Sunday 21 August 2011

Elf HAUL!!!

Evening girlies!! 
Been gone a couple of days. Mainly due to my health this time. Just been feeling too poorly to blog. A few things have come into my possession over the weekend that I'd like to share with you. This is because on Friday i did an ELF order!! I haven't had anything from Elf in a LONG time and felt it had been way too long. So i thought, "to hell with it", I deserve a treat for getting my place at University confirmed this week so i dug out the credit card and ordered some STUFF!!! 
It arrived the VERY next morning, even though i'd opted for the free standard shipping (order was over £30 - Just). They really are super-quick!!
 I wasn't able to take the photos straight away for this post but i couldn't RESIST swatching and playing around with my purchases so they have been slightly 'disturbed' in the photos haha. Don't judge me, I'm just impatient!! 

The bits i was MOST excited about were the brushes I ordered. I've been DESPERATE for a Stipple brush for a long time now and, at the moment, my budget doesn't stretch to MAC, Sigma or Real Techniques (although I am determined i will own some of Sam's brushes one day). The Elf studio brushes look and feel like decent quality for the price of £3.50. The Taklon bristles are super soft and I can't wait to try them out!! I also opted for a blush brush and the contour/crease brush. 
I also couldn't resist picking up a brush case to keep them in. I'm sick and tired of digging around in my bottomless make-up bag for my brushes. Being organised makes me happy (Virgo, nuff said). I can't wait to let you know what i think of my new brushes!!

I picked up two lip products in my haul. Both of which i had spied over on Natalie's blog BLUSHBLENDBEAUTY 
The first was the Conditioning Lip Balm (spf15) in the shade Mellow Melon

This is a pretty coral/pink colour which i suppose is like a Watermelon shade (hence the name). I tastes yummy too!! Love that it has the sunblock in it too!! Lips feel lovely and soft with this on!

Next was the Matte Lip Colour pencil in Natural...

Not as dark as it looks in this pic, this is a lovely nude pink. I do find it a little drying on my lips (although not as drying as some matte formulas) but its nothing that a little Carmex can't fix. Mmmmmm.... Caaaaarmex :)
The pencil, like application makes it very precise and great for on the go as its hard to go wrong when you apply it. Its like a lip pencil/lipstick in one. It survived my bar shift yesterday as well so that proves its staying power! I've worn this to work every day since i got it so its a WINNER!!

Next up is the BLUSH...

One word.... Disappointed. 
I got the Studio blush in the Shade 'Peachy Keen' as I wanted another peach to compare to my Sleek one. This looked lovely in it's picture but, as is the drawback of online shopping, you can't swatch it. And if i HAD been able to swatch it i would have seen the distinct LACK of pigmentation and put it right back. You can't even see the swatch on my hand, although it does have a lovely shimmer to it (the Sleek one is matte) so could maybe be used as a highlighter. Will have to experiment. 


Elf Studio Pressed Powder in Caramel...
Again I'm nervous that i can't swatch things when i buy online so i tried to go for the shade that was slap-bang in the middle of the range.  I had worried that Caramel would be a tiny bit too dark, but Buff (one shade lighter) didn't look dark ENOUGH so i went for it. It was a good choice though. It matched up lovely when i swatched it. Haven't put it on my face yet but I'm not worried :) 

Last up I picked up some new eyelash curlers. My old ones got lost in transit when i moved back from Tenerife the last time and I'd just NEVER got around to buying some more. They were a total bargain. If they do the job then i don't care that they're cheapo haha. 

So that's my haul. Picture heavy i know, but i hope you enjoyed looking through my finds! Please let me know if you have any requests for reviews of products from this haul. I have a feeling the brushes will definitely be getting a mention.

Did you order from ELF lately?? What did you snap up??


  1. I got the stippling brush too from ELF and I love it :) its so soft! And looks like you got some lovely products too :) and their brushes are so good!! :) ELF for the world! xox

  2. No judgement! Im just as impatient lol :) The lip products look really nice! shame about the blush, but for an online order you did well!! xxx

  3. I haven't bought anything for ages, but my favourite are brushes and lip products

  4. I've got that brush case and it's seriously brilliant. So handy for taking round to my boyfriends! It's also good for eye liners and lipglosses :) xxx

  5. The stippling brush is fab for the price, but I do love my Crown one more which cost £2-3 more I think. I made a little order when the 50% off was on, I always feel a little uninspired by ELF stuff for some reason yet other people seem to find such good things!x

  6. I haven't ordered from ELF in absolutely ages! Looks like you grabbed yourself a few lovely things, I really want those lip conditioners and pencils! As for the blush maybe you can use a more dense brush? :)

  7. god i love elf!!!!
    I just did a review on the mineral powder would love for you to check it out!

  8. I love, love, love the Matte Lip Colours xxx

  9. Never tried any elf products.. They don't sell them here but I'm liking the lip balm shade.. Really pretty!

  10. ELF are having another 50% Off promo. I did order four brushes from both their studio and bamboo line but I'd like to try out some more face brushes. I agree, one day I'll own a 'sam' brush too. - I'll blog/reveiw about the brushes soon x


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