Tuesday 30 April 2013

Popping my Scentsy Cherry


Something a bit different from me today! I'm no different from most of the beauty blogging community in that I ADORE scented candles. I share my room with two ferrets, who actually are not as horrendously stinky as one might assume and are kept very clean, but I always like to have something sweet and fruity lingering in the air, fuzzies or no fuzzies as it makes me feel all warm and happy inside. I'm a great fan of Yankee and Neom and all that jazz but, recently, a good friend of mine who just happens to be a Scentsy consultant made me a proposition I'd be foolish to refuse. She persuaded me to ditch my wick and give a flameless Scentsy warmer a try! She's ever so kindly sent me these items free of charge so that I can share them with you. 

Mid-Size Cupcake Scentsy Warmer - £35*

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a flameless wax warmer (not burner, nothing burning here), I'll give you a bit of a rundown of Scentsy's mission and how their products actually work. Basically, they aim to bring you beautiful, decorative, family/pet friendly products that will make your home smell AMAZING and that eliminate all the mess, fuss and sometimes danger that goes along with traditional flamed candles and wax burners. You know the one where you've left your Yankee jar too close to the wall and you end up with that massive black soot smear ten feet high.... Yeah THAT! 

The Scentsy warmer works by warming the ceramic tray from beneath by a single lightbulb. It plugs in at the wall, clicks on and off at the touch of a button and is pretty much child/pet/idiot proof! You just break a couple of blocks off whichever Scentsy bar you fancy (and there are many to choose from) and place them in the dish at the top. This Cupcake warmer also features a lid to make it extra secure. After a while, the blocks will begin to melt and the room will be filled with your delicious scent of choice!
There are so many different warmers to choose from of different sizes, shaped and designs. They are also perfect as gifts for weddings and also for newborns (a decorative and perfectly safe addition to the nursery). It really seems like a great investment and very eco friendly as you won't be left with an empty jar to get rid of every time.

Regular sized Scentsy Bars - £5 Each*

The Scents that Dawn has included for me to test drive are:

Vanilla Suede
I see from my brochure that this scent is actually featured as being perfect for MALE tastes.... Not sure what Dawn was getting at with that one or what that says about me hehehe. I did, however, specify beforehand that Vanilla and Sandalwood is my ultimate favourite scent. I have both Yankee and Neom varieties and I absolutely adore it! Vanilla Suede has both of these ingredients in abundance with the addition of rich amber and spices. 

Cherry Limeade
This is a featured scent for the new Spring/Summer season and is a delicious mix of key lime, cherry and berries. It smells just like fruity POP! Most scents that I tend to go for are food orientated to be honest. A calorie free way to satisfy a latent sweet tooth haha. Scentsy actually do a specific 'Corner Cafe' range of scents as well featuring everything from Baked Apple Pie to Lychee Sorbet! 

 (Seriously, I had so much fun taking and editing the photos for this post! Great excuse to make use of some spare cupcake print wrapping paper I had lying around!)

I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product! The warmer is sturdy, melts the wax steadily and the scents fill the whole room without being too overpowering. I'll report back on how long they last for scentwise. I've been burning 2 blocks in the warmer for a couple of days now and haven't had to change them yet. I find Vanilla Suede so comforting. 
I also feel more confident to use the warmer when the ferrets are out and about as there is very little they can do to disturb it. The cord is a decent length and I've installed it on my vanity next to my makeup stash so that I can catch a whiff when I'm putting on or taking off my face.

I can't thank Dawn enough for giving me the chance to sample her wares!! You can browse and buy from Dawn's full catalogue online on her very own Scentsy website at nowick4uk.scentsy.co.uk or email her with any product questions at smellsheavenly@hotmail.co.uk. She's a lovely lady and a great friend and happy to help! I'd love it if you could show her some support.

Scentsy also offer an at-home service which is very similar to a handbag, Body Shop or naughty lingerie scenario so if you and your girls fancy a warm, relaxing evening in with a bottle of wine and some shopping then I'm sure Dawn can put you in touch with a Scentsy consultant in your area. I hear the hostess benefits are AMAZING!

Do you adore scented candles?? Would you consider swapping your Yankee?? Scentsy lovers, what are your ultimate Scentsy fragrances?? I need recommendations!!


  1. I love Scentsy, I was a consultant at the beginning of the year but I just lost time to put all my energy into it. This warmer is lovely :D

  2. If anyone would like afree book & sample just drop me an email :) xXx

  3. These sound amazing and how cute is the cupcake warmer! I only really ever use wax tarts as I find scented candles so expensive! I can only get yankee here in Malta and they're expensive anyway without the extra few euro they whack on for importing. Then companies like Neom and Dipy-whatever either wont ship here or want 50 quid just for delivery.

    Wax tarts are cheap and cheerful but this flame free version is like a dream come true! So often I'll ask C to blow out the tea light when we go to bed and he manages to blow wax EVERYWHERE! May have to get a few of these sent to my friends houses for me to pick up next time I'm around! xx
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  4. @theotherSideofCool - email me chick as we may ship to where you are ;) xXx


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