Thursday 31 January 2013

Apocalips Now!!

Okaaaaaay so i swore off this particular bandwagon... I never said i wasn't going to buy the products but i declared that i was not going to blog about them (my reading list is currently clogged up to the max with posts about this particular product so i rendered it to be a bit of a redundant exercise). However, i just happened to stumble across the Rimmel: Apocalips Lip Lacquers on Tuesday and, as predicted, bought them and, as i also predicted, i friggin LOVE EM! So when i was unpacking my camera earlier i thought 'Sod it' and started snapping.....

So... Rimmel Apocalips... Unless you've been locked away in a cupboard somewhere for the last month, you'll probably have heard a bit about these badboys rocketing (sorry, this post is gonna be full of bad space puns) around the blog-o-sphere. 
The idea behind these little beauts is to have the pigmentation and coverage of a lipstick whilst having the shine of a lacquer or gloss. It comes in a gloss-like tube with a foam applicator. The formulation is described as being 'creamy and conditioning' and promises to provide a unique combo of pigmentation, shine and comfort. Needless to say my curiosity was sparked as i love trying products which have multiple functions. I didn't go nuts. I only picked up two to be getting on with as i really wasn't sure what to expect. The shades i picked up are as follows....


Can't help but feel that this shade could have been more appropriately named SOLAR as it's such a sunny orange/peach shade. Luna, to me, suggests the moon which, in turn, makes me think of green haha. Being warm-toned myself this was the first one i gravitated (i'm on a roll here hehe) towards. 


Celestial is a slightly darkened, blue toned dusky pink which looks different in different lights in my opinion. I had to go right next to the window to do these photos today (seriously, the light in my room is awful at the moment) so it may appear a little paler in some of the photos. Anyway, it's a really wearable shade for day or night and actually looks alright on me. Pinks with blue tones in them often don't. 

Here are the swatches for both...

Well, let me tell you that the pigmentation of these is ASTRONOMICAL!! One sweep of the applicator on the lips produces an opaque finish and you hardly need to build it up which, in turn, makes it great value for money. In terms of ease of use, the applicator does a bang up job. I'm also happy to report that they are in NO way sticky and feel very creamy and smooth on the lips. As for longevity.... The gloss does seem to lessen over time, but the product leaves a stain on the lips which lasts a good 4hrs. It made it all the way back to London from Derbyshire yesterday without me needing to reapply. 

Rimmel Apocalips are £5.99 and available from most Rimmel stockists in 8 cosmic shades ranging from nudes, to pinks, to explosive reds. They are PERMANENT, which means you won't have to rush to get them all as they will be staying around. The one i think i will be purchasing next is Galaxy. I'm a bit upset with myself that i didn't get that one this week but, at the time, it swatched quite dark compared to the others so i left it. But i think i NEED it!! 

Did you run out and buy these?? Which shades are your favourite??  


  1. I tried to run out and buy them but by the time I got into town they were completely sold out bar 1, so I got that one, 'Big Bang'. Haven't worn it yet though so interested in trying it out!

    Adele-Marie xx

    Adele | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

  2. I bought Celestial which i find lovely for everyday wear and I got Apocalptic too for something bolder and boy is it bright!
    These have become my new favourite lip products

  3. I got 3 today (yep that'll be another Apocalips post in the Blogosphere!) - Luna, Apocaliptic & Big Bang... cos, like, I need another red lippie ;) But seeing Celestial on you.... I really like it, I fear I may have to go back to Boots... and it being 3 for 2.... I will have to buy another 2 too - argh, you enabler! x

    1. I didn't even realise it was 3 for 2 and the lady in Boots didn't even tell me!! Feel cheated!! Celestial would look amazing on you babe you definitely should get it. I'm definitely having Galaxy next and maybe the red and nude xx

  4. I REALLY want to try these and definitely will be as soon as they make it to Canada (as far as I know they havent yet). The Colors you have are gorgeous:)

    Sara x


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