Thursday 18 August 2011

UD Naked Palette: Black & Gold

Evening girlies!!
Since I coloured my hair back to my usual dark brown/black shade (that blonde thing was never gonna last long with me), I've been looking forward to wearing dark, smokey eye looks again. I just didn't feel it went with my fairer hair and had gone for more subtle shades as a result. 
So when i was having a little play around with my Urban Decay Naked Palette today i decided to try and create a darker, more vampy look with it compared to the everyday looks i usually go for when using it (i usually use the neutrals and gold shades). And here's what i came up with!! 

I stuck with my love of gold... but i wanted to create a dark, smokey eye so i went for Creep, which is the darkest shade in the palette. I just love the little flecks of light that run through it. I kept the base of the look gold and went for (one of my favourites) Half Baked, which i put all over the lid. I then applied Creep over the top. I did it that way because i still wanted the Half Baked to show a little through the dark shade. I took Creep out into a subtle flick and finished it with a sweep of liquid eyeliner and Rimmel Day-to-Night mascara.

I did not line my lower lids. However i did apply the same two shades along the very lashline, meeting in the middle. In the inner corners and on the browbone i used the lightest shade in the palette which is Virgin. 

I think this is about as dark as i dare to go so far.... I might get braver over the winter, you never know. I really like this for a summery evening look. It has the dark drama AS WELL as the gorgeous golden shimmer. 
I'm no pro at applying make up so some of you will probably think i've made a complete hash-up of it. I'm still learning. But i like it and it was relatively easy for me to create so maybe others without all the tricks and know-how of an MUA might be able to as well. 

How daring have you gone with the Naked Palette?? 


  1. I want this sooo much but it's just a bit pricy- you get a lot for your money and it's definitely worth it, I just can't really justify that much in one go :( you have made a gorgeous look here, I love the darker, more vampy style. This palette is perfect for trying out new things :) xx

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  2. i really like this im going to have to try it out

  3. I still need this palette! I think it looks great! Can't wait for winter, I always have an e/s phase cuz you can get away with so much more :D

  4. love this look, its gorge! xx

  5. beautiful colours, they look really strong! think i'm gonna have to get this for myself xo

  6. I NEVER wear black eye shadow but I LOVE that you used the lighter shade in the crease.. I should totally try that!!

    Great post! I see you're getting more daring with makeup.. I like it ;)


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