Friday 26 August 2011

One Halo that DOESN'T Slip!

I am one HAPPY girlie!!
Since i have been poorly, I have struggled occasionally to find the energy to deal with my very thick, wayward hair. For this reason I made the heartbreaking decision to cut my waist-length hair into a shoulder length bob as it really was a little much for me to tackle when i was first diagnosed with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. 
It was a decision i INSTANTLY regretted. My brunette hair had been long for a LONG time and, although i experimented a little with colour to compensate for the change in length, I just didn't feel like ME! 

Fast forward to LAST Friday and I got a little message on Twitter to tell me that i had WON a set of Halo Hair clip-in extensions!! I was over the MOON! I seriously did NOT stop smiling all day!! 

My prize arrived early Tuesday morning.... 5mins before my dad was due to pick me up to take me to my hospital appointment. No WAY was I waiting until i got home to crack that baby open!! And, luckily, I had them out of the box and in my hair faster than you can say ANGEL. They really are THAT easy to apply!!

100% Remy Human Hair!

So what's in the Box???
2 x 3-clip wefts
2 x 2-clip wefts
4 x Single clip wefts
Full instructions on how to wear the extensions
Miniature sizes of the NEW Halo shampoo and conditioner to help you care for your new extensions.

My beauties are the 20" Clip-In set in the shade Dark Brown (no2)
So here's my hair BEFORE these came into my life....

My hair is relatively short, therefore i had worried a little that there would be a definite GAP (only word i can think of to describe what i mean) between my hair and the extensions, and that the result would be a little..... disconnected. Worries unfounded. The way the wefts are applied blends in perfectly. The single clip wefts can be positioned anywhere to hide any bits that 'stick out'. The only thing i will say if you have shorter hair is that you will not get the thickness in the lengths that you would with longer hair, and you may not be able to do some of the hair-ups that you see in the YouTube tutorials. I personally have always had long hair with shorter layers so the finished result for ME is almost as my hair was BEFORE i had the chop!!

So... Colour Match???

Pretty damn PERFECT!!!! I can't tell the difference at all! I guess it's easier to match dark hair as it's only in the bright sunlight that you can see any tonal differences, but even then i haven't found any! Blondes and red-tones might need more careful consideration when colour matching extensions, and if your hair is bright PINK??? Then you will definitely have to face the fact that you will have to DYE your extensions, so make sure you choose a pale shade!

The End Result!!!

And i also ADORE the people at Halo for holding the competition. Make sure you follow them on TWITTER as they hold the competition EVERY Friday!! Tweet them soon because they are also SUPER nice and happy to chit chat away on Twitter. For me this also gives me more confidence in their brand (as if the product didn't speak for itself). They also have a page on FACEBOOK where you can keep up to date on the latest news and read the latest reviews and tutorials. 

The set of Clip-Ins that I have retail for between £44.99 and £59.99 and are available in a great range of colours with a choice of 16" and 20" in length. Also make sure you check out the Halo which is a hairpiece which is attached around the head with a special wire.

For an EXTRA 10% OFF your own Halo I even have my very own discount code especially for readers of this blog which is....


Thank you so much to the lovely people at Halo. I've been beaming from ear to ear all WEEK!!!
Stay tuned for more EXCITING Halo news, reviews and tutorials to come on this blog. I also have a special treat for one lucky follower once i get to 200 followers so GET FOLLOWING!!


  1. Your hair looks lovely with your extensions in.
    I have short hair too which I am trying to grow I will definitely go and check those extensions out! I've been thinking of which ones to use because I want extensions in for my wedding Xx

  2. I frikkin love them! You look bloody stunning in the pics hun! xxx

  3. I think you should do more hair posts as its great to read the opinions of a hairdresser :) x

  4. you look gorgeous!!! <3

  5. Wow, what a lucky girl! Congrats, those seriously look awesome!

  6. Congrats on winning they look GORGEOUS! I really want some short ones to boost up volume as I have the length I want.. will def consider Halo too :) Lovelyyyy!

  7. Wow they look gorgeous on you!


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