Friday 5 August 2011

I finally got NAKED (with Urban Decay)

Good evening my lovelies!!
I have an apology to make to you all. I have been away from my blog since MONDAY, which is the longest i've been quiet probably since i started this page. My reason is that work (and indeed, Bakewell) has been CHOCKA this week with tourists clamouring to attend Bakewell Show this week. A lot of rushing around has been done and I've, honestly, been just too EXHAUSTED to blog by the end of each day. I've hardly even touched the laptop. I'm also pleased as punch to return to find i have new blog followers! Thank you for following girls and i will do my best not to disappoint!
 So I'm very very very sorry girlies and I'll get on with this post now....

I'm aware that Naked Palette posts are ten a penny at the moment but this isn't just ANY Naked palette... It's MY Naked palette and I'm DESPERATE to share it's prettiness (even though you've probably all seen it a MILLION times before). 

Isn't it pwettyyyyyyyy!!!! I've been after one of these for AGES and when the Lovely Ms Red mentioned that she wasn't getting along with hers i jumped at the chance to own it and handed over my paypal details without hesitation. 
The colours in this palette are just so beautiful and I totally believe the hype on this one. They are a perfect mixture of matte and shimmering shades that can be worn every day or glammed up to the MAX!! A couple of clear favourites emerged straight away in Sidecar and Smog along with the GLISTENING Half-Baked. The matte shades are so wearable too for daytime (even in my job) or as a base for the other colours. I haven't played around too much with it yet as i am hoping to document my adventures with this palette in further posts. I hope you will enjoy seeing what i can create with it because the possibilities are ENDLESS!!

This palette comes with a miniture version of the trusty Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (affectionately nicknamed UDPP by my lovely tweeps), which i am also loving, and a great quality brush. No useless sponge applicators with THIS baby! I just can't tell you how pleased i am with this item! 

I'm not going to go into major detail on this palette as yet as i intend this post to be, mainly, an interlude to my further experiments with the colours. Hopefully now it has calmed down a little in Bakewell i will have more time and energy to get back to normal as far as my blog goes. I have really been trying to stick to my pledge to blog every day (when possible) and I've been lagging this week. Well, NO MORE I tell yee!!

Do you own the Naked Palette?? Which are your favourite shades?? What looks have you created using them??


  1. I love the naked palette my favourite shades are ALL OF THEM! I love smog, it's gorgeous xxx

  2. I love using naked all over the lid and buck in the crease. You don't think it will show up much but when you do it, it's really gorgeous :) Then I add a bit of sin in and darkhorse to the very corner :) xxx

  3. So glad you love it more than I did. It deserves loving, I felt like a bad owner not loving it as I should have.


  4. I love my naked palette! The shades really suit you :) xx

  5. I really want this palette, I've never seen a post where anyone hates it!

  6. Love it Love it!

    Mine is literally like my child!

    Love smog for the crease, so pretty. Plus the number of looks you can create is ridiculous!

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