Sunday 1 May 2011

My Primark/BarryM 'Hangover' :S

FINALLY got round to doing my Primark visit yesterday. I KNEW it was a BAD idea to go before i even got on the bus. I should have spent yesterday resting but there's no other day I coulda gone. Bus was AGONY both ways and Primark was like a Zoo as usual. How come i always end up having to go on a BLOODY Saturday?!?!

Anyway, it was a flying visit, was only in town for an hour. Primark, Superdrug and OUT! Got some LOVELY bits. Yellow heart cardi a la Pixielashes ;), MASSIVE black Maxi-skirt (comfort heaven), some FABULOUS £1 sunglasses and a dress that i intended to wear for a wedding. However it was not the one i WANTED. I wanted a maxi dress but as is usually the case on a Saturday in Chesterfield the rails had been RAPED early on of all average sizes and I was left with a choice of size 8.... or size16 (not gonna happen). Of course changing rooms are a nightmare these days and physically pulling clothes on and off would not have helped matters at that point so i flashed em the plastic and made my escape. 

Was a lot more successful with my Barry M raid on Superdrug. I bought some their gorgeous looking blusher (shade no3) and decided i was also going to have a bash at their Nail Effects as well. Didn't really think it'd do what it says it does but, I can tell you now... that stuff is WITCHCRAFT!!! Strangest thing I've ever seen! You put on 2 coats of your favourite polish and let it dry... then add a SINGLE coat of the nail effects (no overlapping or it won't turn out right). And then watch as it does the weirdest thing i've ever seen. It's like it shrinks and CRACKS up as it dries. See the magic for yourself HERE.. Felt pretty darn clever once it was done I can tell you hahaaaa. And I'm slowly LEARNING how to apply blusher.

My little jaunt did, however wipe me out for the rest of the day and this morning too. Then of course i have to go and face the Bank Holiday MASSES at work (reason i shoulda been resting yesterday) and now I'm so sore all over i can hardly move!  Gonna have to rest ALL NIGHT and sleep in tomorrow to be ready for work tomorrow afternoon. So it's hot water bottle, bath and Haribo tonight for me. And perhaps some FARMVILLE ;)

And  P.S... Dress choice no2 made me look like a sack of SPUDS sooo I'm gonna have to make the trek BACK to Primark. But who knows, they might have the Maxi in my size next time so it may all work out for the best ;)

Barry M Nail Effects....
It's WITCHCRAFT I tell ye!! 


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  1. Sounds awesome! Barry M have just released their nail effects in several new colours as well. Originally it was just black or pink flamingo but now they have a gorgeous pastel blue, a white and a couple of others. I'm gonna have to limit my wishlist i think cos i could go MAD on their stuff!!


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