Saturday 7 May 2011

I HEART Barry M :)

Been away a few days I know. Been recovering from the Bank Holiday at work and resting up ready to start the new college term. Last 6wks of my level 3 course now so gotta get stuck in and catch up on the practical sessions i've missed since becoming ill. Given the page a lil PIMPING while i've been so quiet but just didn't have the concentration factor to finish this blog post until now. Damned brain fog :(

So here's my latest offering on the alter of GORGEOUSNESS......


I've only touched on my obsession with Barry M up to now. 

As I'm pretty limited in where i can go these days and i never know if and when i'll have a good day and have energy to go exploring, I'm buying my cosmetics either ONLINE (when i can afford it) or exclusively from Boots in Bakewell (which is the teeniest most PATHETIC Boots I've ever been into). 

I don't have a MASSIVE budget for anything at the moment but ever since they started stocking Barry M I've been treating myself to ONE thing (or two.... I'm not always that restrained) every week on payday. I just find their products so much FUN and their website is FULL of awesome ideas and video tutorials. They are VERY reasonably priced as well with most items costing under a fiver. They sometimes do 2 polishes for a fiver and similar offers as well. 

Here I thought I'd share a few of my FAVOURITE Barry M goodies with you.


I'm a girl, yeah... and I wouldn't BE one if i didn't love a bit of SPARKLE! (I don't care how much of a tomboy you are - if you don't like sparkly things then you should consider gender-reassignment surgery)

Barry M Dazzle Dust is the one thing that is sure to pick me up and make me feel bright and colourful even on one of my bad days. I have been known to put it on just for pottering around the house when I'm feeling particularly low lol.

My favourite shades at the moment are Mint Green (I'm wearing this with their blue kohl liner mostly for when I want it BRIGHT), Mushroom (for sensible sparkle), and Brass (lovely with a tan).


Staying with eyes, my other shimmery favourite is the Shimmering Lip/Eye pencil. Again I've mostly gone for the green (loving green at the moment) and the gold but i also like the turquoise/blue (for eyes obviously... I could look half DEAD without putting any make up on at all haha). These are so easy to apply and can be smudged in for a more subtle look.


I'm new to the art of blusher. I've always just automatically gone for bronzer, but since i've been ill i've been feeling very washed out. Barry M blushers are quite a recent addition  but i went for theirs because i've never had anything of theirs that i didn't love and the packaging is really pretty. I chose the Strawberry shade (no3), although i worried that i should have gone for more of a peachy tone. But i needn't have. It looks INTENSE in the tray but it blends lovely (wasn't mad about the brush it came with but have been using my big blusher brush to put it on). The blushers also contain Vitamin E as an added bonus.

I don't think there's anyone that doesn't love Barry M Nail Paint so i'm more than likely to be preaching to the converted on this one. I love OPI and other higher end brands as well but, the reality at the moment is, I just can't afford them. Barry M's most recent Spring Ice-Cream pastels have really got me going. They're VERY girly and i worried a little that, at 28, I should go for something more grown-up but I'm LOVING their Strawberry, Berry and Mint Ice Cream shades for spring/summer. And who wants to grow up anyway?? I also love their Indigo, Pink Flamingo and Dusky Mauve.

Another one that's really intrigued me is the Nail Effects range. They have added 3 new shades recently (it was originally just black). White Frost is definitely on my wishlist, but every time i go into Superdrug it seems to be sold out. I works by sort of shrinking and cracking up as it dries. It is VERY similar to OPI's Black Shatter but at £3.99 is a lot more affordable for peasants like me hahaaaa

I apologise again for the gap in posting. I'm really LOVING this blogging at the moment but I'd rather wait until i am well enough to CONCENTRATE on what i am writing because i don't want to just post any old rubbish. I've only got 4 followers as it is... And I'd like MORE please!

(Please note that all photos are linked back to the original source - I'm still trying to master the art of still-life photography)

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