribo JUNKIE! I have been known to trot off to Spar at 10pm in my PJ's and slippers for a bag! Nomatter how poorly i feel i always manage to get to the shop and back for my sugar fix (because nobody else is going to go for me!). My personal favourites are the Kiddies Super Mix :D

6) I used to work for Ann Summers... Not a lot i can say about that really but it was FUN at the time and i have some interesting memories out of it ;)

7) I live mostly in leggings and UGGS (well, not UGGS actually, rather the £5 Primark versions - I'm on a budget). Comfort is key when you feel as rotten as i do a lot of the time and anything stretchy, woolly and comfy is always a winner with me :)

So rule number 2 is that i have to pass this award on to 7 other blogs that i love... So here are my 7 (you're not obliged to accept it or do the post but I hope you take it as a compliment!)

So the Nominees ARE....

Edie @ Beauty Baby!

Dani @ VanillaBomb

Adrienne @ Adrienne Adores

Natalie @ PixieLashes

And, Finally the lovely Delyteful Speaks

Thanks again to Ellis for the Award and I hope you enjoyed the post! 



  1. awwww thanks darl! That's so sweet of you! And your blog is lookin great girl!! Nice work!

  2. I didn't know you lived in Tenerife! That's so cool :D Thanks for tagging me love! :)

  3. I love your facts, amazed at how you have 2 pet ferrets they look very cute although I'd prob be dead scared of them. I love Primark uggs too, got too many pairs. Glad you liked your award :) x


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