Wednesday 17 August 2011

Stars of Summer 2011 - Lipstick

Evening girls!!
Another LATE post tonight. Been slogging it out at work again. Summer certainly hits hard in Bakewell, especially if you work in the service industry!! Hungry people everywhere you look haha.
Tonight I wanted to blog about something I've been LOVING over the summer and I've decided that, as summer appears to be on its way out and Autumn fast approaching, that i am going to begin a series of posts about the products that I have loved over the last 3 months and just SCREAM summer to me. 

And I'd like to start with MAC Vegas Volt!!

This lipstick is the most PERFECT Coral for me!! It's not too pink and not too red and not too orange. It just seems to be the perfect mix of all three. On the photos for this post i think it looks more pink than it is (and actually looks quite RED in the picture of the packaging above) but i feel that it can change depending on what other colours you are wearing it with and its so wearable compared to other brights such as Morange (which i also love but haven't worn so often due to it's in-you-face-ness). It's an Amplified finish which means it's very pigmented and largely matte but with a lovely creamy texture.

See what i mean about it looking pink in the bright light?? And what the HELL is going on with my BEARD?!?! Looks like I'll be waxing BOTH my lips from here on in haha.

I've worn this lipstick vamped up on my (rare) nights out, as well as in the daytime with toned down, neutral eyes and cheeks. It just makes me feel very summery and i have really enjoyed wearing it. A dusting of bronzer and a bit of gold shadow and you're good to go.... INSTANT summer!! I think i will definitely try and incorperate it into my make up routine all year round. I don't know how my tastes will change over the colder months but at least i know a way of switching on the sunshine (even if it's just on my lips). 

What colours scream summer to you?? Coral?? Orange?? Fuchsia?? 


  1. hahaha I totally know what you mean! I always make sure that I wax EVERYTHING before lip swatches because it just like magnifies everything! haha
    I love Vegas Volt, but it just refuses to work on me! So I'm going to have to settle for admiring it on other people :)

  2. How do you put on lipstick so neatly?! Do you use a brush?

    I share your love for Vegas Volt, but you already know that ;)

  3. This has decided me... Vegas Volt WILL be my first MAC lipstick!! Love it, it looks absolutely gorgeous on and not too drying at all! xx

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  4. I really want Vegas Volt, it's been on my wishlist forever :)

  5. This has been one of my favs of summer! It's just so perfect with neutral eyes and a simple outfit. Makes my teeth look super white as well!

  6. when I saw vags colt in person I just wasn't that impressed.. But looking at on you, makes me wanna go get it.. like NOW!

  7. This looks gorgeous on your lips, soo summery! xx


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