Monday 13 June 2011

The Kids

 Okay so i know this one isn't about girlie stuff. But I get so many of you asking about the ferrets I just HAD to put together a little show and tell for you guys!

I'm one of those pet owners who has totally replaced their need for children in their pets. My two boys (both 11mths) are mothered and spoilt beyond BELIEF! Every little sniffle or sneeze or, God forbid, dodgy poop and  I worry my head off! I haven't branched out into dressing them yet (I've done a good job of resisting thus far) but they get EVERYTHING i can possibly give them from treats to toys, And even then they prefer to play with an empty box or carrier bag. Easily pleased. 

So let me introduce you....
I did touch on an introduction to the fuzzies when i first started the blog but i thought my babies deserved a full spread this time. Hope you enjoy this dose of CUTE!! 


A lot of people recoil in horror when i tell them i have ferrets. Most people automatically think ferrets are vicious, unfriendly and smelly. 

The truth is, ferrets are just like kittens that never grow up! As with any pet, as long as you handle them, socialise them and give them lots of love, play and attention they will adore you forever. Pedro is my little cuddle bug. I've had him since he was 9wks old and he's a total mummas boy. He will sit on my lap for AGES and have his ears scratched until he falls asleep. Jasper prefers to be on the go and we don't have that bond that i have with Pedro as i didn't raise him (i rescued Jasper in February this year when he was 7mths) but he has his loving moments too. 

Pedro made a sleeping bag by dragging his blankie into an old carrier

Jasper investigating their new Hamburger Nap n Play sack

So ferrets DEFINITELY have their quirks. Within 5mins of me getting baby Pedro home he had stolen my cigarette packet, taken ALL of the cigarettes out of it and hidden them all in his blankie! To this day he still has an obsession with stealing and hiding cigarette packets but i only let him have empty ones. All he does with them is hide them but he gets VERY annoyed if you clear his stash.

Jasper is a compulsive DIGGER! Food bowl, litter tray, carpet... he's really not fussy. I have started making a dig box full of uncooked rice for him to stop him turning their litter pan out onto the kitchen floor (ewww). 

Pedro planning their next trip to the park

We have so much fun! We regularly take trips to the pub and to the park (they walk well on a harness and lead) and get up to allsorts of mischief. And they ALWAYS draw a crowd! Everyone is always so surprised how friendly and playful they are. Parents even let their kids hold them. I've had a lot of people wanting to smell them which seems odd to me but i guess when you've always been told that they stink it would be a natural curiosity. My boys are both neutered and so do NOT smell at all (except when they fire their butt gun.... then it's WHOA!!). 

Jasper looking for MORE mischief

Mumma's little cuddle bug

So those are my kids. Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and perhaps even learning a couple of things. Anyone else ever owned (or rather, BEEN owned) by a ferret? Would love to hear your stories or questions.  I have soooo many photos and videos of them. Too many for one post so there will probably be another dose of cute to follow another time. I will also have to upload my videos to my youtube channel but i want to get started on the beauty side of things there first. 


  1. aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :o) :o) x

  2. I am not an animal person but even I went "awwwwwwwww" how adorable are they, looking out of the window is literally the cutest picture! :) xx

  3. I can't believe they have blankies and everything haha, they look too cute! =)

  4. I know how you feel. Even though I have three kids I also have two labradors and I treat them like children. I adore them and dote on them and couldn't be without them, they even have their own facebook profile!

  5. Aww they are so cute! I love his little sleeping bag! :) x

  6. Aww they are so cute, love the one looking out of the window :-) x

  7. Ooh my god they are so incredibly cute! I was obsessed with getting a ferret for a while, I think they are so cute and heard they can be really loving and playful.

    The only thing that stopped me was the petshop telling me I'd have to get a 20 foot hutch/run thing installed in my living room and he also said they smell really bad.

    What do you keep them in, do they roam around or do they have a huge hutch? xxx

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  8. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

    Wow, your pet shop don't know how to sell do they! My boys are caged at night or if i'm going to be out for more than a couple of hours but otherwise they have the run of my one bed flat (although i have had to carefully ferret-proof as they like to get into EVERYTHING). And they are totally litter trained apart from the odd 'accident'.

    The cage i have is the Ferret Nation 142 which is 2 storeys with 4 levels and stands at about my height (5ft6) So no 20 foot hutch needed.

    As for the smell, as long as they are neutered and you wash their bedding weekly and scoop their litter pan EVERY DAY you should have no problems with smell. I never bath mine any more. It's just not necessary.

    Thank you for your questions :)xxx

  9. SO cuuuuute :D I can't get enough of furry cuties in general hahaha.

  10. They are AMAZING! I love pets, have posted all about them on my blog, my first YT video is actually all about my hamster..could talk about them for HOURS!! Love the harness thing...I walk my rabbit on one and everyone loves it! x


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