Monday 20 June 2011

My New Blush BFF

It seems I can't shut up about blusher lately! Kinda strange coming from someone who, until February never cared that much for it at all!

But today my postie (whom i adore) popped this little BEAUTY through my letterbox!

It's BeneFit Coralista!!!

I buy a lot of my higher end cosmetics from blog sales. This is because since i was diagnosed with ME/CFS my work hours have had to be reduced and as a result my budget is WOBBLY to say the least. So in order for me to TRY new things at a more affordable price, it also helps me decide which ones are DEFINITELY worth splashing out for at the full price. 

This is one that i am LOVING! I got this from the very lovely Delyteful Speaks. I'd heard good things about Coralista anyway and when i spotted this in her blog sale i HAD to grab it!

It's most gorgeous shimmery coral! Not too bright and PERFECT (in my opinion) for day or night! Makes me feel VERY summery

The brush is a little..... MEH to be honest, but it's lovely and soft and still good enough for on the go as there's no need to carry a seperate one and it pops right in the box.

It's a subtle swatch. I had to build it up a little to get a good photo and it looks quite pinky in my photo (but that maybe, probably, most DEFINITELY has more to do with the lack of good light at the time) but the sheen on it is GORGEOUS and i can't wait to try this with a proper tan as i reckon it'll be great as a highlighting blush! 

So to sum it up... it's one of the prettiest colours in my growing blush collection! It's not too intense but not non-existant. I would say it's great for day OR night (although i haven't tried an evening look with it yet - Yeah we all know by now i have little-to-NO social life.. BLEH). 

I am doing a FOTD in the next couple of days to demonstrate a FEW products that I have developed a love affair with lately and this will certainly be one of them. 

I can see myself wearing this to DEATH! 

Do you own Coralista? Do you rate it or did it not do it for you? What are your other favourite BeneFit/Blush products? 

Would love to hear your thoughts :D



  1. I have it and for me its just an ok blush.. I feel like it brings out my imperfections more =/ i really wanted to love it.. Just glad its from the powder time lover collection thingy and not full size x

  2. I just LOVE the colour... Guess stuff works different on everyone. I've had blushes that others RAVE about that have done NOTHING for me whatsoever :( x

  3. So glad you like it more than I did! =P

    Can't wait to see a FOTD ;)

    Btw, you've been tagged =)

  4. My favourite blush of all time! :) X

  5. I couldnt get it to work on me :( but it looks so lovely in your swatches :) maybe I shall revisit it one day haha! Benefit bella bamba is one of my fav corals that and mac ripe peach <3 that one :) x

  6. Bella Bamba does look gorgeous, you're right! Possibly one for the birthday haul methinks :)

    Oooooh, I've been tagged?!?! On my way!! :D xxx

  7. I have been wanting to try this blush for the longest time now :)

    Love Christine ♥


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