Sunday 6 January 2013

2012 Product Highlights

Evening my lovelies!

Wow we're already almost a WEEK into 2013... That's flown by hasn't it! I've barely noticed the time passing due to being stuck in bed for half of the week with flu (and stuck at work for the other half - Booooo). So today i reckoned it was time to consider what products floated my boat the most in 2012. Now, i haven't covered all bases here... My tanning preferences haven't changed much and i'm switching up my skincare routine for 2013 because there wasn't much i was using last year that really dazzled me (expect a post this week on my new skincare routine). I'm also planning a separate post on lip products cos i couldn't pick just one or two for this post. 


MAC Matchmaster Foundation: Shade 4
This one has carried over from 2011. Fact is, i ADORE this foundation and, although i switched it up a bit in 2012 with Illamasqua Skinbase (which i also love to death) and my drugstore backup, Max Faxtor Xperience, nothing really compares to it in my eyes. It gives medium, buildable coverage and is demi-matte so appeals to my combo skin. 
Cover FX Illuminating Setting Powder: Medium*
This was a late find for 2012 but i have been loving it and it works really well with the Matchmaster foundation. I was under the impression when i first got it that it might be a little on the shiny side for me, but that wasn't the case and it sets my foundation really well while giving a lovely glow to the face. It's also helped me conquer my fear of loose powders.
Murad Skin Perfecting Primer: Dewy Finish
This is, along with BeneFit PoreFessional, my favourite primer to date. It just makes for a great foundation base and my skin feels so smooth when i've used this product. I've still not yet been able to purchase the full size of this product but have done a great job of sourcing samples from beauty boxes, other bloggers and events. Don't get me wrong, the product fully lives up to the Murad pricetag, its just that i, for one, cannot afford it. Boo Hiss!!  


MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush: Sunbasque
I got this from a blogsale several months back and it has barely been off my face since! To me, this is a blush, bronzer and highlight all in one product. It's glowy, buildable and gorgeous for any time of the year. I couldn't live without it now! 
Illamasqua Cream Blush: Rude
I wanted this blush for a LONG time before i finally bought it. A lot of online swatches confused me slightly by making it look a LOT scarier than it really is and when i finally got to swatch it in the Illamasqua Beak Street store i knew it had to be mine. This is also a very versatile shade and can even be worn on the lips. 


BeneFit Creaseless Cream Shadowliners
These are a must have product in my makeup bag and i have them in several shades. I probably use them every day. I love them for using as a base for other eyeshadows. I have a platinum shade that is great for this or any of the neutral, goldy shades such as RSVP (pictured) or Sippin'n'Dippin. My favourite use for them, however, is just to give a wash of colour and shimmer on the lid for every day wear. I literally just dab this on with my finger, apply my eyeliner and mascara, and that's my eye look. Simple, pretty and they last all day.
17 Peep Show Mascara
I bought this on recommendation from another blogger. I forget exactly who but i suspect it was Zara (because it usually is, she could sell me anything) and it love it! My natural lashes are quite thick but need a bit of lengthening and sculpting here and there and this mascara really delivers that without being clumpy or over-fibrous. I'll be repurchasing the hell out of this too because it's cheap as chips! 


Essie: Mint Candy Apple
2012 was the year that i REALLY rediscovered nail polish. For the last 4 years i was working a job that involved wire scourers and constantly having my hands in water and i'd begun to believe i'd never have pretty nails again. But since i moved to London they have bounced back! towards the end of 2012 i was enjoying experimenting with nail colours again. Mint Candy Apple has been a particular favourite of mine and i picked it up at Olympia Beauty, but i;m also loving Nails Inc at the moment and i hope to bring you a lot more nail posts in 2013


Clynol Repair: Remedy*
This leave in conditioner makes my hair so soft! It's a repairing Keratin filler which you spray into wet hair and leave. My hair isn't in bad condition due to my policy of ONLY using semi permanent colours on my hair, but i have been ombre on several occasions in the last 12 months (and i'm ombre again now) and my hatred of bleach/lighteners makes me paranoid and want to protect my hair. And it does the job! My hair is so much more resilient now that i use this and i feel more confident that i can keep my ombre in good condition. 
Urban Therapy Twisted Sista: Different Strokes Serum
This is a total bargain! I've seen it for as little as £1 depending on where you buy it from. It contains Argan oil and Green Tea and makes my hair so smooth and manageable. It's one of the best serums i've ever used. Since i've been a student i've been unable to afford Moroccan oil and i honestly put it to you that this is a worthy replacement!! Try it and see! 


Nip+Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter: Pistachio Sundae*
Possibly my favourite body butter of all time because it sinks in so quickly and smells like CAKE!! I love the packaging and i totally trust Nip+Fab (the same beauty brains behind Rodial Skincare) to do what's right for my skin. My big body bugbear is the rough skin on my upper arms and this softens them up a treat! 
St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub
I have favoured this over the other scrubs i've tried recently. I feel like it thoroughly cleans my skin whilst moisturising at the same time and, as someone with combo skin, that is a big deal to me. It cleanses my oily bits, while looking after the not so oily bits. I love that the exfoliant particles in it are natural as well. I'm on my third bottle since i first tried some back in April. 

So those are the select few products that i feel i've enjoyed the most in the last 12months. I'm going to think on about my favourite lip products and perhaps put them all into a post later this week. I'm switching things up this year so expect updated skincare, haircare and tanning posts through the month of January as well. 

What products dazzled you in 2012?? Feel free to link me to your posts!! 

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