Friday 13 May 2011

Vie at Home - Summer Time Skin

Thought I'd pop this one in there while it's fresh in my mind because i've been meaning to tell you all about this one since i started using it last week. But it's been one of those dazed and confused weeks when i'm constantly thinking "Now, what was that thing i was about to do...." and it's been forgotten about until now.

So, at work we have a LOVELY lady called Margaret from Vie at Home who comes every once in a while and visits us with box after box of GORGEOUS things... I really like these evenings as i get to sit and talk about make-up ALL NIGHT and nobody will tell me to shut up. Last time she came was a little while ago (just before xmas) but I only just started using this product as i had another bottle of tan to use up before i started on this one and i haven't always got the energy to put on a tan every day at the moment so a bottle tends to last. 

The product in the limelight today is 
Vie at Home Summer Time Skin.

Vie at home says....

Low level tanning agents build a natural colour and Shea Butter and Panthenol (pro Vitamin B5) will keep your skin soft and smooth. Apply daily over face and body to build a natural tan. 

Other products in the range include Walking on Sunshine Body LotionSun Goddess Body Crackle and Spray on Sunshine

This retails at £12.50 for 250ml and is worth EVERY DAMN PENNY!! This product looks and SMELLS like a body lotion you would buy in a fragrance gift set (unlike the biggest selling brand of gradual self tan which smells like utter MUCK) and is for use on the face AND body so no need to buy a separate facial tanner. The colour is also GORGEOUS and looked lovely even after just 2 days of applying it before bedtime.

Another reason to sing it's praises is because I can't describe how SOFT my skin feels after I've put this on. I suffer from the curse of red, blotchy upper arms (I'm sure it has a name but i don't know it and i KNOW you know what I'm talking about) and, I kid you not, after one application they were smooth as a baby's bum! So i woke up silky smooth and smelling like a GODDESS, which really gave me a boost to start my day. And we all feel a bit perkier when we have a lovely golden glow.

The product does not contain any shimmer (which i like about it because i only really like a shimmer when i go out - which ain't very often these days) and the consistency is not as thick as some tans i have used. This means it spreads really well but doesn't take ages to sink in. It's not a greasy product either. Was fine on my face as well. I sometimes worry that body products are too heavy and gloopy on my face.

So if anyone invites you to a Vie at Home party or you ever have one yourself, this would be my first recommendation. I have other favourites of theirs as well but i felt this one deserved a post all to itself. I will do a separate post for all my other Vie favourites, because they don't deserve to go unmentioned either.

Go forth and GLOW my pretties ;)

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