Friday 25 January 2013

Half Price Look Beauty HAUL!!

Good morning my lovelies!!
My Instagram followers reading this will already know that i went a bit NUTS when i heard that Look Beauty were having a 50% off Sale in Superdrug this month. And my local one in Streatham just happens to stock it! Needless to say, i was off up there faster than a greased weasel.... and i actually went back TWICE more in the last week! Naughty naughty... Anyhoo i thought i'd do a little post to let you all see what i got.

Okay so it's not a MASSIVE haul... but for me this is the most drugstore makeup i've bought over a short period of time in quite a while! Especially from just one brand. In fact, these are my first ever Look Beauty purchases (apart from a single lipstick which i reviewed HERE) and i wanted to get my money's worth while everything was such a great price!! 

Nail Pop - £5 Each (I paid £2.50)
To be honest it was only really these that i first went in for. I've heard quite a lot about these polishes and i knew i had to get some while they were such a low price. The shades are as follows...


The only one i have reviewed so far is Dorothy (post can be found HERE) but expect to see all featured on this blog during the course of the next few weeks.

Make me Blush Powder Blusher: Pinch £8 (I paid £4)
This is a bit of a different colour choice for me. It's a lot cooler in tone than i would usually go for. I expected to go straight for 'Rosy', which i do still want but i was admiring this colour so much and i find it so much easier to try new things when they're on offer. I haven't really had much opportunity to play around with it yet, but from a preliminary swatch the pigmentation looks really promising! I will report back.
Holiday Glow Bronzer: Rio £8 (I paid £4)
I grabbed this because i've been looking for a slightly darker bronzer for a little while now. I can't really afford to repurchase my shattered NARS Laguna yet (seriously upset with myself for managing to destroy something so beautiful) and wanted something that i could put in my travel bag as a bronzer/contour multitasking product. I'm hoping this might be it!!

Airbrush Base: Medium £12 (I paid £6)
I've heard amazing things about this foundation and i'm so excited to try it out. There will definitely be a review popping up on this at some point. It's a medium coverage, which is my preferred kind, and the shade match is great. I've had a little feel of it on the back on my hand and can't wait to play with it properly. I have really high hopes so i hope it doesn't let me down! 

Eye Brightener £4 (I paid £2)
Hmmm... I already have the BeneFit eye bright, but this nude shade really appealed to me as a more subtle tone as the BeneFit one (although i love it) is quite pale and pinky toned. It's also quite chunky, while this pencil is the same as a regular eyeliner. Hoping i will be able to use both to create different effects.
Loud Lips Liner: Rock Candy £4 (I paid £2)
There is a lipstick of the same name to go along with this product but it just looked so RAWR that i couldn't bring myself to buy it. I have fuchsia lipsticks already that i hardly wear. I bought this liner specifically to go with my MAC Quick Sizzle lipstick but i'm going to try it with other pinks such as my Viva Glam Nicki and Chatterbox and see what looks i can create.

Double Hit Lip: Berry Blast £8 (I paid £4)
I'm still on a mission to find a shade of purple lipstick that will suit me. I have green eyes so, in theory, it should be a match made in heaven, but my warm skintone is seriously hindering me!! I love that this one has a gloss with it that i can use on its own for a more subtle in situations colour when the lipstick is too daring. Can't wait to play with this badboy!! Expect swatches soon. 

As far as i know, Look Beauty is still half price in Superdrug (the last time i went in was Monday of this week), but the half price offer seems to have disappeared on their website. There are still markdowns to be had though! The blusher and bronzer featured in this post are both currently reduced to £5 as well as some other offers (including their Brow Kit - OMG how gorgeous is that) so do check the site out! In case you don't know it's

Do you rate Look Beauty Products?? What are your favourites?? Did you rush out to take advantage of the January Sale??



  1. Oooh fab bargains! I've not tried Look Beauty but only heard good things. Would be straight to Superedrug if it wasn't for my spending ban!

  2. Replies
    1. I think it's still on in Superdrug Hun! I went in on Monday and everything was still half price! Xx

  3. Such great deals!! I love stocking up on beauty products when such big sales happen!!

  4. Great haul, love the look of the bronzer!


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