Thursday 26 May 2011

Lush: Flying Saucers & Therapy Massage

So this is the first review of some of the products I received from the LOVELY people at Lush. 

I posted my mail order haul on Tuesday. I had asked for their advice and recommendations on which products would best help my symptoms (I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for those who are new to this blog). They went one better than that and sent me some WONDERFUL samples and i have now started trying them out!! 

So tonight the products i decided to try out tonight were the Flying Saucers bubble bath and the Therapy Massage Bar
(The photos i have used are those from Lush's website as the products i recieved were mini sample sizes - Click the links below the images to view/order direct from Lush)

Flying Saucers was a discontinued product which is now ONLY available via mail order.
Lush says....
This works like a reassuring embrace from a friendly, furry creature. Flying Saucers is for when you're feeling emotional, but you've been acting so scarily that no-one will come near you. It's designed as the antidote to smashing the crockery and we recommend it for PMT. It has one of our favourite fragrances: honey and ylang ylang. Palmarosa is both calming and refreshing, and vetivert, the oil of tranquility, eases stresses, depression and tension. Take a Flying Saucers bath when you're feeling alien.

The first thing that hit me about this product was the STRONG smell of Honey.. I don't think i could pick up on any of the other ingredients, but I have had a cold so i may not be the most reliable sniffer today. I almost found it too sickly in the pot but Becky from Lush had said in her letter that it would help me relax so I was fully determined to give it a chance. 
 I'm glad i did and i can see why she recommended it for me. The smell really mellowed out once it hit the water and I found the honey scent REALLY comforting and I eventually picked up on the herbal undertones. Even though it was a little sample pot it still made a good amount of bubbles. Don't know if you're like me, but when i get a big bottle of bubble bath i tend to slosh it in and make TONS of bubbles. So a little went a long way.
I don't know if it's helped me RELAX as such (not on it's own anyway) but i found it VERYcomforting and it gave me a lovely bubbly bath :)

So the Therapy Massage Bar..... I'm unfamiliar with the concept of a massage BAR. I've heard of massage OIL but never in a solid form. When i picked it up and had a feel it was kind of a vaseline-y texture. Not quite like a soap bar. Almost like the bath melts.

Here's what Lush say about it...

Euphoria-inducing bar with uplifting neroli. Therapy is a wunder-bar, which we make to help your hard life get softer. First, it moisturises with cocoa and shea butters to make your hard skin get softer. Then, it softens your tensions with lavender and neroli oils - neroli is the one which gives you a feeling of euphoria, especially when you have someone massaging it into your shoulders. Give Therapy a try and you'll feel better in no time. 100% certified organic.

The scent isn't a sweet, pretty scent... it's very herbal and smells like it's fresh out of a spa and VERY good for you. I used it while i was in my lovely honey bath and honestly didn't expect it to go on how it did. It went on just like a massage oil or when you use baby oil after a bath on wet skin. The only thing i have tried that is like it is the solid Palmer's Cocoa Butter you get in a pot. It was VERY rich and i was worried it wouldn't all absorb and i would end up greasy. 

 But i had a lovely time massaging it in. The chunk they had cut me off wasn't very big but it really went a long way. I still have at least half of the piece they sent left to use another time. I think the massaging, in itself, helps relax achey limbs like mine and i feel like it has boosted my circulation. 

When i got out of the bath and dried myself off my skin did NOT feel greasy, but VERY moisturised. If i didn't need to put a layer of tan on tonight i would not bother with another moisturiser. My skin feels and looks lovely and smooth as well. This does a great double-act as a bath product and mousturiser in one and would definitely save you money on a seperate body moisturising product. I can imagine the full-size product would last a LONG time as well so seems VERY economical. I can't imagine the smell being to everyone's taste but there are that many different Massage Bars on Lush's menu that i'm sure there's one out there for everyone.

I still have some other products to try out. They also sent me shower gels designed to wake me up and give me energy, a Sore Labours Massage Bar sample and another bubble bath. This almost feels like a science project with all the potions i'm experimenting with! Can't wait to let you know how i get on on my next bath!

Do you have any Lush products you can't live without, or that you think might work for me?? Let me know...



  1. great review, i really want to buy flying saucers now it sounds right up my street :) xx

  2. Thank you for the comment hun. It is REALLY nice. Think I'll be going for the full size version once I've finished with my other samples :) xx

  3. Why is it I always feel the urge to eat Lush products. Those massage bars look yum. Nom nom nom. I think it is great that they gave you samples to help with your symptoms! Big thumbs up to Lush :-)


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