Friday 17 June 2011

What's in my SUMMER Make-Up Bag??

Hey guys!

A few of you have expressed on Twitter just lately that you LOVE to have a nosey in people's make-up bags! My main make-up bag would make for EPIC reading and take FOREVER to photograph but I thought, as it's now summer (apparently, ugh) I'd share with you the contents of my slightly smaller make-up bag (y'know, the one i carry in my handbag for touch ups and quick changes etc). 

Make-Up Bag £2,99 - Superdrug

The contents of this bag changes from time to time depending on what colours I'm into and what products I'm currently LOVING and what is easy and quick to use on the go. 

Looking at the photos i took, i do not currently have much high-end stuff going on in there, so it's gonna be a drugstore-fest of a post.... BUT there are some great buys out there and i sometimes prefer drugstore brands if it's something i'm gonna be using EVERYDAY. Then the high end products i DO have last longer and feel more special when i wear them. 


One product. One application. LOVE IT!

For on the go Vie One Step Face-Base is a life saver! As you can see it is well-loved in my bag as it's gone PAST hitting pan! I'm waiting on my refill as i ordered it last week from the lovely Margaret from Vie at Home who visits my work every so often with her goodies. 

It's just a great product. Vie proudly states that they sell one of these every 2 MINUTES! It's basically a powder foundation. You can apply it with the sponge they supply with it or they also recommend applying using a kabuki brush. It covers well without feeling heavy and isn't cakey and it saves on me having to carry foundation AND powder around with me. Great for de-oiling the T-Zone quickly, which i have issues with during the day. Thumbs up there :)

So for blushes.... I did a post quite recently on my growing blush collection and stated there that I was reaching for 2 in particular over all the others. Well THESE are the 2. 

They are Sleek powder blush in Coral, and 17 powder blush in First Kiss.

Sleek Coral blush is just such a fab colour and is lovely and subtle (unless you build it for a bolder effect which is totally do-able). I just adore coral for summer. Looks great layered with bronzer.  

First Kiss is possibly my FAVOURITE blush at the moment. It's just the most perfect pink with a hint of a shimmer.... Sound familiar?? It should. That's because it's a FANTASTIC dupe for a certain NARS Orgasm which i know we all ADORE! 

(For swatches and more info on both these blushes please refer to my previous post which can be found right HERE!!)

My go-to bronzer is currently Bourjois Delice de Poudre (Chocolate) Bronzer which i bought as part of my haul from my lottery winnings the other week. I just LOVE this bronzer! It's a gorgeous colour, smells DIVINE and lasts FOREVER! I've used it almost every day since i bought it and i've barely even SCRATCHED the surface of it! I've been using it to contour as well as to apply to the areas where the sun would naturally hit. Works really well with my Coral blush. So LOVING that!


For eyes I carry a couple of colours, but not many as i tend to stick to the same colours when at work or college. I bought this Sephora duo from Yu's (from Let's MakeYuUp) Blog Sale. And i REALLY love it! I'm particularly loving the peachy shade as it's so pretty but still very natural looking for every day. The other shade is great blended with the peach and still gives a very subtle colour for everyday wear. I've reached for this duo a few times lately so it was a total bargain. 

The other shadow in the bag at the moment is MUA pearl shadow in Shade no11. Again, a total BARGAIN at just £1. It's slightly darker than the Sephora shadows but it applies and blends really well for a lovely gold colour. Perfect to take you from day to night at short notice. 

For liner, i just have a faithful Bourjois Kohl and Contour eyeliner pencil in black. This has also been loved dearly since i had it and is steadily shrinking. 

The Mascara I have is Maybelline One by One Mascara. I love Maybelline mascaras as most of them just WORK for me. I know that some people don't rate them but everyone's eyelashes are different, right? I couldn't wait to get this when it came out and i even think i like it BETTER than The Falsies. The only Maybelline mascara I didn't like was The Colossal because it STANK! I don't know whether it was out of date when i bought it or what but.... YUK!


Ugh... Photo FAIL!

You should all recognise the first lip product i have... We all ran out to snag it last week as it was FREE with Glamour Mag. It's BeneFit PosieTint! 

I had to experiment a little with this because, although it doesn't show up on my cheeks AT ALL... If i apply it pretty heavily on my lips I just ADORE the colour! The mini freebie size is probably not going to last too long at this rate but i'm so glad i was able to discover it for such a great price (with the mag) because now i KNOW i would definitely like to purchase the full-size product when my mini wonder finally runs out on me. 

Next up is 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Nudist Peach. What can i say about the colour other than that it is a great nude for every day. I doesn't deposit much colour on the lip at all (in fact it's almost like a gloss, but longer lasting) but what it does deposit of LOVELY. The shine is fantastic as well. 

Last up is the only item from the Sleek Mediterranean Collection to have made it into my every day bag. It's the Monte Carlo Pout Polish. Love this because it's a lip conditioner and contains Shea Butter and SPF15 as well as giving a hint of vibrant pink to the lips. 


Brush-wise I picked up this little 17 brush set for a few pounds when they were doing 3 for 2 a little while ago. The brushes are nothing spectacular but it's a lovely little set and perfect for carrying around. You get a shadow brush, blush brush, lip brush, eye sponge, and eye/lip liner brush. They're not going to be eclipsing the MACs and Sigmas of this world any time soon.. but they do their job. 

Hope you enjoyed noseying in my bag. I know they're not high end products but they're lovely for summer and are really working for me as an everyday look for on the go. 

What are the first things you pop in your bag when you leave for the day? Any summer favourites emerging? Would love to hear your staples :)


  1. I just got the 17 blusher in a swap.. Can't wait to try it!

    Great summer picks.. Seems like you have everything all set out for the summer time ;)

  2. I've heard great things about that Bourjois bronzer!

  3. Oooh, your makeup bag is so cute! I love that 17 Blusher, looks like such a pretty shade. And I love all of the lip products you picked out, I'd love to have all of them, the Sleek Pout Polish especially has been on my wishlist for ages! :) <3

  4. So glad you like the eyeshadow, my friend will be pleased! :)

    Still haven't gotten a 17 blusher.. tsk tsk.

  5. I love the sequined bag! I can't wait to try the 17 Blush in a swap I am doing. Looks gorg! And those Mirror Shine lippies are my FAV!

  6. Thank you everyone for lovely comments! I'm so in love with First Kiss! Its a great dupe and a total BARGAIN! Gaby you MUST try the Bourjois bronzer! I'm loving it!



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