Friday 10 June 2011

Everyone LOVES a Freebie!

Everyone's been so excited just lately at all the magazine freebies that have been coming out. 

And I'm no exception!!

May/June have been GREAT for high end, high quality magazine gifts and, even though i KNOW that every beauty blogger worth their salt has done a post on these things already, I really wanted to do a post as well about my favourites so far. 

(l-r) Nails Inc Electric Teal an Fashion Fawn

These are old news now (well, a month old anyway) but I thought I'd include them anyway... Last month's InStyle magazine hit the jackpot with a trio of exclusive Nails Inc polishes (there was also an orange but i resisted as i already have 2 orange polishes). The ones i did get were Electric Teal and Fashion Fawn. 

I love that you got a whole 10ml of product! Often magazine freebies are mini sizes but these are a great size! Electric Teal looks GORGEOUS on and I will definitely be doing a NOTD with it soon as i have never had so many compliments on a nail colour before. Even the customers at work have been admiring it (and trust me it's difficult to divert their attention away from food and alcohol haha). 

Fashion Fawn, I feel is a more Autumnal colour and i can see myself wearing it more when the weather turns colder again (that'll be next week then) with a big fat jumper dress and Uggs. 

Inika Organic Liner Pencil in Graphite
Onto this month's Marie Claire offering on Inika Organic Liner pencil and Shadow. I opted for just the liner as i have an exact dupe for the shadow already. The liner colour is called Graphite and is a lovely metallic dark grey colour. Perfect for the emerging Gunmetal trend of late! I have an MUA shadow that will go PERFECTLY with this! 

It's a lovely soft texture for a smokey look and so easy to blend. The only issue i have with it is the cute little sharpener that is integrated into the lid. It is neither practical OR functional and pretty pointless. The lid does not stay on because of it and it doesn't fit on well enough to actually SHARPEN the pencil. So it's purely a gimmick in my opinion.  

Inika liner pencil Heavily Swatched (l) and lightly blended (r)

So onto this month's main event which is, without a shadow of a doubt, Glamour's winning bid of BeneFit BeneTint, PosieTint and High Beam. 

I'm not going to go to town on these because, from the second they started being distributed around yesterday (Thurs 9th), posts have been popping up on many blogs and there are so many swatches that i think most of you will have seen the swatches already. If you HAVEN'T seen them then check out Natalie's post over at PixieLashes

Haha, check out the Ferret hair centre-top ;)

I've been hearing or reading about these cult products on and off for a LONG time without really knowing what they were or what to do with them and, to be honest, it put me off buying them because i wasn't prepared to pay the high-end price for something i didn't have a clue how to use. 

BUT with Glamour selling for £2 i was DEFINITELY going to buy all 3 mini size (4ml) versions, in the name of experimentation (ever the mad scientist haha) even though my front room now looks like a branch of WHSmiths with all the extra magazines lying around. 

I've only swatched them up to now but i can already see that the High Beam, closely followed by the PosieTint will get the most use by me. The BeneTint is nice as well but it's a little more.... in ya FACE than the other two. Will see how much they all get use then (if there are any left by the end of the month) maybe buy a couple of spares while they are that price. 

So those are my favourite freebies of the summer so far. I didn't partake in the Red magazine Jemma Kidd lipglosses as i KNEW i would not wear the colours an the only one i like i already had dupes of in my make up bag. 

What did you think of the BeneTints? Have you tried the Marie Claire Shadow? 

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  1. Great photos! I got the orange free nails inc pollish wich I love! Wanna try the BeneTints :) xx Thanks for the post :) xx


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