Monday 21 January 2013

Vintage Vision with Atrixo

Evening lovelies!
Just over a week ago my lovely friend Grace and i were invited along to the STUNNING Home House for some late afternoon tea and a vintage knitting class hosted by the beautiful ladies from The Vintage Patisserie and old school hand cream experts Atrixo

(Apologies for the grainy images. I captured most of the evening on my iPhone and the light wasn't brilliant.)

The event was held in the White Marquee and had been beautifully laid out like a vintage afternoon tea party. There were allsorts of thoughtful little touches and details. More than your average event and it was so much fun to be there! 

So while we ate sandwiches and cakes and sipped tea we were instructed by Catherine Hirst of as to how to knit a flower. Now i'm a crochet fanatic but have always struggled when it comes to knitting. I do feel like i've turned a bit of a corner after that night though and i've just about mastered the knit stitch haha. I must say Grace and i had a few giggles and a fair bit of stress while we tried to wrap our brains around it though. 

Not bad eh!!! I didn't get to finish my flower on the night as i was too busy gossiping and drinking tea, but i continued to practise once i got home!!

The Products:

Atrixo Enriched Moisturising Cream (£5.40 for 200ml)
With Camomile to pamper, sooth and soften hands. Restores smoothness to weathered hands
Atrixo Intensive Moisturising Cream (£5.40 for 200ml)
Glycerin enriched formula to intensively restore hands. Perfect in this harsh, cold weather! Forms a protective barrier against dryness and irritation.
Atrixo Regenerating Treatment (£5.46 for 100ml)
Delivers an intensive dose of skin conditioning ingredients including Panthenol. Nourishes and provides instant relief and smoothness.

Not everybody remembers Atrixo from old. I do, but there were a fair few at the event that were completely new to it. I just remember it being the hand cream in the green packaging from when i was little. Would you believe that Atrixo is now over 55 years old?? It's come a long way and now has a whole range of luxurious hand treatments to choose from in all shapes and sizes. I can't wait to put them to the test. I've got particular high hopes for the intensive protecting cream, as my hands can take a battering in the salon and behind the bar with water and chemicals! 

How cute is this little hand cream Victoria Sponge cake!! Almost too good to eat!!
What really impressed me about the evening was that everything was so well thought out and the little touches that had gone into everything, including the goodies we got to take home with us. Everyone i spoke to said it was one of the best events they had ever been to!! It was just so different from the events i usually go to and i'm sure nobody will forget who Atrixo are for a long time to come! 

How ADORABLE is this little teacup! I actually Squee'd when i pulled it out of my bag when i got home. I just loved all the thought that went into the evening. It was so great to see how an old school brand has evolved over 50 years and that we can still enjoy vintage pastimes and products in our crazily-paced modern lives. I will definitely be reviewing some of these products in the very near future. 

Who remembers Atrixo?? Are you a lover of all things vintage??

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  1. I remember my Gran using the hand cream, it always had a really lovely smell (not sure if it still does) The tea cup and saucer are so beautiful. It always amazes me how realistic the branded cakes look at events.


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