Friday 20 May 2011

Summer Haul 2011.... So far ;)

I'm VERY impressed that i've managed TWO shopping trips so far this Spring/Summer!! And as usual I've tended to stick to Primark, mainly for budget reasons. You really can't go wrong in there!!

Made a start on my summer wardrobe because i REFUSE to be stuck indoors (or even worse, sweating it out at work) while the sun is shining! The sunshine really does make me feel a little bit better, although i usually end up drowsy if i'm in it for too long and sunglasses are a MUST as bright light HURTS!

I've gone pretty MAXI this year. So far i have accumulated 2 maxi dresses and a maxi skirt (all £9 each from good ol' Primani).  I also have a plain black vest-type maxi that i got from New Look last year that is still good. The Primark ones are sooooo COMFY! I could just live in them.  The ferrets, however, see them as PLAYTIME and are loving running in and out of the dresses every chance they get! I fear for the wellbeing of my ankles! I have a couple of weddings coming up this year and because the dresses are so comfortable i am definitely going to wear them, jazzed up with jewellery and PERFECT make-up, nails etc ;)

Love Primark for summer staples such as vest-tops for £3 (of which i picked up a few colours, but only one is featured here for reasons of space) and I got a lovely pair of comfy grey linens for £9. My white and black ones from last year are still going strong so only needed the one pair this year :) 

I LOVE my white knitted waistcoat/cardi (also from Primani £10)... it goes over almost EVERYTHING. I also picked up this lovely pinkish-beige (there, i invented a new colour haha) floaty top for £8. I've been wearing it over vest tops and leggings with ballet pumps or sandals (sandals only when the ferrets are asleep - my feet would not survive if they were awake)

Last clothing item is the pretty pink dress with navy trim and bird print for ONLY £6. I wore this ONCE so far to college on a sunny day with leggings and pumps and got SO many compliments on it. Weird how smug you feel saying "Oh, this.... it was only 6 quid from Primani" when people are gushing about something you're wearing!

Haven't gone too mad on accessories YET.... Got a GORGEOUS bag in the Primark sale for £5 (I have so many bags that i don't tend to buy many these days). Got a little set of 6 pairs of pretty stud earrings for £1.50. They are so pretty and a BARGAIN at that price. I've been wearing the little roses and butterflies the most but currently wearing the doves. The charm-style bracelet was £2.50 and fits round my wrist OR ankle as it's adjustable. The heart pendant was actually from Claire's Accessories, not Primark but was still only £5 and i LOVE IT!!

Last item is my little guilty purchase... I was not DESPERATE for a new purse, but the one i had was getting a little tatty and the ferrets had started to chew the sequins off it. I saw this in River Island for £12 and just had to get it. I've always wanted a River Island purse but always ended up with a £2 one from Primark haha. But i was out with my mum and we reasoned that i was feeling pretty crap and a little splurge was perfectly justified for the purpose of cheering me right up :D

So so far, no shoes. I feel i need to do a clear out of shoes before i add any more. I've been hanging on to shoes that are absolutely KNACKERED just for sentimental value and because the ferrets enjoyed playing/sleeping in them so much. But they're cluttering now and i can barely close my wardrobe.

My summer haul has also included a Lush order and some make-up purchases but they will feature in another post as a plan to review a few of the items for your benefit :) That post should be appearing in the next couple of days when I've used a couple of the products.

Until then, hope you enjoyed noseying at my purchases... and


  1. I love wallet, and I totally took a look at the same stripey maxi dress! Great haul love :)

  2. Thats the one i wore to the wedding with the Nails Inc polish. Loving maxis this year. Thanks for the comment Yu xoxo


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