Sunday 14 August 2011

NOTD: OPI Pirates pt4 - Skull & Glossbones

I've been MEANING to produce this final part of my Pirate themed NOTD series for you for the last WEEK!! But busy-ness and subsequent ILLNESS have prevented it! I've been struggling to keep up with work lately and as a result have been too tired and useless to even pick up the laptop, let alone write a blog post. I did manage me hair post though and I am also working on a Diva Pro Styling review on the Ultima hairdryer (which i am LOVING by the way) so expect that on Tuesday on my day OFF! 

So here's Skull & Glossbones for your viewing pleasure!!

I love love LOVE this colour!! Not an obvious choice for a summery polish but it really does set off  tan PERFECTLY!! I did find that it is VERY similar to Stranger Tides, except the latter does lean a lot more green once it's applied. In the bottle, however, it's not immediately obvious which is which.  
I have found the mini OPIs to be gloopier than the regular size polishes. Not sure what's going on with that to be honest. It does take a lot more effort to get a smooth finish and I always need to put a topcoat on it. I'll forgive them though. The minis are a great way to sample multiple colours for a bargain price (compared to a tenner per regular size OPI).
I did, the following day have a little creative moment where i decided to pop a bit of the Neon Pink La Femme Crackle polish over my ring fingernail as an accent, just to see what it would look like....

Not an amazing photo and I had been at work so the polish is a little battered (bloomin wire wool scourers in kitchen). But i like pink and grey together and was quite pleased with how my little accent turned out! The La Femme crackle polishes i have were £1 EACH from my local market and I'm having so much fun using them! Expect a post on them in the next week or so! 

To sum up the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection I've really enjoyed these colours for summer and i will continue to use them throughout the year i think. Skull & Glossbones and Stranger Tides are my FAVOURITES of the 4 just because they are so different to any polish i would usually choose for summer and they have really pleasantly surprised me! Don't know why i haven't tried these colours before because i LOVE greys and khaki greens when choosing clothes and the colours REALLY bring out a tan! 
Planks a Lot and Sparrow me the Drama are also such PRETTY colours! I do not own another pink or purple polish like them! The tones are just lovely. VERY pleased with my purchase of this collection! I will be treating myself to some full-size versions in the near future!

What did you think to the OPI Pirates polishes?? Which other colours should i be searching for that i didn't receive in this set?? 


  1. This is my absolute fav nail polish of the summer!
    Good choice :)

  2. This is my favourite nail polish EVER! It's so chic, I really need to buy the full size bottle ooh and a crackle to do that accent nail!! :) xxx

  3. Even before seeing it on this one was my fav just because of the name hehe! Looks absolutely lovely on though, and the pink crackle goes really well! I'm deffo gonna be purchasing these now :) xx

  4. I like this shade but it isn't something I would buy personally. I feel your pain with the wire scourers, they're always ruining my nails


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