Monday 30 May 2011

NOTD: No7 Stay Perfect in Spun Sugar

Bit late for a NOTD but I was determined to try this one out today.

So we've ALL probably got a purse full of No7 vouchers by now and today I used one of mine because I fancied a new polish. To be honest there weren't many in the range that grabbed me, they all just looked a bit.... Bland.

The price also puts me off No7 as I find it over the top at £7, but with the voucher this was a great buy at £2 :)

BUT this one did grab me. I've been after a nice gold for summer (although this seemed quite a deep gold in the bottle).

In fact this took a couple of coats to build up (although a single coat would possibly make a more subtle gold for daytime wear, or layered over something else). Here I actually used 3 coats but the 3rd was probably a little futile.

I find this to be a really nice shimmery gold. I HATE glitter in polishes but this is so fine it makes it look more metallic than sparkly.

Can't wait till my Xen Tan arrives on my doorstep so I can do the bronzed GODDESS thing with this polish and gold shimmery eyes!!



  1. I used my last voucher to get this shade :) to be honest the polishes are the only thing I use the vouchers for and I agree the colours are all a bit bleugh but this is a really nice shade :)

  2. It was the only one that really caught my eye. Think i will use my one remaining voucher for a single shadow, but i found the colours in those a little bleh as well haha. Hmmmm xx

  3. This will look gorgeous with a tan and matching golden eyes. I tend to just buy the make up wipes with the £5 off vouchers (£7 for make up wipes is a bit excessive!)


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