Thursday 17 January 2013

My Haircare Routine

Good afternoon beauties!
Seen as though i did my skincare routine last week, i thought i'd follow up this week with a haircare routine post. Since just before Christmas i have been using some AMAZING products from Lee Stafford and my hair is feeling fabulous so i really wanted to share them with you. In fact, i think it's the first time in a while that i have just been using a SINGLE range of haircare products and not mixed and matched with other brands!

Now, my hair isn't exactly hanging off. I always do my best for my hair and try to avoid anything damaging like the plague! My usual policy is to only use Semi permanent colour. However i have been ombre on several occasions in the last 12months (including now) and i feel i owe it to my hair to make up for the lighteners i've put on it lately.

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Range*:

Consists of...
Breaking Hair Shampoo
Breaking Hair Conditioner
Repair, Build and Fix Treatment
Breaking Hair Split Ends Treatment

There is also a detangling spray in the range, but i do not have that one. You might also notice that, in most of the photos for this post the treatment featured is wrong (it's the Hair Growth Treatment). This is because i conveniently left my Build and Fix Treatment at my parents' house over Christmas and won't be there again until next week. I actually want to talk about BOTH treatments so it's not the end of the world. And i've dug out an Instagram image of the correct product so you'll still know what you're looking for.

Breaking Hair Shampoo & Conditioner (Both £8.99)
These products smell so clean and fresh! There are some great ingredients in there too. The shampoo is vitamin enriched and the conditioner contains a repairing complex of Soy, Amino Acids and replenishing lipids to really revive the hair. As i said before, my hair isn't technically damaged as such, but having used lighteners on my ends recently i feel like these products have really helped minimise the impact to my hair and it feels a whole lot healthier and protected. It's basically an ultra-smoothing product which also help to add body and shine. I usually wash my hair, on average, about twice a week. At the moment i'm trying not to blow dry it too much and leave it to dry naturally wherever i can which helps the products work even better,

Hair Growth Treatment (£7.99)
I've been buying and using this product for almost a year now (on and off) and it's definitely on my HG products list. Quite a few people have asked me if it really does work and the answer is YES!! Don't get me wrong, you won't magically wake up one morning looking like Cousin It, but what you will suddenly notice is how STRONG your hair feels and i actually find my hair is easier to style and more manageable when i've used it. You apply this treatment in BETWEEN your shampoo and conditioner. Give it a good massage into your hair and scalp (because thats where hair grows FROM) and leave it to work it's magic for 10mins before rinsing and following with your regular conditioner. 

Repair, Build and Fix Treatment (£10.99)
Like the conditioner in the range, this treatment contains a blend of Soy, Amino Acids and Lipids. It's super concentrated and is formulated to really take your cuticle to task. It works on the structure of your hair to counteract the damage caused by excessive chemical treatments, heat styling and general wear and tear. Like the previous treatment you apply this in between shampooing and conditioning, although with this one you need to pay special attention to the ends of the hair rather than the roots. Leave it to work its magic for 5-10mins then follow with conditioner. I must say i'm not sure i prefer it to the Hair Growth Treatment, but i have been alternating the two and, in general i really rate treatments like this! 

Split Ends Serum (£9.99)
This is a product to really blitz and soften dry and split ends. You smooth a couple of pumps (or as many as your hair needs) through towel-dry hair before blowdrying. I actually like to add a small amount to the ends once the hair is dry as well, before i straighten. I like this serum as i like the reassurance that my hair is being looked after, but i think i still prefer my Twisted Sista 'Different Strokes' for the finish and shine factor. Both have their strengths. 

Overall, my hair feels very healthy and soft after using these products. A lady who tried to put my hair up at an event last week commented that she was having trouble getting it to behave as it was so silky. She assumed i had just washed it that day and was shocked to find out that it was 2 days since! 
I really do rate Lee Stafford's products. I've met the man himself on a couple of occasions and i really do trust him to do what's best for my hair.

 Pricewise, Lee Stafford products are at the higher end for a drugstore brand but, you get what you pay for, and i'd say they're worth the extra couple of quid for something that really works. I'm desperate to try his Argan Oil next! 

Lee Stafford products are available Exclusively at Boots Stores nationwide and on the Boots Website (Link)

Do you rate Lee Stafford products?? What are your favourite drugstore brands?? Are you prepared to pay the extra for great hair??



  1. I'm a fan of Lee Stafford products, they smell really good too - I like the Sea Salt Spray! Great post lovely!

    Eda ♥

    1. I'm with you on the smell! I love fresh, clean scents. I haven't tried the Sea Salt Spray as i have the Bumble and Bumble version. Maybe i'll give that a go next x

  2. Great post, and agree on the products front. The Detangling Spray is currently my favourite, so definitely try that out.
    I've been lucky to meet Lee and he's such a lovely guy - and so passionate about his products you know they are going to do what it says on the tin.

    1. Agree, Lee is great! Really knows his stuff too. I think he thinks Alice and I are stalking him cos we always seem to bump into him at events haha xx

  3. I'm glad to hear the Hair Growth Treatment actually works, sad it's not available here in Canada though!

    1. I can always send you some if you can't get hold of it Hun! Just let me know xx

  4. i swear by the 'hair that wont grow past a certain length. As you say, it really does make the hair feel so healthy and strong which obviously helps it grow better, i notice a marked difference when I use it! It's twice the price out here but its absolutely worth it! I haven't tried anything else from the range yet but I'm in the UK in april so will be stocking up on some of the ones mentioned here, definitely the shampoo & conditioner.

    Even if they weren't so good I'd probably still buy them for the SUPER pink packaging! xx

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    1. Defo on the packaging!! We're such a fickle lot aren't we us bloggers haha. I'm definitely gonna try the Argan Oil range next. I really want it to be as amazing as Moroccan Oil so that I NEVER have to pay that much for a hair product again haha xx


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