Saturday 25 June 2011

Pale Summer Lippy.... Yay or Nay??

Good evening girlies!

So I'm a little unsure about something and need opinions (and I'm sure I can count on you girls to be honest). I've been experimenting with pretty pale lippies this week and I'm a little stumped and inbetween over them. 

The lipsticks in question are both MAC Amplified. The first is their Liberty of London lipstick in Blooming Lovely and the second is Saint Germain. 

Pinks and purples are a little alien to me (especially PALE shades) as I tend to go for corals or oranges lately. But I have admired St Germain ever since I saw a swatch on a blog a couple of months ago and just HAD to get it (I do love an experiment). Both of these lipsticks are cool tones (totally opposite to what I would usually go for). I got Blooming Lovely because I have NEVER tried a purple lippy and, as I have green eyes, I decided to try it as purple is meant to compliment green eyes. 

As you can see the colours aren't MEGA different... although Blooming Lovely appears lighter than it is on these photos (never find the right light when i need it in my flat). However, it is pretty clear which is the purple and which is the pink. 

I got Blooming Lovely first so I have had more time to get used to it and I think i agree that purple definitely works well with green eyes. The thing that has me umming and ah-ing is how PALE these lipsticks are. I'm not pale-skinned in the slightest (and in these photos I'm also wearing a little fake tan) and, although my skin tone is pretty neutral, it does sometimes seem to err on the warm side. Saint Germain just has me totally stumped. In some light it looks gorgeous but then i look again and feel like my lips are almost BLUE! 

My question is this....

Is pale lipstick a no-no in summer?? Do they make me look like some kind of street walker?? Also are the shades too COOL for me (ie. do i look half DEAD wearing them??). 

(l-r) Blooming Lovely and Saint Germain

Just realised how AWFUL my skin looks in these piccies haha. In my defence I'd just done 4hrs in a hot kitchen so I'm allowed to be a little shiny but... BUCKET PORES?!?! Unforgivable hahaha

So.... opinions required. Are shades like this good for summer? Do you reach for them when you're sun-kissed? Should i stick to my corals? 


  1. I prefer corals for summer, although I love pinks too :) X

  2. Hey lovely,

    I like the blooming lovely on you best, I'm not brave enough for these purply-pink shades myself, but a little tip if you are not sure either, try balancing out the bold lippy with a very subtle lilac/pink eyeshadow or sparkly liner, and also a tiny dab of cool toned highlighter on your cheekbones, and you have a lovely fresh summer look, that is a bit different to all the coral colours around lately.

    Edie x

    P.S Good job on the highlights! They look really nice x

  3. Haha thanks Edie! Morange is my summer fave so far but I'd never tried a pink/purple so thought I'd experiment a little.

    When I wear bright lippy i tend to go for a pale/subtle eye and more of a shimmer so you're spot on there :)

    Highlights are okay i guess. I missed most of the back cos i couldn't reach! Ended up foiling it cos i lost my streaking hook lol


  4. These colours are lovely! I have never tried M.A.C lipsticks! more of a gloss/balm girl but these look lovely on.

  5. Corals and red suit me much better than pale lips too.. I don't think there's a rule that says you MUST NOT wear nude lipsticks in summer.. Wear watever makes you feel comfortable.. And yah I think vegas volt will look stunning on you!

  6. i wouldn't call these pale but i would say they just don't suit your skin tone. Blooming lovely looks the better of the 2in these pictures but maybe if you fee; more comfortable in corals then you should stick with that. i only wear nude lips as it's the only colour i feel comfortable in and feel like they suit my skin tone better xx

  7. I just REEEEEALLY wanted to try St Germain as it looked so pretty. Blooming Lovely will get some wear but I don't think St Germain will.

    Vegas Volt and Cha Cha Tint are a definite next purchase. Back to what i know :)

  8. blooming lovely looks good on you. saint germain is just in general a really hard color to pull off because it is so pastel and neon!


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