Tuesday 31 May 2011

NEW Hair Show Piccies!!

One of the FIRST posts i made on this blog back in April was from backstage at my college annual Hair and Beauty Showcase. Every year all the Level3 Hair students take part in an Avant Garde competition along with a photoshoot and catwalk show and are judged on their efforts. I had to come up with my own concept, theme and ideas. The theme i chose was Puss in Boots (mainly because of items i already had for the look and my slight liking for Leopard print hehe).

Well I'm so pleased to announce that i placed 8th out of 42 entrants on my hairstyling ALONE (i didn't place for make-up or total look because the beauty student who was SUPPOSED to be being judged for doing my model's make-up decided to stay at home that day and i had VERY limited supply in my handbag). 

Anyway, after the judging everybody PILED upstairs to get in line to have professional photos taken of their model. And now we FINALLY have all the images back from the photographer and I thought I'd share mine with YOU!!

So here's Rachael my PUSS IN BOOTS!!

I wanted her hair to look like a Lion's mane so i pulled it all into multiple ponytail bands up the back, securing small side sections into each band as i went, and backcombed the HELL out of it, before quiffing the whole top section up and backcombing some more. I then used coloured hairsprays to add the 'spots'. The products that were key in creating this style were BigSexyHair (in particular their 'Backcomb in a Bottle' for it's POTENT holding abilities). 

The look really is so SIMPLE to create, but with MAXIMUM effect and if my hair was still long (and if i still had a social life) I would TOTALLY wear a version of this for a night out. Rachael's hair is shoulder length and very fine but you would NEVER be able to tell from this look!!

I think my girl looks HOT! Would you wear a style like this?? Would you benefit from a Step-by-Step of how to create this and/or other looks?? Please let me know because i love playing around to create fun but wearable styles. 

Or if there is a style you would like help to learn how to create LET ME KNOW! 

For more on the Hair Show and for Piccies of the Weird and Wonderful WINNERS view my original post with backstage photos HERE!!


  1. 8th place that is AMAZING, its so fun and it really suits the model! Well done on make up with limited supply from your handbag too! id be fuming at the lazy bones in bed lol If I had long hair i would defo try this!

  2. You can still quiff the front up like that, then just sleek the sides down. I have a short ish bob and thats what i do :) xoxo

  3. I love it too! It's so simple really. I didn't want to go for anything too over the top incase the pressure got to me and i cocked it up haha xoxo


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