Thursday 25 August 2011

My New TOY!! Ft Diva Pro Styling

Good evening ladies!! 
I swore this week that i would up my game but yet AGAIN I have gone a couple of days without a post. I'm not gonna beat myself up about it (I've had work and hospital appointments to attend which has left me KNACKERED) but I still look at the number of posts for this month and feel a little disappointed. Not least because I have a few VERY exciting things still to show you this month.
And one of those things is this little beauty....

Diva Pro Styling: Ultima 5000 Pro Hairdryer

Imagine my excitement when the postman asked for my signature for THIS!! I was sent this by the company as i had mentioned that, as a hairdresser, i would be VERY interested in trying out some better equipment. I see clients at home and had been making do with a relatively standard, drugstore hairdryer. It's great to finally have a good quality tool like this! 

So here's the vital statistics from Diva....
New ultra slim ergonomic handle
Noise reduction system
High pressure motor system
Ionic conditioning for faster drying, reduced static and frizz, for healthy looking shiny
4 heat & 2 speed settings
Ceramic and tourmaline grill
True cold shot
Removable easy clean rear grill
Housing in super-tough nylon
3 metre soft flexible power cord
Available in rubberised black, gloss black, metallic hot pink

I think you'll agree that those are some IMPRESSIVE statistics!! I couldn't wait to put it to the test!! I've been using this hairdryer for around 2 weeks now. 
First thing that stikes you about this hairdryer is that it's PINK!! I am not ashamed to admit that i am one of those girls that likes something even MORE, just because it's pink. It comes in black as well, but give me the pink version ANY day of the week!  

Here's what i LOVE about it....
The airflow is AMAZING and this makes drying time so QUICK!! I also feel like it helps me to control my hair better during drying. From a hairdressers' point of view this is also a bonus as it means less time in the chair for your client. 
It has FOUR heat settings (including the cold shot), which is one of the biggest bonuses for me. I have MASSIVELY thick hair and the cooler setting does NOTHING for me. Whereas I worry that the HOT setting is too hot and will eventually FRAZZLE my hair (especially as i have coloured my hair a few times recently). Its great to have something in the middle. 
It gives my naturally wavy (in a bad way) hair the smoothest finish of ANY dryer i've every used (professional or otherwise). The photos for tonight's post were taken after JUST blowdrying. No straighteners. Nothing else. 

Here's what I DON'T love so much....

I got quite excited when i saw that it had a curling wand attachment. I don't actually have a conical waver at the moment as mine has been loved to DEATH and finally given up on me. I loved the idea that i could dry AND curl my hair in a single step. 
Well i didn't get along with this from the first moment i TOUCHED it. It's almost impossible to attach and remove from the hairdryer (even though the 2 concentrator nozzles provided are no problem to change). So much so that, the first time i attempted it, a portion of the skin on one of my fingers became TRAPPED between the wand and the dryer and I could NOT free it or get the wand off. I now have a lovely scar on my finger after i had to do a-la 'SAW' and rip my finger away from it myself. 
It doesn't do ANYTHING on dry hair.
Using it on WET hair is near impossible as it burns both your fingers and your head after a couple of seconds (I tried it on all heat settings). You'd definitely need to wear gloves. And even on the hot setting the payoff isn't great. This could just be my hair though. It is VERY heavy and thick. 

The Results???

As i said before, these photos were taken after using JUST the hairdryer WITHOUT straightening. My hair is thick and wavy and I would usually NEED straighteners to get a result this smooth. For this I blowdried my hair with the Ultima on the medium heat setting and the highest airflow setting. I used a medium sized barrel brush. The only product on my hair is Moroccan Oil (put on whilst wet). 

The Verdict??
All things considered.... this styling tool is a WINNER for me. From a personal and professional perspective I would recommend it. Its a great tool for stylists and it offers high performance and reduced service times. On a personal note, this would suit anyone with thick or difficult to manage hair who wants more control while styling and a smoother finish. Just make sure you use your regular conical waver/barrel tong/straighteners for curling. I wouldn't want you all hurting yourselves haha. 

The Diva Pro Styling range is available from and also includes conical wavers, straightening irons and waving irons amongst others. I'm actually intrigued by the waving irons. I've never tried them before. And I'm seriously considering purchasing their conical waver to replace my old ones. The Ultima retails for £79.99

Have you tried any of the Diva styling tools?? What are your biggest issues when styling your hair?? If you have any questions about blow-drying or styling, feel free to comment!!


  1. Omg look how shiny your hair is! Lisa I need this in my life!
    Such a shame about the conical attachment that would of been awesome to use rather than having to dry it straight an then curling!
    Brilliant review lover xxxx

  2. I defo need a new hairdryer mines about to blow up ha! This looks wicked, Your hair looks so nice and shiny :D I agree with Natalie Brilliant review!! xxx

  3. Your hair looks so shiny, gorgeous!! I really want to try a waver as my hair just doesn't suit me curly, don't think I could afford this one though :( xx

  4. I have read so many reviews on these and want one! My Glamoriser is amazing, DIVA make fantastic products! Great review, Mel xxxx

  5. I want this!!!!...I'm a sucker for anything Pink and my hair dryers have always been black :(

    Your hair looks beautiful <3

  6. your hair looks lovely after using this, I love the colour of it too! I am in need of a new hair dryer as my 'Revlon' one has pretty much had it now!


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