Monday 1 August 2011

Another Bargain Market Haul!

Evening girlies!
Sorry this is another late one again!! Truth is i got a little caught up on ebay bidding for a new (ish) iphone to replace my stolen one and, it took a while, BUT I got one! Woohoo!!
I tweeted earlier that I'd had a VERY good day for bargains today. Monday is Market day is Bakewell (i prefer to call it IDIOT day usually cos it brings out all the stupids) and the make up stall is HUGE!! 
I AM embroiled in a bit of a spending ban this month (yeah Im not doing very well on that am i) but that is A) to allow me to purchase the new iphone - CHECK, and B) so i can save up for my birthday Meadowhall binge in September. Todays haul, however, i don't think counts as i received my tips from work today and EVERYTHING you are going to see on this page tonight came to a total of less than £12!!! 

Think i did quite well!!

So here's the Haul....
W7 Powder Blush in Baby Pink
Revlon Creme Shadow Quad in Va Va Bloom
Royal 'Lashed Out' black Eyelash Adhesive
3x La Femme Crackle Nail Polishes in Orange, Gold and Pink
Ancient Wisdom Pure Essential Oil - Sandalwood
Random no-brand Contour/Blush brush

 Can't wait to play with these!! They look sooooo summery! Will definitely do a post with these. They look like they could make some SERIOUSLY funked up nails!!
I've not really tried creme shadows before (not sure why as I've nothing against creme formulas) but these were £1!! And the colours are so lovely! Purples tend to make my green eyes really go POP!
How PRETTY is this blush!! I was trying to walk past the stall altogether but this JUMPED out at me! I haven't got a really GIRLY pink blush like this and as it was ALSO just £1 i had to have it!! Can't wait to see what it looks like on my face! 
Lash glue.... what can I say, it's black lash glue. Yeah. So thats that......
I'm a big burner of essential oils and I use Sandawood A LOT as it relaxes the arms and legs. As an ME/CFS sufferer this really helps in helping me relax in the evening. This was the most expensive of the bunch but totally worth it. 
TWILIGHT SAGA!! Totally un-beauty related and don't count towards breaking my spending ban as they were purchased on WEDNESDAY but i only got them today. You'd think 3 for £5 was awesome enough BUT as I'm mates with the manager of the store I got them for £1 EACH!! Yeah so they didnt have the first one in stock but... that wasn't my favourite anyway haha. 

This was an inexpected haul but TOTALLY worth the TINY amount of money i spent on it all!! I've felt so ill today due to the heat and as i had a busy weekend I've been in pain most of the day too but this has cheered me RIGHT up!! Result!!

What bargains have you got recently?? Are you a market stall digger like me??



  1. oo the blusher looks lovely! I love imprinted products x

  2. oooo what a lovely blush!!!!

  3. I just love sandalwood! Can't wait to hear what you think of the cream shadows :)

  4. The blush looks really pretty!

  5. I am so jealous wish I could find great deals like that!


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