Saturday 28 May 2011

TAG!! A-Z of Me

Saw this lil baby over on Natalie's blog (go have a nosey if you haven't already - she's a make-up NUTCASE!!)  and also on Sprinkle of Glitter. Occured to me I've never done one of these before. Always thought I was kinda nicking someone elses post but then i realised that that's the IDEA haha... (dumbass) :P

So this one's called the A-Z of ME (not to be confused with M.E in my case - God that would take forever to explain wouldn't it!!)

Age: Made in 1982 so that would make me 28 (it would also make me 30 NEXT year... CRINGE)

Bed Size: Double, but with a KING SIZE duvet hehehe (all to myself too.. balls to sharing hehehe)

Chore you HATE: Scooping Ferret POOP.... Blehhhhhh

Essential Start to your Day: Actimel, Lucozade and at LEAST 3 ciggies(hey i hardly drink or get into trouble any more, I'm allowed ONE grubby habit)

Favourite Colour: Bright Orange (clothes, not skin hehe)

Height: 5'6" and a bit ;)

Instruments: My voice... but I also learnt guitar and the drums. 

Kids: Two fur-kids in the form of Pedro and Jasper the ferrets (not the 2 pictured, but i just thought that pic was sooooo CUTE!!)

Live: Bakewell, Derbyshire... and BEFORE you start it's a PUDDING not a frickin TART!! (Glad we cleared that one up)

Mum's Name: Linda/Lindy-Loo/Mummyyyyyyyyyyyy ;)

Nickname: Crazy Ferret Lady

Pet Peeve: People that are LATE, people that are RUDE and people who chew their gum LOUDLY when sat behind me on the bus. 

Underwear: PRIMAAAAAAAAARK!! Yup yup :)

What Makes you Run Late: A combination of M.E and naughty Ferrets (but I HATE to be late so I usually do my best to HAUL ASS)

X-Rays You've had Done: Broken elbow as a kid and a couple of dental X-rays... no biggie

Zoo Animal: Hmmmmm... Toughie. I'll go with TIGERRRRR!!! 

Some of the questions i really didn't have answers to but i thought this was a really fun tag and i tag ALL OF YOU to do it too! Let me know if you've done it so i can go and nosey at your answers :D




  1. That ferret photo is ADORABLE!!!!!!

  2. I wish mine would arrange themselves like that haha.... Saw that one and just had to use it though. May have to post a few of my boys too at some point :) x

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  4. Lovely getting to know you and your blog is cute :) I'm following


  5. Thank yoooooou!! Love being able to natter with you all! And Adrienne, you're right... that is one FIT exclamation ;)


  6. Defo going to do this at some stage!


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